Wednesday, May 9, 2012

only an alaska dog would overheat in 50 degree weather....

these guys took every opportunity to roll in the snow on todays walk. cracked me up. they all just love snow. i think they'd all be perfectly happy if the snow stayed all year. blossom does like swimming so she enjoys the lakes thawing for a few months. founds some guinea pigs...i mean join me out at the jodphur trailhead. we took the side trail to the sand dunes and then i figured out how that trail connected to my regular loop. they were quite trusting of my plan. hehe. we did fine. not sure they were as thrilled with the hills as i am. i'm cool with hills, i don't really like going straight up and straight down. planning to hike spencer loop tomorrow. unless weather looks bad there. i look out my windows and see if i can find the best place to hike. great time of year to start getting the butt workout trails in prep for longer summer hikes. below is where i recognized the trails and figured i knew where i was.
got a swim in. the water felt cold and the new top i was wearing felt a bit looser than i'm comfortable with. worried i'd have a wardrobe malfunction. used my hair band to sinch it up a bit. seemed to work. so hard to find good swimsuits for less than perfect bodies. at first all we could hear were the motorcross cycles. eventually we could hear the sandhills below us, though i never spotted any of em today. oh well. the dogs enjoyed the view as well. was joined by alicia, a travel nurse, amy and tanya. the usual cast of dogs also joined. rio stayed on the couch. she'd been getting the miles in all week. riding in the car is exhausting for her. happy i made it to seward this week. the days fly by so fast. i feel like it's almost winter already!!solstice will be here soon. summer solstice is always depressing for me as it marks the day of our most light and the shortening of the days to come. bummer!indy on the trail.i think laika rose got a bit spooked by the motorcross bikes and took off up the sand dune. amy has rounded up her dogs and is headed back. after we passed the noisy bits the dogs seemed to totally enjoy it. blossom didn't seem to notice the motorcycles. it's true though that dogs hearing is so much more acute than ours so those motorcycles probably sound horrible to them. looked like the motorcross folks were having fun. saw a few catch some good air down there on the tracks. not for me, but i can see how it could be fun to fly in the air...until you fall and break bones and stuff. this area is beautiful though and fast becoming a favorite for me. great to walk along the beach out there. i'm sure you could follow it further and then just go down onto the beach there.blossom really loves the dunes. she seems to be doing okay health wise. sure has been perky these past few days. such a cutie! i seem to have recovered from my incident yesterday though my thanks to natalie for informing me that choking can be an early sign of parkinsons. i was worried it may be a sign of throat cancer so now i have more to get freaked out over. it's the downside of working in medicine you take any symptom and assume the worst. of course, the other downside to working in medicine is that you probably take longer to actually check it out. best to just do nothing except worry. have taken a few hits of the inhaler and will sleep with it by the bed again. losing your airway is a very bad feeling. guess they found a russian plane that had disappeared. doesn't sound good for all on board. thoughts to those who were on the plane and thier friends and familes waiting....always so terrible these air disasters. the day began actually looking like a rainy day, but as you can see it turned out quite lovely. the wind did pick up a bit out there and more so at my place. the trees are starting to show thier leaves and soon every tree in anchorage will be green. the change happens within a week. it always seems like all the trees pick a day and go green. it's crazy! i do love it though. the growth rate up here is something to behold!the dogs did help us find one moose. the moose saw the dogs and headed for the hills. we never saw it again and none of the dogs actually ever got very close, though they were curious.this time of year its best to walk with friends. tomorrow at spencer if that is where we end up, the bears are a bit thicker than out at kincaid. below is alicia and tanya. guess alicia hit rei and got started on her hiking gear...bear spray and a backpack. liked this picture below. watched, "the kings speech" last night. not sure what i'll pop in tonight. may just read a bit. did get that cat litter box cleaned so i can say i accomplished something. wait i also raked and did some dishes...i was super ambitious today. haha! sunshine means i will be outside. housework, cooking...most of the stuff can wait a day or two. i'd rather be out enjoying the beauty. have a good day.

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