Monday, May 7, 2012

sandhill crane action!

took the dogs to jodphur again today to do the loop i intended on doing yesterday. rain was threatening, but not spitting. didn't have my camera out in time to capture the sandhills that flew over me out at the park today, but did cruise by potters and caught these guys flying around. just the coolest birds. their call is awesome, if you've never heard it do a web search and enjoy. i know i got some crap video a few years back as they are often in the bog here by the house. have heard they have been spotted there this year as well. these birds fly through anchorage every year, but i was clueless for years. finally heard the calls and then saw the birds, connecting the dots in my feeble brain. now i recognize the call i see them all the time. always loved the blue heron sightings when i lived in ketchikan and saw those in california as well. love these prehistoric looking birds. looked like there were more sandhills out at potters today, but i again just saw a few. loads of canadian geese seen and the gulls have really come in to town.can't say i accomplished much today. walk dogs, shop for bland diet items for blossom. she ate well, day one bland diet. she acts normal and we walked nearly 4 miles and she played as usual. joined my friend amy for a movie. we went to see "chimpanzee". can't go wrong with watching a movie with adorable baby chimps. since it was disney they edited out the scariest/saddest bit details and just let you assume what happened. thank you disney! it is amazing how strong even those young ones are. i remember when i volunteered as a zoo keeper at the los angeles zoo i went out to the exhibit to get a young orangatang. those long arms wrapped around my neck and i could feel the power in those arms. quite impressive.the motorcross area was quite active. didn't head that way today. not sure i could have heard the cranes over the motorcycle noise anyway. funny about that huge sand dune. i could see it today from the trail. i've noticed a big lump over that direction while on the trail for years, but obviously never really looked at it. in the summers i'd see kids brought in and taken in that direction. i have to admit total ignorance and cluelessness as i thought that mound of sand was some sort of huge tent thing brought in for the kids to use in the summers. what an idiot! never really looked at it.growth begins all happens so fast here. seasons change. was scouting for sandhills down on the beach. thought there was one in the picture above. for sure i caught one flying below. wasn't sure as they were pretty far away. forgot to grab my glasses for the movie tonight. would have been a good opportunity to test drive them. just not a habit i've gotten into yet. just a few from todays walk. probably a long walk for rio, but she's always a trooper out there. both dogs liked that there is still some snow out there. you'd think they'd be tired of it, but it's a treat when they run into snow anytime of year. i suspect the opportunities will abound this summer up in the local mountains.blossom cools off her belly. we'll see if i get woken up again tonight. she just went out. rio is happy on the couch. this section is always a question in spring. often it's a huge pond, not too bad this year. there was some mud out there, but not as bad as some years. should see if anyone wants to get thier butt kicked out at spencer loop tomorrow. killer! gotta work my calves and thighs in preperation for longer and more strenuous summer hikes. finally got us booked into the B&B in dillingham. was getting worried i'd screw it up and not have a place...not a good plan when you are setting it all up for 8 people. so we have a place! so i guess i can say i did accomplish something today. maybe i can get lena and tanya to join me out at spencer tomorrow. to sleep on it!

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