Friday, April 25, 2014

all cleaned out and no where to go...

 survived my colonoscopy today (or as i've been calling it, spring cleaning).  above is the bog, below is from our final Monday walk of the  year.
 Speedy and Lena had read/heard that people lose like 20 pounds from the prep.  they had requested i do a pre/post weight just for our own scientific analysis.  i only lost 3-4 pounds.  quite disappointing.  oh well.  for those of you who are not yet 50...the prep is no fun, but it is the recommendation.  i suggest you buy the softest toilet paper you can find, also wouldn't hurt to have hemorrhoid cream and some sort of skin barrier cream handy.  those are my tips!
 i scored high marks on having a beautifully cleaned out colon...!!  all is well and i am happy to be eating real food again.  i know i was pretty dang dehydrated.  i had asked for them to give me the full liter that they'd hung before the procedure and i've only pee'd once since and it was pretty minimal, clearly i was dehydrated.  thanks to Katie for taking me to/from the procedure and to the many kind friends who checked up on me through the afternoon/evening.  one wouldn't get far in this world without good friends!!
 was happy to see one person who joined the WARIS group page who i had no previous knowledge of...grow my little group grow!!  still don't know where or how this will all work out but it's starting and hopefully will build.  even wrote another round of letters tonight and signed it from the group name...seemed more official.
mentioned that beheaded walrus carcasses in an animal sanctuary would not make for a good legacy in several of my notes.
 loved that little syd had found her self a walking stick and also loved that at coffee she turned up in see through boots sans socks. haha.
 need to get cracking on some quilts.  i have a niece who is going to have twins and was thinking of making some memory type quilts for the girls of my friend who passed. just something to sleep at night that will maybe comfort them and make them think of their mom.
 bog a few days ago between shifts, yesterday i just walked up patterson to the creek and today i hit patterson the other direction.  sad walks this week.  i have a few days off though so hopefully i can have some fun with the dogs.
 had been given fentanyl and versed for todays procedure plus i was just tired from prep and all i guess...they didn't want me to drive...i did eventually get out for that late walk....near 9pm.  sun is setting after 9 now though so i have plenty of light.
 otherwise i just lay about and watched "call the midwife".  those dvd's had just arrived in time.  i enjoyed my first meal out on the deck!  so nice out again today.  it's beautiful.  clearly, the record had down that i was a nurse there.  my first nurse was super nice and we chatted while he did all that mandatory stuff and got my iv in.  my second nurse had less personality, but she started to warm up.  the Dr, got him smiling a bit as well...i mean if you make a living looking up peoples arses you have to have a sense of humor, right?  my third nurse was nice as well. katie was back there with me in the recovery part and i asked her to turn up my ivf's so i'd get the whole bag before we left...the nurse seemed chill with us running the show...haha.
 work was just two nights.  i get to have a vacation day.  otherwise i would have had to come back for one day. the prep/scope was a two day ordeal really. i worked in the adult icu both nights....actually had same patients though that changed part way through second night.  i always kind of laugh as when they have to mess with my assignments the charge is always apologizing and seem to be waiting for some sort of rage...i'm always chill, not sure what other people must do to make them appear to be waiting for attack.  i'm in the float pool which means you can have your assignment changed. i'm not perfect but i think i do try to just be flexible without complaining. my new one was busy mostly due to her size.  you forget how much extra work it is with very large patients.
 the sky as i walked today.
 above my sweet Rio Catalina.  the dog that used to be on the other side of that gate must have passed away months ago.  i assume so anyway.  first there were signs put up on the fence to please not give her treats as she was diabetic and then i stopped seeing the dog.  Rio still goes and says hello though.
 this guy has a cut out so he can check out the dogs walking past his back yard and below blossom sits at the gate of a dog that she has only seen a handful of times, but it's another doodle and she likes it very much so now i have two gates that we stop at.
 i am tired...suspect i'll sleep very well.  the only perk of the procedure is the legal drugs.  haha.
 the prep wasn't as bad as last time, but i got myself on a take a slug of the bad stuff quickly followed by a bite of jello and then a few sips of beef broth.  kept me from puking a few times.
 a few of the birds that have joined the life at the bog of late.
 the skies are filling up and the noise level has increased.  it's lovely.
 the neighbors in my hood have been talking. apparently on a night i was at work some hoodlums came around the neighborhood and broke in to cars...doesn't sound like any windows were broken but they probably looked for cars that were unlocked and then stole crap out of them.
 got my eye exam yesterday as well.  my vision is still pretty dang great.  i use occasional reader glasses, have a pair i use for night driving (there is no night driving in the summers here so just for the other seasons) and now i'll try some progressive ones for work.  hopefully, that will allow me to move from the monitor to the computer screen without needing 2 different glasses.
 so now my only to do list item is the tire changeover!!  so happy!!

i am getting more sleepy so it's time to crash.  thankful fors..1- katie for driving me to my procedure and waiting around for me.  2- multiple friends who checked up on me...making me feel loved!!  :-) 3- being raised in a time and place where i went to public school safely and was able to learn what i needed to live the life i have been able to.  thanks to all those great teachers!!


  1. Glad the spring cleaning was smooth... Maybe not the best choice of words for visuals but you know what I mean. I will have to check out WARIS

  2. no web page yet....started, but will have to find someone better at creating than myself