Tuesday, February 15, 2011

macro's, moose and monday walk...

my macro skills are pretty weak. always good to try something new. i may have to look for pointers online or something. more difficult to get the focus with the macro. these are some experimentation shots over the past few days. these were ice formations on my windshield. they seem to show up every night as i sleep so i should have many opportunities to practice if i should so desire. i took them from inside the car so the blue background is sky, the reddish background is my fence.
perhaps next time i attempt these windshield shots they will look better because the window got cleaned today. got my oil changed. it was overdue and i'm usually very prompt about the oil changes. slacker. the dogs were fairly well behaved. when i got there i was the only one there, which was why i decided to zip in and get the oil change done at that time, thus making me a bit too late to catch the meat of the sunset at the coastal refuge. once the sun decides to go down this time of year it drops like a rock.
still, i think these pictures are kinda cool for a novice. hopefully, these will improve over time. it could just be my eye sight is getting worse. you have to get pretty close to your subject which can be awkward inside a car or on a creek with ice and such. had to keep watching my skhoop today.
the last few nights i lazed about and enjoyed watching the westminster kennel club dog show. it seems like many of my favorite breeds are overlooked year after year. i mean why hasn't a lab or retriever ever won, has a mastiff? seems most of the shows go to the smaller breeds. was happily surprised when the deerhound took best in show tonight. i have met only a handful of deerhounds, but they are spectacular dogs. i'd adopt one in a heartbeat if one came available. of course, i'm pretty happy with my current crew of dogs...neither of which is recognized by the akc. cane corso's were added this year along with 5 other breeds, including 2 coonhounds. was happy to see the breeds added in. perhaps fila's will be added in one day. doubt the labradoodles will though. the cockapoo's have been around for years but aren't standardized enough to be approved by the akc. they had a blip on the process one time during a show, it's a pretty long process to be accepted. i'm sure it's shortened if you are already recognized by other nations as a breed.
my plans today were altered a bit as i had planned my day around my dental appointment, which after i arrived discovered was tomorrow and not today. so guess i shall have to do that tomorrow. just a cleaning...i hope anyway. you never know when a simple cleaning will lead to another, more painful appointment. eek. hopefully, no such thing happens to me tomorrow. can't say as i'm fond of dentists, though mine is pleasant enough. i have had many a bad moment in dental chairs. still have numbness on my chin from a proceedure over 8 years ago.
still debating the second cat thing. pogi does seem excessively needy these days and i think he really does miss having a feline comrade in this house of dogs. cats are much harder to match up to each other though. so difficult to predict if they will enjoy each others company or despise one another.
warmed up to 20's today, but looked like it was going to drop down again...should be good for ice crystal formation i guess though.
they do look pretty despite my amatuer abilities.
watched my netflix movie last night, "the mcmullen brothers" or something like that. gotta say i wasn't very impressed. i made it through it. one of those movies you keep thinking maybe will get better but then it's over and that is that. you take out the cd and think, "that's it?". perhaps i'll just read tonight.
went up to gasline/powerline/tank with the dogs today. thinking i'd see if there was some good frost in the little creek up there...there was, it was just difficult to get my footing and not get wet attempting to get in there for pictures. the dogs didn't seem to mind the delay in the walk, but not sure i got much. didn't get wet and didn't fall on my arse this time so all is well. last time i went there i broke 2 camera's.
always love all the little bubbles under the ice.
ate leftovers today. my stomach seems less than happy with this. had made some lo mein one night and meatloaf another. so lunch and dinner today polished those off. okay meals, but i really do get bored with my standards.

perhaps, this one below is the best attempt of the day.
got off my bum and headed to the coastal refuge. the sun was pretty much set and there were 4 moose right off the trail. i didn't stay out long as i knew it would get dark fast and i think my headlamp is in the other pack.
these are kinda dark, but i liked the moose shrouded by the trees.
three were pretty close and a fourth was further off. they seemed to spook easily. a guy went past with 2 loudly breathing labs, pulling at thier leashes. the moose didn't seem to happy about that. my dogs were pretty good. rio didn't totally catch thier scent, which helps.

sunset is always beautiful down there. wish i'd gotten there a bit early, but happy i got the oil change done. nice to tick a few things off those to do lists from time to time.
it looked hazy so i really didn't expect much from sunset, but that sun will fool you and make itself beautiful.
the trees at the refuge always please.

especially when there are some moose to add to the mix.
ears back, this one isn't happy.
this guy is chill, not even looking over at me. there was a guy without dogs and with just a point and shoot, he was getting in pretty close. that option was out for me.
i think that is redoubt to the right of the sun.
we've had just beautiful weather.
few more shots from todays walk with the dogs at n.bivouac.
these two weren't taken with the macro, just the point and shoot.
here is the little creek. it's a pretty steep slope which i suppose is why it never really freezes over completely.
these last shots are from yesterdays monday walk. we had 5 adult people, 2 little folks and 6 dogs. we were joined briefly by emma and luke as they always find us when gil comes to walk them out there.
above is andrea and nash and wendy and chloe. i think chloe was unhappy with her pack situation. as kids get more ambulatory they have less tolerance for the carriers. both babies did quite well though.
rio briefly leads the pack.
buddha was in a barking mode so i found a tennis ball in my pack. that was quickly stolen by boddhi and destroyed. buddha stopped barking so we were happy anyway.
admittedly, blossom wasn't all that happy about the tennis ball situation. she was happy to see it come out of hte pack, but never got to actually play with it. she followed boddhi around in the most sincerest hope he'd give her the toy, but he never did and then it was gone.
all in all another successful monday walk.
indy is getting awful small next to his dog sibling boddhi. they are sharing a stick in this picture. hard to tell. going to bed....

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