Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iditarod 2012 last of the dogs, bibs 56-67

loved this dog from the moment i saw it running towards me. just saw this guy come into nome! he was on sonny lindner team. he came in 14th, paul gebhardt rounded out the top 15. top 10 were, dallas seavey, alily zirkle, ramey smyth, aaron burmeister, peter kaiser, ray redington jr, mitch seavey, micheal williams jr, john baker and deedee jonrowe. deedee looked wiped out. there are 13 in white mountain and 2 in safety so those teams should all arrive sometime through the night. it's winding down. the busers and hugh neff are close to finishing. only one rookie, brent sass has arrived in nome, he was in 13th place. on a personal note, i opened my morning paper and on page 2 was my picture of lance mackey at the ceremonial start with one of his dogs. i really liked the shot and apparently so did anchorage daily news. i occasionally put a picture in thier reader submitted photo section. always fun! it's happened twice now. they put one in of blossom all coated in frost/snow. bib #67 was the final team out. unfortunately, he scratched a few days back. his brother is ray, his name is ryan. bib #66 is lachlan clarke, he also has scratched. a few new scratches past 24 hours. supernaut and barnum scratched so that makes the total scratches up to 13. that would be about 20%. it was snowing most of the day so i opted to avoid the major roads and chill in the bog here by my place. we did a few loops out there, i think we were still out there for 2 hours. probably should have just headed to the regular trails. blossom and rio were both good with their walk. we did run into the crazy psycho dude who jogs with a big stick and screamed at me one day for having blossom off leash. it was suspected that he'd purposely changed directions several times to get my dogs to misbehave and became outraged when they didn't. he didn't scream today. he did have to posthole into the deep snow to get around me. kharma....dogs are so much better at forgive and forget than humans. i still had animosity towards this stranger, the dogs could care less. there is so much we can all learn from dogs. bib # 100 is actually bib #65. dan seavey. he ran in the first iditarod race back in '73. he is 74 years old and cruising along. he hit the coast at unalakleet and is headed to shaktoolik. there are 2 behind him still. his son is into nome in the top 10 and his grandson just won. he's gotta be one happy dude. he's an iditarod history buff and i think he's done something on this iditarod to promote the race and teach the history of the serum run and the iditarod trail in general. couple of guys in thier 70's out there, quite an impressive feat for someone of that age. actually is an impressive feat for any age really. i'm going to miss all these cute dog posts. i do revisit last years dogs from time to time. i never tire of watching them run. always sad to see the race end. i'm sure less so for those running it. i imagine they are enjoying sleeping in warm beds, showering and eating on a regular schedule. i will lose my schedule again tomorrow night. time to go back to work. boo hoo. wish i could be a stay at home dog mom...oh well. i hope i am still walking in my 70's. also hope that my brain is functioning. really should get rid of my cable and get some work done. do have a few packages ready to roll finally. birthdays are passing, now weddings are coming up fast and a baby has been born. hard to keep up with the ever expanding extended family. guessing this is bib #64 is art church. 40th place. rio is snoring, she is pretty loud. did stop by to check in on the boys. they had just put them back from a play time. hopefully all is good there. always tough. will check in again. could be spendy checking in on the boys. everytime i go to petsmart to visit i find something i must purchase.we have just 3.9 inches to go for the record snowfall. of course, they only accept the snow in a certain part of town, i think it's sand lake. the hillside and the east always get more snow. so the hillside is already at over 200 inches. not sure what my neck of the woods would read. a few roofs have caved under the pressure. i hadn't worried as it seemed like all the ones i'd seen that caved in were larger buildings with flat roofs. tonight i saw a regular home with a caved in roof. nobody was home as it was in a remodel mode. maybe that weakened it. just made me nervous about my roof for the first time. alot of damage. kinda scarey. bib #63 is braxton peterson. he runs lance mackey dogs and it sounds like he's kinda lived with him and his family as a sort of adopted son. he writes mushing rap? haven't heard any of it. he is in 29th position. last check point was white mountain. was reading about tsunami's and earthquakes last night in my national geo mag. the tsunami in japan went right over the big wall they had built to protect against such events. then i was listening to npr and they were talking about san francisco and how much of the city is at sea level on land that was created from marshlands it sounds like. the whole thing doesn't sound very stable and they were saying water levels are rising with the global warming and it won't take much for san francisco to start having issues with flooding. a sea wall. couldn't help but laugh at the irony. we don't always learn from history do we? loving the muscle shirts on this crew. the winds pick up on the coast and the temperatures dropped. seems like that is when alot of dog teams will just stop. sounds like that was a factor with jeff kings team. when a team is done, they just stop and it seems like many of these dogs balk at runs in wind. they aren't fools. that would probably not work for me either. luckily anchorage is rarely windy. i can enjoy most days of winter because of our lack of wind. when i lived in south dakota the wind was a constant factor and it really hindered your ability to be outside enjoying winter. i could totally see myself on a run to nome quitting after i hit the coast. #62 is rohn buser. he isn't smiling so you can't see his huge dimples. just like his dads! they seem to have opted to do this ride together. haven't shown much of them on the video feeds as they aren't running in the front pack. martin and rohn buser left white mountain a bit after 10pm. they will arrive in nome in the wee hours or early morning. i think it's sweet that they are running together. just like i think it's cool that the twins have chosen to do this run side by side as well. you can't "help" each other but just being around each other is support