Monday, March 26, 2012

enjoying spring weather...

as are these moose at university lake the other day. mama and calve. today as i was just loaded in the car with the girls a friend decided to join us so i figured we'd head to her end of town. i should have just picked gail up, but my phone rang so i chatted a few minutes with my brother jeff. as it turns out gail had no keys to her car as her husband had accidently taken her set and his set of keys snowmachining. so there i was in kincaid. turns out it was providence as it was a lovely day to stroll on the beaches of anchorage. these are not at all like the beaches of my childhood in california. we always went to laguna beach where gramps had a beach house. warm sandy though, they are sandy in this one location in the summer anyway. in the winter it's covered in snow and ice and there aren't waves, just big blocks of ice mixed with the mud of the mud flats that we are surrounded by. still beautiful in it's own way. blossom was happy to get off leash and chase the toy for a bit.unlike the dog park, kincaid in the winter is pretty much dedicated to skiing. i took the coastal trail which is multi-use. usually the coastal trail is pretty busy so i generally keep my dogs on leash on that one. of course, i think that today my dogs were the only ones on leash. oh well. it's not a punishment for them really. blossom would rather be free but it's good for them to practice walking on leash. it does come in handy. we walked 4 miles on the trail (two out, two back) plus we took the side trail out to the beach and walked back and forth down there. above was a third moose we spotted that day at the dog park. i have more pictures of these guys and more pictures from today so i may try and load those in here tomorrow. several of the moose pictures came out kinda cool. these are townies so i don't think they are too bothered with all the acitivity at the dog park. ears are back which is a caution, but they were slowly walking towards me. the moose just go where they want and you are just required to move. this seems to be thier belief and since they are large i've never questioned thier trail authority. was laughing to myself today as there are lines drawn on the streets but those seem to only be useful seasonally. during the winter they are just suggestions. my first winter here i kept getting confused driving down northern lights especially. people seemed to just know where the lanes were. that road varies as you drive down it from like 2 lanes to 4 or 5 i think. unless you know when those changes happen you are best off just playing follow the leader. occasionally on sunday mornings i will make myself a tasty omelet. i rarely make them any other day. just seems a great day to relax, read that thick paper and eat and omelet. i like potatoe and cheese. simple.these are from my little camera out in kincaid today. love these big trees. i walk out there alot in the summer and fall, but tend to avoid the drive across town in the winter. great to be out on a different trail though. about this time of year i start to venture out a bit more. more light, less this is anchorage's beachfront! this beach is actually a lovely sandy beach in the summer. something we have little of here. beyond the sand is the mud. not safe to venture out there.blossom happily enjoys her off leash time and tennis ball chasing.when i was here this past summer she tried to go out and swim, which i really had to put the kaibash on. i am feeling a bit sore now. walked about 5 miles today and then did 20 laps at the pool. it was peaceful and relaxing, no parties today. hopefully, i will get back to the pool on tuesday. doesn't look as steep in this picture as it is live. i took another side trail down. there were a few. no problem for blossom and i but can be tough on a big blind dog like rio. gail still was without keys tonight. we were going to meet for dinner after my swim, bummer she doesn't live closer. just was a long haul across town again. i know i'm totally lazy. i grew up in california and dealt with horrible traffic. i didn't think twice about driving a few hours to/from for a night at a dance club. now too, the gas prices are a bit steep so i'd rather not drive across town twice in one day. we'll try again in a week or so. it all worked out. loved this action shot of the tennis ball headed towards blossom.made a meatloaf tonight instead. my mom's old recipe. funny how food can bring those people you've lost back to you. i remember her teaching me to make her meatloaf. i was a teenager and wrote down the recipe. i was very into recipe collecting at the time as i had begun to be the family cook for evening meals. monday nights i'd try new recipes. at the time, under directions for making meatloaf, i wrote, wash hands first. wise tip from mom!!
of course, my dad was never capable of giving a compliment without adding a but... to the end of it and every single meal i made was good, but....i can still remember that too!!i am stuffed to the gills and i think a wee bit dehydrated from my days activities. just looked down and pogi and breezy are asleep, spooning. both his front paws are around her neck. so adorable. pictures tomorrow! he has extra toes on all his feet so when he gives a hug, it's that much cuter!rare photo of rio on the beach. she is starting to walk towards me. spent the evening working on a few sewing projects. tomorrow i just have the hand sewing stuff to do. hopefully i can get rio's new coat done so she can wear it tomorrow. i am not a perfectionist. rio was also not a cooperative model. i used her old coats as a pattern. of course, her old coats, used even older coats. we shall see.must be low tide.saw a few eagles out today. saw a big nest on the drive in and you can actually see a junvenile in the picture of the hillside with the guy walking up. should have a few not great, but decent shots in the big camera.i am getting sleepy though so i will soon be calling it a night. took this just to show off blossoms cute fluffy shadow!beach art, made by skiers or snowshoers?kincaid has another one of the more popular sledding hills in anchorage. quite a few out there taking advantage of it today. hard to see in this picture, but you can see denali from the sledding hill. it's out's a pretty long sledding hill, safe looking. lots of families out there.lastly, where my time went this pm. a nephew has a new baby, a few months back so i'm behind as usual. still need to clear up the corners and find a box to put it in for shipping. my nephew is a bit of a rebel, tat's and all, so i figured he'd be chill with a less babyish, more cool beans quilt. was trying to get rio to help me with a fitting. the garment won't be runway ready, but hopefully, i can pull it off in time. watched some project runway while i sewed!the material was just so fun...i had to have it. obviously, not something i would be able to pull off, luckily rio can pull off anything!!that is enough for me for today. me be sleepy. i will be asleep within a few minutes of my head hitting that pillow. may try and read a few sentences, but that may be useless.

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