Saturday, May 5, 2012

more bears from the past...and the usual walks

lots of signs of plant life begining to prepare to erupt but not too much green out there yet. thought i'd toss in a few more pictures from old cd's. like to get them loaded into the computer for transfer to picasso or shutterfly sites. these are still more pictures from my week out at mcneil river. it was mostly cloudy and rainy so below is a rare shot with any blue skies. above is bear tracks at low tide. still pretty in a rain. it rained a small amount today. i slept well after my shift. i was super tired though. wednesday i took the car in early for it's 60,000 mile check, oil change, tire changeover. they are super busy there as it's tire changeover time. obviously, i wasn't the only person who was late getting the tires changed over. probably a good time though as if they weren't busy i suspect they would have been finding things wrong with the car and it would have been more expensive. is good to know the car is up and ready for some summer road trips!for sure woke on the wrong side of the bed that day. i'm generally not a cranky girl, but that day i was ready to trounce on anyone who crossed me. i did maintain despite my desire to go ballistic. i t took almost 2 hours for me to get home from the car place. the "courtesy" van took forever. i was the first one on the list and almost the last dropped off. i would have been the last except i spoke up when i realized the guy wasn't getting that my place was closer than the other persons. they lived all the way on the south side of town. my plan was drop off car, get a lift home and fall right into bed. when i got home i'd discovered i forgot to take the trash out and the dogs had gotten into it. poor beasts, i had a thing or two to say. i'm not a person who yells like ever so they dogs were all like, what up?!? hard to sleep that day so started my two nights tired. my concern was that the dogs would get sick from what they ate in the trash. when i returned from work yesterday...there was poop and pee all over the office. such a lovely way to end a 12 hour shift.....clean up! no yelling, it was almost expected after the crap they ate. just hoping there are no further dog health issues than that. we bogged it the next day. they seemed okay. it's part of being a dog owner. there are just going to be those days. more bear two nights kept me steady, but nothing to insane. one sick baby. looking better. all those syringe pumps were making me crazy. one of the pumps seemed to be fussing with me at any given time. peds keeps me on my toes. no matter how long i work there, i am always a bit paranoid. guess that is true in the adult icu as well. it's a high risk career, you can screw up and there are some pretty serious repurcussions to a screw up in my job. lives are at stake. i think if you reach a point of feeling too chill in the icu's you probably should change jobs. i always laugh at people with other jobs that really just don't seem that stressful to me and yet they act like they are so over the top with stress. my humble abode for a week. all season northface tent will get some use again this summer. i'm not a gear person in general, but living and camping in alaska means having alot of gear. all season tent, backpacking tent, car camping tent. also a few different sleeping bags. various packs. worked with good and helpful crews at work which always helps. know we had a few giggle sessions in there as well. night shift always gets customer complaints as we can get noisy or seem noisy when you are trying to sleep. we have to stay awake and alert and we also have stressful jobs so it's helpful mentally for us to joke around and keep it light. so...lighten up. nobody sleeps in the intensive care unit and it's not a hotel so get over it!! if your kid or family member is critically ill, i don't really care if you can's just not my priority. i was lucky as my family members all went home for the nights. one morning we saw these wolf tracks out on the beach. so wolf and bear tracks. kinda cool!juvenile bald eagle feather.mother grizz with her two older kids, probably thier last summer with mom. another roll of black and white film. used to be that i would plan for 6-7 rolls of film/day for these trips. the old camera's had the benefit of the ability to change out batteries. the new camera's allow you to take thousands of photo's and just weed through them later. with film you have to think a bit more before you push down that button to take the photo. also i remember my old film camera having no issues when it got damp. the professional photographer's fancy digital actually just stopped working at one point and she had to let it dry out in the cook cabin for a bit before it began to work again. got some fun shots of these bears though. always great to have such fabulous models! bear viewing trips are a bit pricey up here, but most people just toss the money at it and just enjoy the journey. at least with this the $500 float plane trip got me a weeks worth of viewing. plenty of people toss down at least that for a day trip of viewing.will be interesting to see what crap ends up on the beaches. they are saying kayak island, monteque island and parts of prince of wales will be almost a disaster zone from all the flotsam from the japan tsunami. crews are out doing research and clean up already i heard. i was talking to a friend about kayak island and how it probably would be a great year for finding glass floats out there, she said the place was crawling with researchers already.will have to get lots of black and white out at round island this summer. love black and white. hit the dog park today. i think blossom was happy to get some swimming in. the ice is almost gone at this point. i slept in til 3 and it was hell getting myself motivated. when i woke up i opened the back door for blossom. she took a few steps out there, discovered it was raining, looked annoyed and came right back in. as always, i find that this same rain is not bothersome at all when we leave via the front door with leashes in hand. dogs are funny.the seals come up mcneil river with the incoming tides.we saw several out there.picked up a cheap ukelele in order to attempt to learn it. will have to get the little cd out. the chords are different than the guitar so more difficult than i expected. my brain is in guitar mode. thought it may be easy to take camping and such. it's cute and small. not sure i'll master it. i've known some people who can pretty much pick up any instrument and within a few hours it seems they are happily playing it. i'm not quite that musical. mediocre at best, but happily mediocre. i am always super impressed by those who are just gifted like that musically. i don't play often enough, but it is nice to take the guitar on a road trip or camp out. was trying to remember a salsa recipe at the grocery store. that never works. need to make some sort of appetizer for a party tomorrow night. figured i'd just bring chips and homemade salsa...thanks quinton....his salsa is the best. not sure there is any place to heat food at this place and i'm kinda thinking i'm gonna be hungry. appetizers just aren't a meal, but i'm not sure if there will be anything but appetizers. lots of dinners out this stretch off, maybe hit a movie or two. we shall see. really need to get down and get hotels finalized for dillingham. see what cool stuff i can come up with out there. my birthday is later this month. i'll turn 48. yikes! felt my joints with this chill and rain today. so maybe i can predict the weather. will just have to be in tune with my joint activity. may try and hit jodphur loop tomorrow. it's been awhile. i fear it will now be mini lakes all over the trails. we shall see. the rest of anchorage has melted quite nicely this year. above is baxter bog and below is remnants of snow in my back yard. there is still a pile by the cat run area. need to get that fixed. the cats do enjoy thier little outdoor space, but can't let them out til it's day we walked up patterson and over to cheney lake. always a nice neighborhood-park to park walk. it's great to live on this end of town and have several nice parks within walking distance.this lake is also melting pretty fast. a few from university lake today. nice that it stopped raining while we were out there.loved above picture. simple, yet so pretty!was wearing my new glasses for an hour tonight, just to check em out. not bad. won't have to wear them all the time, but they will be great for road trips. tourists are starting to show up in alaska. heard the cruise ships have began to arrive in southeast alaska. guess i will grab my book and hit the sack.

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