Saturday, April 5, 2014

 this is bald eagle number 77.  he seems to hang out in on the coastal trail near point worzonof.  that is where i always see him.  have no idea why he was tagged, it's pretty ugly looking.  makes me feel as if he was a bad bird or something.  probably was just tagged ages ago in a day when they didn't have better means of doing this.
 i wrote a note to fish and game to ask...we shall see if i get a response on poor # 77.  slept in yesterday after working my on call this week.
 headed out to point worzonoff to walk the coastal trail a bit.  i don't think i left the house until around 4pm.  both dogs were lingering near where i feed them hoping for an early meal..i took advantage of rio being in a standing position to slap her collar on and get her to join us. you could say i tricked the old girl.
 these three guys put in at point worzonof with their little blow up boats.  the tide was going out so not sure what their plan is...the tides move super fast out there and getting back here could be interesting in those light boats.
 we walked probably about 4 miles total, good enough.  trail is mixed spring like.  some parts already bare other parts with slushy snow. nobody out skiing that is for sure.
 a few baldie sightings. stopped and checked them out.  no moose today.
 my lovely city of Anchorage.
 liked all the funky growths on this tree.
 big rock of ice covered with mud.
 haven't decided where to go today which is maybe why i just figured i'd shower and toss in a post.  i was sleepy last night so i crashed.
 picked up dinner at Tequilla nummy.  there is a place out in turnigan that i haven't tried that i drove by, "Rusty Goat" strange name for an eatery but it looks like it could be good. always like to test  out the new spots. hear parking is hell, looks small so may be hard to get a seat too.
 ACC must have picked up as i found myself there all week.  different assignment each night, which is fine with me.  years ago that would have been something to complain about...i've oddly become more adaptable with age as far as work goes. who knows how true that is for the rest of my life but for work it is i am still capable of evolving.
 i do go a bit nuts getting these super sick hearts.  not sure why, once i'm settled in the room and taking care of the patient i seem to do fine.  i think it's just that fear of having to call a cardiac surgeon, they have a tendency to be obnoxious on the phone....that was me being nice.  i've had several over the years be absolute a-holes...that was me being less nice. there are a few decent ones, but of course that wasn't the one i had this week...thankfully, i never had to make a call.
 i'm often clueless why they pick me, a float pool person, for these super sick patients.  i guess i should just take it as the compliment i think it is...they trust me, that is why they give them to me.  i'm not the most book smart nurse out there, but i know i can work magic with a room of drips and such.  i'm a tweaker and i monitor all the numbers closely.
 i suspect that newer, less experienced nurses don't really notice the small changes that i do.  if they had a heart rate of 65 last hour and now it's trending up to 75 i'm already asking why.  it's the same with all the numbers. newer nurses may just note that it's still in normal limits and really not start reacting until the heart rate gets over 100.
 at some point i finally just put out of my mind the "instructions" the doctor had supposedly given but not written as orders...haha...once  i did that i got  into a rhythm and the drips could be tweaked down and off in some cases. i suspect the doctor didn't appreciate that i'd weaned as i had...the numbers were fine in the morning and the patient was stable.  the next night when i stopped by all the drips were pretty much how i'd left them the morning before...
 no worries i was happy to move on to another pair of patients and have a more chill night.
 after our walk i drove around Lake Hood, i think it's the busiest float plane area.  in the winter that changes to ski planes...but with the melt happening some of these owners may want to get out there and switch back to floats soon
 they can change out seasonally.
 i think i'll head to Kincaid at some point here.  i am getting hungry now so i'll have to eat something before i head out.  guess i'm not too far behind.  the light is staying longer so i have time. was debating a drive.  perhaps tomorrow. would like to get to gym today.
 the UN is coming down on Japan for their excessive harvest of whales in Antarctica.  they take them for "scientific purposes" which the world knows is bull crap.  thank you Australia for lodging an official complaint.  the folks in Japan aren't even eating all the whale meat...a great deal of it is just frozen and stored.  it's a sad waste.  i'm not opposed to hunting if you take what you need and use what you take. gluttony is never acceptable in my opinion.  i see it up here as well.  people who love to fish and brag of filling their freezers and having to buy a second freezer to store all they have caught only to find that come the next summer they need to unload the fish in order to start fishing again.  such waste.
 Iceland and Norway also have ignored the whaling limits...shame on them.
 a few from a trek out to north biv for a loop before the work week began.  also did  a loop out at the bog to round out my walking week.
 i guess several teenage boys went on a vandalism spree.  they trashed cars in several neighborhoods.  pretty stupid considering they got night of "fun" will hopefully cost them.  yes, i said stupid cause that is stupid..i realize the word is politically incorrect but in this case it fits.  some other folks are apparently replacing license plates..i think they are trying to do some sort of car insurance fraud.  not sure.  so watch your plates i guess.
 speaking of plates there is talk of trying to bring back the old grizzly plates.  they are cool..i'd rather make some in the shape of a grizzly like the northern territory of canada has done with their polar bear that is cool!!
 India passed a new law last year to stiffen penalties for rapes. 3 have been condemned to die as first sentenced since the law was passed.  not really keen on death sentences but i am happy that finally rapes are being taken more seriously in parts of the world where this hasn't always been the case.
 had this silly song in my head the other day so i attempted to rid myself of it by writing it in the snow. haha.
 three mcdonalds closed in the new Russian Crimea. i'm sure that will make them decide to change their votes and go back to Ukraine....also on the Crimea news front.  apparently Russia will stop making methadone available to addicts...time to move for sure.
 i'm just catching up on my's finally cloudy's been so lovely and sunny that you feel obligated to be out there!!
 loved this Russian story.  the Russians have their own social network sight and some daily plant workers were posting photos/video's of themselves using the milk as some sort of jacuzzi.  just what i want in my milk..russian pubies.  gross!!
we were trying to remember the alternative names for our various salmon species.  this little placard had them on there. now i have a reference to study from...gotta be prepared for summer!!
 started clouding up yesterday.  always fun to cruise roads where the planes have the right of way.
 still coughing which is so annoying.  what's a girl to do...hitting the inhalers.
 just planes now...all caught up on my reading.

 now i have to decide where to hike and what to eat...hmm.  too many choices. i've heard that too many choices is actually very stressful for many.

 i do know that feeling..being at the toothpaste aisle and just staring...way too many products.  it was easier when there was just crest and there are like 50 and that is how everything is.
 still got to get those taxes done. i'm never this late.  have just been in a state of perpetual laziness.

 as far as taxes go though i'm running out of time.  this week.  they must be done!!
 the day turned out pretty.  there look to be some patches of blue out there today.  that is usually how i ultimately choose. i look at the sky and they head where it looks most promising.

 soon the air will fill with float planes and the waterways with cruiseships..the streets will see tourists return to our land.
for now, we have breakup...a time nobody comes to Alaska!!  grateful for 1.  another reprieve for a friend who has been in icu since the end of december, minus a few weeks i'd guess.  2. the stuff 3.  my health and the ability to get out and walk and take pictures to share with others.

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