Monday, March 19, 2012

back to the usual moose, eagles and dogs!!

this guy was at a building near the hospital where i work. saw him on the drive home. i entertain my co-workers some nights by model walking the halls of the hospital. i thought this dude had a bit of a strut himself. just finished my 3 nights in the adult icu. had interesting cases, good assignment. both from different countries originally. both sad cases. head trauma can be tricky. i think i'd rather recover from 20 broken bones than have a bad head trauma. neuro is just a wait and see thing. patient is fairly young so perhaps that will help. hope for the best but, you just don't ever know how it will come out. family is miles and miles away. made me wonder if the patient were to herniate her we harvest organs from people who are not citizens, what do other nations think of organ donation? would some be offended or feel slighted that thier citizens organs would be going to our citizens? seems like it could get dicey. i always love those ethical sort of issues in medicine. there are so many of them. will have to put that one in the book. this pair was out on rovers run one day. below is rio. not as active as an iditarod dog. she would be happy to join me on a run to nome, but she would require a soft bed in the sled. with her in lead we may never make it to nome...the fact that she is blind could be a hindrence as well. the teams are almost all back. just checked and there are just 2 teams on the trail still. they are battling it out for the red lantern award. they have left safety so unless they are walking those dogs they should arrive by morning. always enjoy watching all the video clips of arrivals. the busers and the twins came in together, side by side. sweet. the oldest seavey was the last one into nome. 3rd from last i guess i should say. watching all three get interviewed at different times it's hard to see thier true personalities. they are just more serious sorts it seems like. funny how different families are. each has it's own way of interacting with each other and probably the world in general. some like buser and mackey just have personalities that make them interesting and fun to watch. saw three moose at the dog park one day. they are everywhere, it's just that time of year. funny in the summers when people visit it can be tougher to locate them. this weekend i chilled at the bog here in between shifts. it's warming up more and more during the day and dripping is heard...break up may be getting a start. it's gonna be a long one, though it is amazing how fast all this melts as the days get longer and longer. today i cruised down to the coast refuge to wander about. there are all sorts of owls hanging around the anchorage area this winter. i've been having no luck finding them though. saw that one and since then i seem to just keep missing them. i cruised over to lake hood to look at the planes and i also thought i'd watch for owls, saw none,but then the paper had pictures of an owl on a plane. dang. today at the coastal refuge, someone i ran into asked if i'd seen the owl. of course not. we cruised up the turnigan a bit before i decided my sunday drive was over and headed home. this time of year it just feels nice to get out on an open other patient was diagnosed with an esophogeal cancer. she can't swallow and they were gonna trach her today to protect her airway. her kids are across the globe with famiy in thier home country. was so happy we could get her computer all hooked up at the hospital so she could skype with her kids. she just kept saying she wanted to talk to them before her surgery since she wouldn't be able to actually speak for awhile. it was really choking me up but i knew how important it was. our night was thier morning so the kids were pretty excited i think. could hear them laughing over the computer. not too many jobs where you can make a real difference in peoples lives like that. so all the best to both of my patients and thier families. i hope the mother of my head injury gets all the emergency visa crap sorted out. no government anywhere works over the weekends apparently. i can't imagine having your kid so far away and so critical. awesome be be able to have the same 2 patients three nights in a row. that like never happens. i'm only off tonight as someone asked me to switch. i do kinda like having that fourth night off. may have to do that more often. so i work again tuesday-wed-thurs. just slapped in these pictures, have more pictures on the cards for tomorrow i guess. that is moose poop or as my friend, sharon calls it, trail mix. should have taken some to her dogs today. i'm sure they enjoy a moose poop snack as much as my dogs do. had to drag rio away.few marriages in the family coming up. gotta get on the computer and buy some wedding gifts. not sure why i was thinking randomly about some marriage stuff, but i remember one friend getting married and i think everyone kept telling her it wasn't a good match. they are still married, but i have wondered if some just stay together and less than happy because they don't want to admit that they were wrong and all those people who said it would never last were right. this same person is the one who came up to me at the graveside of my moms funeral to tell me about her unhappy marriage, go figure.
when i was marrying age i had 2 brothers who kept telling me that i needed to just go to BYU and find a spouse. i think at times they were almost getting angry with me for not doing as they advised. i tried to explain to them repeatedly how unfair i thought that would be. i wasn't sure if i wanted to stay with the church. really thought that would be unfair to make promises in marriage only to turn around a few years later saying, well i really just didn't want to be mormon , but just got married to put my doubts behind me. i wasn't the only person getting this advice. one family friend returned from his mission and was telling his bishop that he felt he may be gay. he was advised, strenuously, to get married and have loads of kids. it didn't change how he felt though and eventually he had to live the life he was meant to live. i always think it's best to work out in your head what you believe and who you are a bit before you jump into a commitment. i just felt that would be cruel to make promises before you had those answers. happy i didn't heed my brothers advice and rush to BYU and get my MRS degree. ( we always joking said that girls were going to BYU -breed em young- to get thier MRS degree). another friend and i were talking years ago. he was saying that though he was happily married to one of my good friends he wasn't very sure that he wanted to stick with the church. by then they already had a kid or two. when you have committed to raise kids in a certain belief system it's gotta get harder to alter that path. you just get deeper and deeper in. at the time i just advised him to think about the promises he'd made before he made any quick decision. i suspect he finds work related reasons to take breaks off of church, but i think sometimes you just stick to the original plan, but find your own ways to cope. hard to pull the rug out from your partner when you both made a plan together. the house smells all good, just made oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies. tasty!! gonna crash soon for the night and see what tomorrow brings. moose meanderings in the wee hours. taken out the bedroom window late one night.i seem to be missing the photo ops for northern lights. took these terrible northern lights shots at like 5am one morning. blossom had woken me up and i was too tired to deal with settings and all that. just watched for a few minutes and went back to bed. even bad northern lights are good though. lots of solar flares of late.really just looked like clouds moving all over the place, very pale. good night all...

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