enough i'd say. besides, where they all are in the pack, i really doubt anyone would boot em out for working together a bit to finish. there isn't any money at stake. the busers are in 18-19 position and the twins are like 44-45? close to that. will post pictures from walks when i am off work again. have some fun shots of eagles and moose. none sighted today. i just had to focus on not letting spandex runner dude negatively impact me. guess these are popular up here for making into fire pits. this is an old washing machine drum. worked well. the holes in the sides spread the heat out. nice and toasty. still strange to me, being from california where lakes never freeze, to walk out on lakes. i'm not very trusting of them. the ice is frozen pretty thick though. much of the iditarod is run on frozen water. i think the dogs get nervous when it's not covered in snow. again, dogs are not stupid. #61 is curt perano. he is originally from new zealand. moved to the states to run dogs. eventually he settled in british colombia, canada and has a kennel there with his wife. this is his rookie run on the iditarod. his brother flew out from new zealand and got a snow machine. he is following along and filming/photographing the run to nome. curt is out of koyuk in 37th position i think i saw. so far, so good.just some fun dog shots. they are so cute. maybe blossom is getting jealous of all these other dogs being on her blog! have taken plenty of her as she's been well coated with snow and i always find that cute. an avalanche out of haines has killed 2 heliskiers this week. they were both from out of state. with all this snow there is increased risk of unstable conditions. we may have a few more injuries/deaths before this year passes. often in hospitals it seems things happen in groups. last year we had alot of accidents on denali, another year it could be bear attacks, or motorcycle crashes or there are years when we have bad injuries from car-moose misadventures. i've seen avalanche years. even with a beacon people from avalanches are often just in a place where it's hard to get to them. the world ice sculpture championships are going on up in fairbanks. would be cool to go see them live. they look impressive in the photo's i see. this year there is one that is in the shape of a porcupine. not sure how long it will hold that shape. very impressive detail work. wow! it apparently got the first place award. read about the indonesian zoo. sounds horrible. i hope the public outcry brings about changes. no animals should have to live that way. i was trained as a zoo keeper years ago through a program in the los angeles zoo. i then volunteered for several years as a keeper. that is the process. i prefer to see animals in thier natural habitat, but do realize the good that can happen in well run zoos. breeding programs, research and education. there is more and more focus on making the animals lives and interesting and safe as possible. the treatment of animals at the indonesian zoo is an outrage. bib #60 is rick swenson. i think he broke his collar bone last year on the steps and still completed his run. he is one tough dude. he's won the race 5 times. he's on his 36th run to nome. that is pretty wild. he is currently shown as in 30th place in white mountain on his mandatory 8 hour will have to bear with more pictures of my favorite iditarod dog. this dog just has an unusual coat, different than your usual iditarod dogs.looks like he's got a bit of retreiver in him. hehe.may be female. can't tell. sure is pretty, look at that face! sweet! was happy to see this one run into nome. was still in lead can see how unique this guy looked out there. as i mentioned above, this is sonny lindners team. he is on his 20th run. seems like he's more into the run than the race. likes to visit with friends. guess it just gets in your blood, a sport like this. for these people to come back year after year. you'd think just once they'd skip it and head to hawaii or something, but they just keep returning. green is my favorite colour and i just love me some cute pups in green booties. my nails have been growing faster than they used to. not sure what is up with that. hopefully not some sign of some dreaded disease. do other peoples nails grow stronger and longer with age or have i just gotten more delicate in my hand use? odd. i have never been a nail biter. when i used to wear nail polish i did tend to pick at that or try and peel it. had a college roommate back in utah state who had a nervous habit of picking off her fake nails almost daily and then glueing them back on at night. the chemical smell was awful and i think that put me off the whole idea for those. these dogs do not wear nail polish. they do wear coats, but not for style like in the big cities, but because it gets dang cold out there. bib #58 gerald sousa. he's on his 11th run i believe. he left white mountain about an hour after the busers. denali was out while we watched the teams go past.bib #57 is matt failor, he's from ohio but sounds like he's been up here working with other mushers for a bit, learning what he can. running with young dogs from the buser kennels. more cute muscle shirts.hugh neff and michelle phillips are into nome. hughs dogs had thier cute red and white coats on, hugh had on his cat in the hat hat..the lady i saw by his truck dressed like an old call girl from the gold rush was waiting for him in nome so must be a friend or relative. not sure what is up with the get up. he won the quest but said he had several young dogs on this years iditarod team and that just will slow you down a bit. phillips was all smiles arriving in nome.matt is in like 49th position pretty close to where karen ramstad is as well. the rest i believe are karen's team. another husky team. several husky teams this year. usually one or two maybe. i think there are 3 husky teams and i believe they are all still in for nome. beautiful dogs. she has never looked to be in iditarod shape. i suppose some dogs work harder than others. dallas seavey spends alot of time off the runners, i'm guessing some mushers spend more time on the runners.she does have a beautiful team and it does look like she'll finish this year. her best finish in 9 runs is like 59th so she will easily best that as the race started with 66 teams and 13 teams have scratched. it actually looks like she's having a great year for her. she's from canada. always enjoy watching the iditarod and hope you have enjoyed it through the pictures.headed to bed. there is snow to play in out there and work to get to.

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