Saturday, April 26, 2014

bathroom floor is clean...

 what did you do on your friday night.  haha!  it's not like that was my intention.  laundry turned into floor cleaning though.  i know my washer and dryer are not long for the world but i baby them along as best i can.  today the hose disconnected from the back and the bathroom flooded.
 wasn't sure where i wanted to walk or what i wanted to do today. ended up taking a nice walk out campbell airstrip trail system.  took the pups up the runway and then back down through the trails.  the runway was totally clear so easy walking.  a bit of ice on the other main trails.  nice day out there though.  ran into some friends and chit chatted.  by friends i mean people i see regularly on the trails all these years and now we just stop and chat. so trail friends anyway.  there are quite a few of those after all these years of walking
 one older guy i chat with said a few weeks ago he thinks a lot of the folks on the trails are mute as they can't be bothered to say hello.  we always chat.  i just love stopping and talking to random folks most days, especially these older alaskan folks.  they have some great stories to tell and have been all over the state many times.
 cruised by the bear tree and she is still sleeping.  apparently a BBC crew had used an infared camera to check and there is a bear in there.  more and more photographers are seen stopping and hanging there in hopes they catch her coming out.  i'm clearly not as dedicated, but i do drive by on my way to/from places.
 today i also cruised down to potters marsh to see what birds had's another place that it's good to keep a watch on this time of year. just so fun seeing and hearing all those birds out there.
 this place is constantly in a state of change.
 not much response to much written out.  still hoping the page becomes a place people who like round island begin to congregate.  i'll get nowhere if there is no unity.  notes this past day were focused on the fact that it's a designated sanctuary and that it would be an embarrassment to be found to have beheaded walrus carcasses.  politicians are about getting votes and pictures of beheaded walruses wouldn't be good for anyone's campaign, right.  i can't imagine it would be.
 a good part of my day was spent on a fabric hunt.  i'm not very crafty, but i did hit several stores.  was bummed as this one fabric would have been perfect for one of my projects but they were out of it.  need to make 4 quilts.  so i have the material for 3/4. that was what i was washing when the room flooded.
 must mention that one of the times i stopped and was chatting we both were swatting at mosquito's. i fear they will be pretty thick and large if this first round is any indicator.
 new drug being tested for duchenes MD which would be amazing. it's such a cruel disease. trapped in their bodies.
 chatted with my brother for a few today, he's home post op knee surgery. nice to chat and hear how well all is going post op.  always great.  he was saying sometimes he feels like packing it in and going to nursing school.
 it can be a physically challenging job and stressful in a different way than most desk jobs.
 did talk about the best part of nursing which is that you do have an opportunity to really make a difference in someones life each time you work.  just little acts of kindness is all it takes many times.  people are stressed and scared and very sick and feeling safe in the situation goes a long ways.
 i spoke to him about how in my work i meet people from every aspect of life, people he would never run into in his life.  some of those people are an absolute challenge...they can't really train you for some of the personalities you will deal with...not just the patients. some doctors can be eye openers as well.
 we laugh as the nurses often have a regular set of hospitalists or intensivists to deal with now.  many have no idea what it's like to be calling all variety of doctors at all hours of the night.
 lots of sea gulls out at potters. the terns have not made their way up north from Antarctica yet...that is a super long flight though.

 it was pretty windy out there, which makes for easier flight shots. not that mine turned out very impressive, but not bad...since i tend to accept mediocracy as a state of being i was all happy.
 not that i am a mediocre human, it's just that i hate all these competitions in our society. i strive to try new things and not have to feel any need to excel at them but instead enjoy them. way too much pressure in society to become perfect even at your hobbies. right clothes, speak the lingo...whatever.  hobbies should be stress relievers not stress inducers.
 no swan sightings or snow geese or sand hill cranes...will just have to keep waiting.
 i hear the sherpa's are refusing to go back on the mountain.  they are still missing friends out there.  i don't blame them at all.  it is ridiculous i think. they do more of the bulk of work which allows wealthy adventurers to be able to do the big climb.
 as i was driving around earlier i noticed some police lights ahead.  they were picking up a probable inebriate off the ground. just so sad those lives.  we have so few years on this earth really, it's so sad that many get lost to alcohol and miss out on all the years of their lives.

 just love birds in flight. i'm always just a bit envious.  they can just soar out there.
 the other day a stellar jay was soaring around my yard.  thing swooped down and next think i knew that bird had a tiny shrew for breakfast.  the circle of life...i prefer to pretend they all never really eat.  haha.
 i feel kinda grungy from the day and the clean up today...also pretty sleepy though so i'm thinking sleep will win.
 grebe out there.
 a few of those.
 debated a drive for today, but i just didn't really feel like it today.  it turned out to be a nice easy day for me.  seemed fitting.
 i've also no doubt that whatever weight i lost in prep i more than made up for today.

 it is a funny world we live in with facebook and all.  now people click like and think that constitutes keeping in touch with one another.  there is much i do like about things like facebook, but for me it still doesn't beat a conversation.  i'm my mothers daughter in that i have always liked to keep in touch somehow with people who i have met and enjoyed.  in the days past this was much more difficult and eventually was just an annual card, now i get to peer into the lives of those who have moved on in life. it's nice to stay connected by more than one annual card. there are loads of folks i've met over the years that i really liked.
 different people often pass through our lives at different times.  we just have needs that are met by different people in different times of our lives.  it generally doesn't mean that you stopped liking them as a person since you no longer talk as much or do as much  usually it is just time passing and life evolving.
 sadly, i didn't grow up in the facebook era and so most folks that i have met and enjoyed have moved on in their lives and we no longer have any contact.  many i don't even recall their names beyond just a first name so i couldn't even think of looking them up if i tried.

well i guess i should turn in.  not sure what the weekend will bring.  will look outside and see what the weather is in the morning.  thankful fors... 1.  the opportunity to have met and spent time with a wide variety of friends.  even if we don't have any contact i am grateful that you were in my life for a time and that i was able to learn and grow into a better person because of that contact.  2.  grateful that i see such a variety of people through my work, people with a variety of issues, medical/physical/addictive.... it always makes me see my life differently. to appreciate all i have.  3.  for the return of the birds and their calls, the air is filled with new music.

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