Wednesday, February 2, 2011

typical alaskan winter day....

as often happens, i looked out my window when i woke this morning to see this mom and calf wandering the neighborhood. no matter how often i see this, it always delights me and i leap out of bed to run for the camera. how many pictures does one person need of moose one must ask, but apparently the number is infinite in my case.blossom also enjoys seeing moose out her front window. she barks and barks. she is only allowed to bark at moose from inside the house or inside the car.
the moose both have thier ears cocked, which means they are a bit anxious about the situation. i think it was more the big noisy truck across the street working on someones heating. they headed back to the bog after exploring a few yards and nibbling on some trees and brush.
this time of year finds us loaded with moose all over town. daily sightings are not unusual at all. was also happy to awaken to fresh snow. i realize that in other parts of our nation the snow is falling and they are less than happy about it. we are set up for snow and lots of it so it doesn't cause the cluster that it does down south. cars still slip into the ditches. not sure we get the ice storms that i've seen either, probably just a dryer climate than back east. or perhaps i've just been lucky. we love our snow for the most part up here.
today i took full advantage of the fresh snow. i snowshoed for almost 2 hours and later went for a 45 min cross country ski. the snow was great. also got a swim in so another mini-triathalon day for me. booked the swimming, 25 laps in 30 min! could have done more as i had my own lane, but kid play time was starting and i wanted to get the ski in before my computer class this evening. all the kids screaming is less than fun for the lap thing, lots of interruptions for balls flying into your lane.
these are the local waxwings. they are fun to watch. they just fly in a pack from tree to tree.
got my rebel in for repair. of course, as soon as i attempted to demonstrate the flash failure to the guy there, the thing worked perfectly. first time since i fell. in short order it went back to fail mode so he'll repair that hopefully and clean it. it no doubt needs a good cleaning post dalton highway.
also had a gift card to barnes and nobel so i stopped by there. was inspired to buy a julia childs cookbook. didn't get that original set as there are no pictures. i just have to see how a thing is supposed to turn out. the one i bought had photo's. looked like it was fairly new. i will try to cook one new meal a week in attempt to lengthen my life. (if you recall yesterday i mentioned my fear of becoming totally bored with the same ol recipes and just ceasing eating).
my to do list is slowly getting ticked off a bit. things drop off the to do list when i determine they are not as valuable as once thought. i mean the truth is we have only so much time on this earth. do i want to spend my days cleaning nooks and crannies or out skiing or snowshoeing. it's a no brainer in my mind, but i realize that for others they would rather have thier homes sparkle and thier toes painted and all that. we all prioritize and our days pass by.
the weight thing is always fascinating to me. i must admit that i catch myself staring at obese people. was at the gym today and the water aerobics class had finished about the time i finished my laps. there were a few large folks in there. now i think it's great that they are in the water, working on themselves. one woman was just trying to get re-dressed like the rest of us, but her size totally hindered her. when your body gets that large, it just must impact every aspect of your existence. my heart really aches for these people in a way. since we do only have so many years on this earth, much of their time is lost doing things that for a regularly sized person are over and done with. it was clear she was short of breath just doing her personal cares. not that skinny people are fit either. thin isn't fit, i've discovered that. there are some very tiny, out of shape people out there. one can be out of shape at any size. i remember being so shocked by this fact. i'd always assumed that thin people were just fit people. not at all. i've seen some larger folks that could out run, out swim out, muscle those skinny fitless folks. i do hope those women in the pool are successful in thier quest to become more fit. everyone deserves to be able to dress and undress without becoming short of breath and exhausted.
love the way the new snow clumps onto the tree trunks. looks so cool in the forest.
me with one of my pairs of snowshoes. the other pair is more for back country and probably for a larger person. these ones are decent, i'm always bothered that the front strap doesn't have a clampy type thing. it always annoys me the first little bit, then i must just adjust to it.
rio seemed to enjoy her day out there, as usual. what dog doesn't enjoy the fresh snow. mine go silly for it.
looked foggy tonight as i drove home from the computer class. went well tonight. lots of folks i know. chatted after class for a bit.
blossoms fur gets coated with snowballs on days like today. when it's really bad i can hear the snowballs clunking together. usually takes me a few minutes to figure out what the sound i'm hearing is. will have to get video one of these days after a good snowfall.
it doesn't hinder her too much.
really should get to bed, they are coming tomorrow to re-do my energy rating. gotta clean the ash out of the fireplace. will blow everywhere if i don't.
the last pictures are from my ski tonight. the lit trails go from about the hospital to the coast, so several miles. i only did 45 minutes so not too much. the snow was great though. never alone out there.
there are tunnels to get you under the main streets.
they are pretty good at keeping the trails groomed. the ski club does that, i really need to donate more to them as i appreciate all they do.
this part of the trail runs along the creek.
there were some icy bits that i thought looked cool.
this one sorta looked like the outline of a dead guy. there's my los angeles roots for you.
well, i really must hit the sack. should be exhausted after all my activity. still hoping for more snow.

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