Wednesday, August 1, 2012

round island 12...

these are like pin up walrus shots in my opinion!! that dude is hot!!
he is so working it...he knows he is handsome!!
fine walrus form that is for sure!
i guess 2 more baby walrus were sent down to the sealife center from barrow area. that is a bit scary, what is going on that all these baby walrus are being abandoned? can't be good.
a young gull of some sort that becomes part of the food chain. was going to put this as the first photo, but that walrus is so dang sexy! hehe!
burp...! enjoyed a lovely night of olympics this evening. the USA girls got gold in gymnastics and looked to have fun doing it. i'd have a few spoilers going in, but that couldn't spoil my delight at their win. china didn't medal at all, which is always shocking. felt badly for those russian girls as they bobbled a bit, but they came out with silver anyway. so stressful to watch, can't imagine what their parents must go through in the stands. many happy parents tonight though.
another highlight was micheal phelps. he now has 19 medals. the most medal of any olympic athlete. some said he wasn't training as hard for this year. interesting watching him interviewed. he's just enjoying this olympics, his fourth, it's all icing on an incredible awesome cake. he seems a rational guy and he knew he could not repeat what he was able to do in beijing. nobody could. the fact that he's only not medaled in 2 races his entire olympic career is impressive. we all have a begining, a middle and an end. the greatest are aware of where they are on that spectrum and adapt to it. he's 27 years old i think. the winningest olympiad in history. he still has a chance to improve on that in 3 more races. this record will no doubt stand for many years to come. the last olympiad who held that title, held it since 1964, the year i was born.
as the announcer who interviewed both phelps and the 5 gymnasts pointed out. those gymnasts are so young their earliest memory of the olympics was in 2004, he was already well on his way to all those medals. his first olympics were in sydney in 2000, i think he was 15. the announcer also pointed out that gymnastics has changed and there is no way any of them will be around for 4 olympics like he can...or like the russian gymnast of '64 was. larrisa latynina was 21 when she first participated, the gymnasts of today are aged out by then usually. for this group of 5 this is probably their only shot at olympics..that is just how their sport works. i thought it was interesting commentary.
the only sad part about those super young athletes is they don't always get what has just happened to them, what it all means. whereas someone like micheal phelps has gained the maturity to really understand what he has accomplished. 10 years from now, they will look back and say "wow".
got myself motivated a bit today and met tanya and maddie for a nice jaunt out at powerline pass. we walked 4 miles i'd guess. feeling better. wearing support hose for that one leg and will discuss possibly getting that nasty vein removed.
more of the fox and the gull.
just started my new book on the kindle. i think overall, i still prefer the feel of a real book, but the kindle works and it's easy to buy books this way and easier to store them. i'd heard of this book through a friend so i picked it up. i think i'll like it. it's called, "the immortal life of henrietta lacks". she was a black woman who lived and died. she died of cervical cancer. this was back in the 50's. when they removed her tumor, before she passed away the researchers at the hospital kept the cancerous cells and grew them. they never asked her permission nor was she ever paid for this service. her cells that have been multiplied millions of times over and continue to be are called "hela" cells and are known worldwide. they have been used to make the polio vaccine, in trials of drugs/disease. basically her cells have aided science in making medicine much better.
the writer had a science teacher in a summer biology class mention "hela" cells and the orgin of these cells once and it started her down this curious path to discover who henrietta lacks was. her family wasn't aware until many years after her birth of the use of her cells. while they applaud the medical improvements that the use of their relatives cells has enabled, they don't appreciate that they weren't asked or involved and that the cells are sold worldwide and they have never benefitted from any of this. they can't even afford basic medical care. should be an interesting read.
will get to the reading tonight and see how far i get. i know my niece would love this one if she hasn't read it already.
a few black and whites of the walrus.
but more pink!
a bit early for my night pill but i thin it will be just fine. long day and i'm sleepy. tomorrow, more olympics and i'll hit the gym for my own swim....albeit much slower than the medal winners i keep watching. i don't have the proper swim suits, nor do i wear 2 caps,not even one.
i suspect that even if i did though i'd still be pretty slow. i move in the water like these walrus move on land! oh to be so large and not have any cellulite!

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