Tuesday, July 9, 2013

off to teller

 was so excited to see actual salmon drying on the racks out in teller.  was hoping to see this somewhere.  it's the shot to get up north.
 most of the pictures i took on the way out there were flowers really.  these are still in town.  a local dog team.
 only loaded a few photo's today.  i start back to work tonight. we shall see though.  i had to write to get the schedule for this week fixed as it had been changed and i would have had to miss lost lake.  i will hang on to my email with this just in case i get to work tonight and they say oh, we have you on for thurs/fri/sat this week.  the actual paper with the schedule never got changed which is why i'm a little nervous.  i'm so demanding this summer.  wanting that tuesday off to go fish.  we shall see.  a few swans.  saw lots of swans out council road a few days before but they were too far off for my little 300 zoom.
 old dredge in the distance.
 after nearly 70 miles driving i see teller off in the distance. when i first arrived the water was flat and calm and it looked pretty cool
 not a huge settlement as you can see.  one person spoke to me and he showed me the salmon on the racks. i'm sure i looked pretty conspicuous out there with my camera and pack.
 i waved and smiled to everyone as they were all looking at me.  everyone smiled and waved back but that was the extent of my interactions with anyone from teller, alaska.
 now that these were spotted, word seemed to be spreading fast that the fish were coming in.  i saw some folks carrying nets down to the waters edge.  they put out a line of nets with a buoy at the end. the fish get trapped in the net and pulled in.
 you can see a buoy out there, waiting to fill with fish and be dragged back in.
 just got back from walking the dogs.  just went up patterson and then circled cheney lake.  rio survived.  we walked very slowly.  very slowly.  quite a few ducklings and a few goslings.  not as many out there as i remember being out there in years past.
 loved this little dog on his house.  dogs have it rough out in these places sometimes.  in truth though they eat fresh and healthy food and the humans that take care of them live in very rough conditions as well.  oftentimes worse conditions than the dogs live.
 there were a few folks hanging out here, i debated going inside, but i decided just to cruise around town and head back towards nome.
 this place really did feel like it was at the end of the world out there.
 the net hangs down from all those buoys.  that is how they fish here.

 probably will go read and try for a nap before work tonight. didn't get a chance to play those drums yesterday so i may do that just so i can put them away.  i did play the guitar for a bit and finally finished writing this little song i started years ago.  i haven't done much writing these past few years and i really should get myself writing more.  i like to write poems and lyrics and simple songs.  would be cool to add to the list of songs i have currently.
 after i got back from teller i went up towards anvil mountain to look for musk ox again. no sightings of the musk ox that day, but i did spy this cute little fox out there.

  i was coming down the hill so i couldn't stop as there were a few cars coming down behind me.  not a very wide road.  dirt of course.
 running off.
 on the beach again, later that day.
 guess i did get a few sign photo's
 flowers along the road.
 this was the first place i saw lupine out there.  loved this patch of beautiful purple lupine.
 of course, another favorite is the cottony flowers.

 much of the drive that day was a bit cloudy and even a few raindrops i think fell.
 so this was the typical scenery on the drive to teller.
i did stop a few times as the flowers were out there.  always worth it to stop and walk around.  fought a few mosquito's and biting flies along the way. enjoy your day..thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Every picture you take and post you write makes me want to visit Alaska. I told Fred (my trailer builder who used to live there) that I want to go to the part of Denali without bears. Gave him a good laugh :) But maybe someday I'll make the trek in the summer with The Glampette. Then we could meet in person as real people, not as our dogs or tiny Facebook avatars. BOL+LOL