Monday, July 8, 2013

last of day 3 nome...

 thought i'd post earlier today.  always think better awake.  it's why i try to write my nursing notes before 1 am.  this street sign was near anvil mountain there in nome.
 just listening to news in the background.  big airplane crash in san francisco.  two from china died, they are now saying one of those young girls may have survived the crash and then been run over by an emergency vehicle on the runway as it came to give aid.  that would be horrible.
 love how relaxed all these musk ox were.  so fun! like i said yesterday this poor guy stood still for quite some time trying to decide what to do about me. i kept looking back and taking pictures and then i'd turn back and there he was, still befuddled.  dang...just deleted the photo i was talking about. he turns up below this next one.
 pondering life.   happy that i didn't totally scare him and make the whole group freak out.
 of course, those would be good pictures, but i'm not about to scare animals just to get a picture of them forming a line and protecting their young.  that is what they do.  they either circle around the young facing out or stand in a row with the babies behind them.  i knew i had not gotten them too anxious as this never happened.
 chena is a mess up north.  79,000 acres burned so far.  many sled dog lots having to be evacuated. the fire was started by military training exercises.  what a mess.
 summer fires, floods and plane wrecks.  an otter crashed in soldotna yesterday i guess killing all 10 on board.
 met up with my friend kelly today for a hike.  it was rainy looking at my end but once we got to jodphur it was pretty clear and actually warm.  turned out to be a bit much for rio . she is always a trooper on the trail.  she may walk slow, but she always keeps walking.  today was the very first time rio has ever lay down on the trail.  felt badly, but kelly was great about it all and didn't seem to mind going extra slow and letting rio lay down whenever she needed too.  eventually we got all the dogs back to the cars.
 rio spent the rest of the afternoon on the back deck resting.  she just came back in and is back on her couch.  she just turned 9 years old so i will have to remember her age and maybe do more of those shorter neighborhood walks then leave her home and take blossom for the longer walk.  blossom was sore from yesterdays walk but seemed ready to go today.  did see a small limp by the end of todays walk so she's probably a bit beat up too.  she is 7 years old.  kelly's dog is 11 now so she is moving quite a big slower than she did years ago.  always a bummer that dogs age so much faster.
 still befuddled.
 these little babies are beyond adorable!
 watching a little squirrel munching on bird seed out in my feeder.  the feeder is in the fenced backyard.  it's not impossible that it could attract a bear but not all that likey i guess.  those bears can easily climb over fences though so i probably shouldn't have a feeder out at all.  the birds were coming by last week so i got weak and put some seed in there.  we saw some bear scat out on the trail today.  it seemed to me to be loaded with bird seed looking stuff.  a little reminder.
 still don't know about kaktovik.  every day i delay puts the possibility back as the spaces will fill up and the decision will be made for me whether i get the day off or not.  need to check on the possibility of getting that tuesday off for fishing as well.  so many things to do!! would be great to fill the freezer up for the winter.
 squirrel looks so happy. it's a pretty little one.  they have such amazing balance.  fun to watch.
 weed whacking in the back yard, laundry, clearing out piles of crap.  amazing how fast little piles build up in the place.  junk mail and whatever else.
 lots of hair to fall out still.  you can see a bit in the brambles on the right.  as they go through the brush they leave behind lots of old quiviut.
 may still make my way to the pool for a swim tonight.  want to play my drums and then back them up for the rest of the summer so i can prepare for guests arriving.
 while i enjoyed my time with the musk ox, eventually all good things end and as they walked through me a truck drove quickly up the dirt road next to me.
 it spooked them enough to send them booking.  my visit was over.
 so you will get a break from musk ox on my next installment.  day three is complete. day four was the drive to teller.
 i leave the group and head down the hill.
 that night i just walked from the hotel down to the beach.  teenagers were out in the water.  that is how warm the weather had been up in nome and the surrounding areas.  unusually warm.  everyone was enjoying it while it lasted.
 must have been some wind as the waves were a bit larger than i'd seen the other days.  a few good sized sets.  love the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, the peace of watching them roll in, curl up and crash.

 chatted with my sister for a bit.  she was laughing as she actually called me a few days back and left a message and i hadn't called her back.  that is usually her trick.  just chatted as i headed to the walk today.
 took the dogs to petsmart after the walk . rio was moving very slow in the store. poor girl.  no treats given to them...poor puppies.  they are usually super friendly,not so much today. that was a first. just needed to get more glucosamine/chondrontin for the dogs.  wouldn't be a good thing to run out of with rio and blossom both seeming a bit sore.
 flowers near the beach.

 a few pictures of local stuff as i wandered around looking for musk ox.
 always love all the northern decor, polar bears.  the high school is up near anvil mountain and so they tend to get some musk ox sightings around there.
 there are two grocery/whatever stores that i found.  this one is the smaller one i thought.  both have a variety of items that you would not see in your local grocery store no doubt.
 there are plenty of cars out there, but many or most locals seem to wander around the main part of town in 4-wheelers. in the winter these are parked and the snowmachines become their transport.  i'm sure much cheaper on gas.
 musk ox foot print dried in the mud.
 port of nome
 a few shots of the very modern nome veterinary clinic.  haha.

 typical housing in the area.
 wave action with a boat out there dredging for gold no doubt.

 car decor. not sure why, but why not i guess.  anything to keep entertained i guess.  funny.
 the rules of beach mining.  not a sign i see on beaches anywhere else so kinda cool.
 watching the waves roll in and out.  so relaxing.

 more of that cool red coloured sand that was seen at various places along the beaches.
 fire department...seemed like decent digs and rigs.
 these old gold rush days items were in a "park" near the hotel. i stopped by this night and took a few pictures of them . it was on the "if i have time" list of stuff to do.

 big stuff got hauled up here but nobody wants to pay to haul it all away so it has remained in nome.  better to put it all together and let people take pictures or whatever they want to do with it i guess.

 i've never been much of a sign reader overall.  i skim the information and quickly forget the details.  i'm not a detail person.  i remember my dad reading all of it and i suspect he remembered the details.
back to work on clean up and yard care.  so much fun.

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