Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iditarod 2012, bibs 10-14

ally zirkle is in bib 14. she has been in the lead postion. appears that many of the teams have stopped for the required 24 hour layover. she is in takotna with many other teams and it seems there are several more teams stopped in mcgrath. they are also required an 8 hour stop so some may be just stopping for that. i know lance stopped in mcgrath. when i just looked at the stats the busers, martin and rohn have moved onto ophir. not sure if they will stop there or keep moving. eventually, you have to make those stops and things start to get more complicated as people make different length stops so you have to check and see who has those boxes checked to see where the race really is. for not there isn't too much activity on the boards. ally's 24 hour stop should be up sometime after 11pm tonight with many of the top mushers close behind her on that one. the busers may want to get to cripple first and collect the $3000 bonus for getting halfway first. ophir and cripple are both abandoned townsites. aliy zirkle has run 11 iditarods and has finished pretty solid, top 15 in 4. she also won the yukon quest a few years back. i think she and her husband trade off making runs. her husband was 2nd place in the quest behind neff this year. his name is allen moore. they live out in two rivers.another beautiful day out there, here in anchorage. i have to return to work, boo hoo! had a great day out on the trails with the pups. took blossom and rio to rovers run/moose meadow loop. lots of moose tracks but no sightings. did see several bald eagles. heard thier twitters first. saw 3 and heard another that i never sighted. they aren't uncommon out there and i know i've seen a nest out there before so there is probably just another newer nest that i haven't the sound of bald eagles. not at all what i had expected a bald eagle to sound like, but i can do a fair imitation. just a few pictures of friends sandra (above) and tiffany(below) out in willow. i sat across from the main gathering. better angle for photo taking. that and i am always the loner girl. my hermity ways. i'm happy out on my own with a camera. a few came over to the other side of the trail to join me, which was nice. i am a simple girl.talking to my brother who seems to have it all reminds me that having it all can be way too complicated. i think the more you have the more you expect and it can just become a cycle. my life is simple but i often think that is the better way to go. yes, there are days you wish you had all the money to buy that dream cabin or whatever it is your heart desires, but it really just adds more baggage and i think that can become stressful. i mean if you are rich and have a stable income and stuff is paid off, hell yeah, but i'm just not someone who is comfortable living on the edge financially. running a team of dogs to nome like these folks are is expensive with very little return unless you are one of the top finishers. the rookies that are running it have often spend upwards of $40,000 to attempt this dream. it's one thing to have one dream and reach for it, another to dream big and live big and be constantly reaching for it. i suppose one must have a happy medium. bib 13, lets see, micheal suprenant. ex air force, ex iditarod volunteer who has now and a few runs on it. just want to nap today. it felt so warm out there and my front bedroom has all that sunshine pouring it. feels a bit like laying about on the beach. guess the northern lights are supposed to be out there again tonight. hit the sack too early last night. will have to get out there and try getting some of those one of these days. they are cool to watch. hard to see in the metropolis of anchorage though.#12, kelly maximer, may have spelled that wrong. horrible short term memory. out of big lake, dentist i believe. his second runthe iditarod trail was designated as a national trail in 1978, this year we celebrate 100 years of it's existence. there were 3-4 designated dog sled trails in the old days of alaska. the iditarod trail actually went from seward- nome. so this race follows neither the original trail all the way or the serum run trails all the way. the iditarod trail served the settlements, mining camps and trading posts along the way. the gold rush era. was reading about this in the anchorage daily news so if you want more information they have good iditarod coverage. had to be careful with those rear view action shots...don't want a picture of a dog taking a dump. lucky for us there was no such sights where we were at on the trail this year.these guys are running right past me. i almost got run over by one of the twins teams. they came awful close. of course, you are looking through the lens and suddenly the dogs seem closer than usual. may have to read more about the desert tortoise plight in the california desert. i remember years ago when people went to the desert they would bring them back to the city and they often wandered out of yards and probably populate the city to some degree, kinda like the parrots that were purchased as pets but now roam the neighborhoods in groups. i've worked with epoxy an auto repair stuff to try and repair shells ripped apart by dogs. always loved the tortoises. very cool creatures. it's tough to be prehistoric in the land of man. we aren't easy on many of the delicate species we share this planet with. those turtles have lived a long time, hoping they will not be lost to our misadventures one day.sorry side note. dogs...turtles. not really related, but i was looking at the paper and got sucked in.back to dogs and teams.#11 would be john baker who is on his 18th run and won last year. of course, i took the above picture and then realized my card was full. so that was it for him as i changed out my card really quick. they pass by pretty fast. baker isn't one of my favorites anyway. jeff king is though so i'm happy my card full incident happened after jeff king had passed, he's #10 by the way. was listening to a quick interview as he was in one of the checkpoints and he was saying what a great team he has, but that in recent years the teams have all improved. the dogs all just look amazing. there are alot of past iditarod winners in these races which makes it very competitive. it is anyones guess who will end up in nome. so far the trail is pretty quick, like it was last year. not sure if time records will be broken but the race has sure changed from when it was first run in '73. from the stories one reads of those early runs it was more of a 1000 mile dog sled party. lots of breaks and chatting in between runs. it takes like 9-13 days for most teams to finish and in '73 it took 20 days for the winner to arrive in nome. off to nap. hopefully sometime while i'm working i can sneak in a blog for updates and to get bibs 14-18...that will take us to mackey.

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