Tuesday, April 15, 2014

elipse...crappy photo's but...

 you get the idea.  cool to watch anyway.  it started while i was returning from the grocery store.  then i grabbed dogs and just headed to an area near the tudor/muldoon curve.
 i thought it was really cool how many cars were stopping along the curve to watch the eclipse.  folks in Alaska love their nature.  cars were pulling over all over Anchorage i'm sure and the really good photographers were probably camped out at less urban locations.
 i just stayed out until soon after it became an orange moon.  i was getting cold.
 attempted a few more photo's from my front deck...not i'm just on watch from my bedroom.  not sure how long it stays eclipsed but i always enjoy what nature has to offer
 today it offered warm and beautiful blue skies.  just Lena and I out there for the Monday walk.  i've decided next week will be my last monday walk of the year.  it's time, interest is waning and i'm ready to get out and explore myself and not be committed.  always enjoy the social aspect of it and will miss coffee hour most i'm sure.
 so next week bring pot luck snacks to the Monday walk farewell coffee at Kaladi's..
 since it was so lovely out i did some outside stuff.  cleaned out the car, vacuumed it and then did a semi wash on it.  my hose went splitsville which was a bummer.  i set up the gate and the dogs happily lay out there enjoying the sunshine.  rio was especially happy with the deck time today.
 i put out the deck chairs and hadn't really been in the shed all winter..apparently my little resident squirrel has made him/herself quite the little nest and must have stockpiled at least a bag of seeds that i put out for hte birds.  that squirrel was super busy loading up my shed with bird seed.  when i first came in i must have spooked the poor thing, our eyes met and then i was spooked too.  was afraid he'd fly towards me and scratch the hell out of my face...
 clearly i spent way too much time in the small primate section at the Los Angeles Zoo as a volunteer zoo keeper...haha!
i left the nest and this stash of food there and removed several other stockpiles from more easily accessible spots in the shed.  would hate to disturb his little home just in case he's a she and there are little babies in the nest.  will have to do some more exploring in the shed at a later date and clear out any other seed piles.  i'm sure the local vole population appreciated all his hard work in the fall.  silly squirrel!!
 good to get some stuff done outside. the poop will be ongoing. i usually keep up on it but this winter it was tough with the melts and snows...could be a bit of poop soup.
 pogi...looking for attention.  so cute!!
 hit the dentist and sounds like i'm headed for a crown and a replacement of an old filling. i knew it had been way to long since i'd had to have more than a filling.  i was due. just love dental work...so fun.  she says i must grind my teeth in my sleep and should get fitted for an mouth guard thingee to sleep with.  not sure that would be very comfy.  will have to think about how much money i want to donate to my dentists kids college education.
 as i was driving home from the groceries the mountains looked like they were on fire, just the moon back there.
 the start of the eclipse with my little camera from a trailhead parking area, several cars were already collecting there as well.
 gathering cars

off to take a warm bath and head to bed.  grateful fors...1....that i live in a place where there are many others who like me really enjoy the gifts of nature and the beauty we are surrounded by.  2...that lovely warm sunshine and being able to work outside and not get cold 3...the health and ability to continue to enjoy this great world.  good night.


  1. So do you guys do Monday walks only in the winter? You're nicer than me, I would have cleared the squirrel nest. Rodents are not what you want hanging around...

  2. yes, just the winter. people go in all different directions in the summers...i do to...it's a great way to get out in the winters though.