Saturday, July 6, 2013

more musk ox in nome...

 in their desire to move away from me the musk ox cruised onto this large patch of snow.  thought they looked cool out there.  some play happened which is always cool to watch.
 up late watching the latest netflix movie, "silver lining playbook" i think i have that right. a friend had mentioned how much she had liked it one day so i put it on my list.  i really liked it too.  we are all a bit damaged and we all hope someone will see our sore spots but look beyond the damage to the person we are and that that person will be loved.
 so i was up late last night.  will be that much harder to flip over for fishing tomorrow.  got my license today so i'm set that way. gotta bake some cookies tonight.
 i walked up the road to meet the musk ox by the snow.  they spotted me and then slowly returned where they had been before i disturbed them.
 after they turned away again i kept walking up the road and watched them from above for a bit.
 walked the dogs out in kincaid.  we took a loop around little campbell lake.  slow one as rio being 9 now is not the fastest moving dog on the trail.  i'd rather her be out there walking though.  if i left her on the couch all the time she'd get arthritic and i'm sure that would shorten her life.  didn't do anything to celebrate rio's birthday on the 4th of july.  didn't do much of anything.  battled a headache so no dog party for rio.  thankfully, she being a dog, she will not be scarred for life.
 got to chat with my niece, claire, today.  love catching up with her and all that is going on. been a rough bit but she's strong and i know she is a survivor.  great to laugh and chat.
 then messaging with another friend. it was getting late getting out for that walk with the dogs.  we did make it though and a few errands.  need to get gas, make cookies, check mail and probably should clean a bit in the house. exciting is my life.
 the group moving away from me. i probably smelled gross....humans!

 mom and baby make their way across the rocks.
 guess there was a plane crash in san francisco.  always frightening.  a few deaths reported, not many considering how bad it could have been.
 fun in the snow...
 will have to check tunnel schedule.  boat leaves at 7am. i think there is a 6:30 tunnel.  thinking i could leave closer to 5.  i think my friends want to leave more like 4 am.  that will be a short sleep.  cookies and then nap i think.
 a group of young males took the cool snow as an opportunity to play a bit.

 love that animals play.
 the mom's and calves headed back across the rocks.  i felt so bad. really hate to disturb the animals.
 i'm sure others bother them as well.  of course, there is a lot of open space where they could go to avoid humans in this area so i'm guessing humans aren't bothering them enough to drive them totally away.
 no doubt blossom would have been barking at these guys.  the strong smell would have made rio very interested.

 rain is in the forecast.  i'm actually enjoying the cooler weather. i'm fine if it rains tomorrow out there, but i'm hoping we don't have to deal with wind.

 wind in a boat is not my idea of fun.  especially when you are trying to fish. don't want to spend that kind of money to bob around and get sea sick.
 hello...i'm for sure being watched out there.
 you can really see the wind blowing in their hair in a few of these.

 this gal is really having a tough time in the wind.

 here i am above the group.
 just getting some news about fishing.  sounds like it may be cancelled.  bummer. i do like the sleeping in bit, but the date she picked to reschedule isn't looking good for me.
 4 babies with a few adults.  it was hard to tell really who was with who.  i think they just take care of the babies as a group.
 as i started to walk back down the road i saw this group coming over another hill.
 i snuck over and sat down on the ground,hoping they would head towards me and i could get better photo's by being still and patient.
 it did work.  will post some of the better shots in the next installment.  hope you aren't getting tired of pictures from nome yet.

guess i have the evening free now.  don't have to bake cookies afterall.   guess i'm free to go outside and pick up dog poop in the yard.  just another exciting saturday night!

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