Monday, July 8, 2013

more nome, more musk ox

 short posting tonight. it's late and i'm a bit beat.  great hike today!  this guy was from that second group.  i was sitting down on the tundra and just letting them walk towards me. at one point they started to move past me but some were moving past me on the other side which meant that i was in the middle of the group.  this guy spotted me and was quite befuddled...what to do with this human?
 he kept looking at me and then at his buddies. nobody else was reacting which i think confused him more.  back and forth he looked.  after several minutes he did finally decide i was best left alone.  he backed up away from me and went back around some brush to rejoin the group.  i was happy that he didn't send out some alarm which would send them all booking. thankfully, i wasn't too terrifying. i stayed quiet and still.
 it was great to have them all just walking past me without a care, doing what they do.
 it really was a pretty magical afternoon hanging out with these guys.
 today i've probably walked a good 10 miles or so.  first i took rio and blossom up patterson road so that rio could be chill while i took blossom for a hike and left rio home.
 then i met up with bob, tanya and maddie and their friends in from sweeden.  super nice family.
 we chose to hike up to the tarn of hidden lakes.  you go to glen alps, take powerline then take the cut off to hidden lakes.
 weather seemed a bit mixed, clouds and it seemed to continue that way through the day.  overall i'd say though we got lucky and got some sunshine and blue skies, mixed with moments of light rain and some wind, especially up by the tarn.
 a tarn is bigger than a pond but smaller than a lake.  not sure how else to describe it or really how accurate that description really is.   cute baby lakes.  always great to get up to them, nice destination.
 there was a time when everyone else crossed over to a snow patch and then i stayed on the main trail.  i figured they'd take some sort of deer connector trail back over to where i was.  they found no such trail though and had to bush whack it a bit i guess.  this wore the kids out a bit.  i had made cookies last night despite the fact that the fishing was off. this turned out to be great for the kids.  incentive to get up there and a nice sugar rush once they were there and tired.
 they were close to the tarn, but didn't quite get to it, opting instead to settle in for a lunch break.  bob and tanya joined me at the tarn and then the father of the other family joined it was his birthday he also took a quick trek up to the second tarn.  i think he enjoyed that little solo hike.  it was beautiful out at that time.  we all chilled at the lower tarn and i threw the tennis balls for the dogs. they got some swimming in which they loved.  all dogs and kids were nicely tired out. that is how all kids and dogs should be.
 planning on doing a loop in kincaid tomorrow with a friend i haven't hiked with for a bit so that will be fun.  i'm guessing i may be feeling a few of those hills on our usual jodphur loop.
 as you can see these guys are all happily grazing i'd say pretty much unaware of my presence out there.
 lots of wildflowers out today on the trails. i took several pictures as usual.  will play catch up all summer i think.  backpacking this next weekend.  my brothers visit coming up...summers are exhausting.  it may be why i'm always ready for winter to return and the quiet to come.
 my brother is looking at my pictures. his comments and likes keep popping up as i'm writing.  he lives in boston, but they are still in england so not sure what time it is there.  hmm...
 we all headed to dinner tonight at the moose's tooth.  moose and bear tooth are owned by the same people and are some of the most popular places to dine for the alaskan folks.  it's always packed and there is always a wait. we all had a great day, fun getting to know new people.  they will be out on the backpacking trip as well so that will be fun too.

 poor rio was a bit bummed i think to have been left alone for so long today.  i do have her taken care of for when we are out backpacking. my friend scott will be in town working so he says he'd be willing to stay here for those few nights and hang with her between shifts. that's a relief.

 baby adorable and fluffy!
 this guy below was pretty close. i think he's keeping an eye on me.
 front or can be hard to tell.  thankfully they have those horns.
 more babies.
 so it's 1 am and i am now happy i didn't put tons of pictures in tonight.  soon i'm sure i'll start blending old and new.  maybe tomorrow just to get some more variety in.  still lots more nome shots, but i'll no doubt toss in some local stuff as well.

 here is my befuddled friend again.  he is quite handsome
 woke this morning to that horrible sound of a cat puking right by your head.  i thought i moved pretty fast to re-direct the vomit, but i will be sleeping on fresh, clean sheets tonight.
 gotta love cats!
that should be enough musk ox for one night.  peace..

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