Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rio Catalina

 such a sweet dog and sweet face.
 headed to Kincaid park finally. took me forever to come up with a plan.  we took off up from the Jodphur trailhead to do a loop i do in the summer but take the cut off towards the trails over the water and then back via the dunes.
 by the time we got back to the dunes Rio was pretty tired.  the trail along the cliff edge is quite narrow and i keep a tight leash on the big blind pup.  would hate to have her careen down the cliff.
 she dug herself a little hole and settled down while i tossed Blossom's tennis ball for her on the dunes...she loves playing in that sand!!
 the ski trails are looking pretty sketchy.  saw only one skier and that person seemed to be walking the ski's more than skiing on them.  these trails are usually no dog allowed for winter, but at this point it's no longer winter it's officially "break up".  that is our season between winter and spring.  so it being break up, imho, means the trails are no longer just ski only.  crazy die hard skiers that will ski on rocks don't count.
 looked pretty crappy for skiing.  so far no huge puddles just open patches and area's of ice.
 just ate a late dinner.  pulled some halibut out of the freezer this morning.  it's always a good meal.  a friend had given me some Dillo seasoning from Texas i think.  it was easy and tasted good.  the dogs enjoyed it too.
 cloudy out today though you could see some break through blue skies and i did need my sunglasses for a good chunk of the day.
 have now attempted twice to fix the silly handle on my bathroom sink. it seems an easy fix but there are clearly many variables to the same dang old style sink fixture. so attempt two was a fail as well.  back to lowes for attempt three

 otherwise in my lazy day i looked through a few more memory cards.  i try to pick out my favorites and date the cards...right now they are just disorganized.  so not a totally non productive day...
 but truth be told it was pretty much a non- productive day.  oh well...such is life, right?

 Rio in the sand.
 old fallen tree, liked the peek a boo view of the water.
 such a happy puppy!!
 lots of dogs out there, way more dogs than skiers.  saw moose coming and going to the trail head but never saw any out there.  a couple i passed has seen a mother and baby moose and a moose carcass.  clearly the bears haven't gotten out and taken care of that.
 i am not the only one on bear watch at the tree. i cruised by and no bear yet.  have been spotting others with camera's also on bear watch...this is the big tree on campbell airstrip road that a bear has been hibernating in for several years now.  she really should be waking up soon i'd think.
 will keep checking.  news like that seems to circulate through the city fairly quickly.
 Blossom found a puddle to lay down in.
i couldn't resist and wrote this note in Moose poop above. i know i'm a freak. hehe.  1. living in a place with so many cool trails with great views totally accessible.  2.  pogi, the most snuggly cat.  3.  walking out to get stuff from car and not having to wear cleats or snow boots...the snow is melted off the driveway!!

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  1. Ugh, I am so far behind on blogs! All I do is do a quick post of my own and I'm off again. Glad to see you and the animals out and about.