Monday, April 21, 2014

coulda, shoulda, woulda...

 the sun was shining here in Anchorage, but i ended up headed towards Seward for the day.  the rain started close to Girdwood so i opted out of Seward run.  slept in anyway.
 i know it's sideways, but this was todays shower inspiration.  was thinking logo for WARIS and came up with this.  of course, i'll need to see if i can find someone with more artistic ability than myself to clean it up a  bit, but i think it has potential!!  people can tell that it's a puffin/walrus and fox so i didn't do to badly!!
 headed to the cross pass end of winner creek.  there were some pretty icy bits which turned out to be a bit much for miss Rio so we didn't go very far.  Blossom did get to chase her tennis ball though so she was happy...above her tennis ball has dropped into a hole from the tree roots...she made several attempts to fetch it out herself, but in the end i saved the yellow god.
 ground is mixed as you can see.  some easy to walk on, some still working it's way out of winter.
 clearly a bear least that is how i interpret it.  drove by bear tree but she's still sleeping.  past potters and could tell there are already more birds out there.  several groups of canadian geese flying over head this morning as i loaded the car up.
 sure signs of spring approaching....just have to get through break up first.
 since the dogs were walked i went ahead and hit the conservation center...i was almost there anyway.
 they were feeding the animals colored Easter eggs.  Happy Easter by the way. not  a big holiday for this agnostic sort of person.  i remember one sibling said being agnostic means you don't care if there is a God.  i don't think so.  for me there may be a God, there may not be a God.  it takes as much faith to be an atheist than to be a believer.  being unsure of something as large and unprovable as a God seems prudent.  
 i still try to live my life as a good person.  seems like a good idea to just be a good person, it shouldn't be "i'll be good because if i'm not i could go to hell" kinda thing.  i think all ways of thinking pretty much have valid principles and all ways of thinking have bull crap.  it's up to us to come to our own decision about what works for us.  nature/outdoors, that is where i feel closest to whatever power exists.
i don't live a religious life, but that in no way means i don't live a spiritual life.  websters...agnostic...a person who believes that the human mind cannot know whether there is a God or an ultimate cause.
 loved this mother and daughters Easter/rain/Alaska outfits.  loved that the little girl included bunny ears.
 not knowing leaves me more open to explore all the options and beliefs and decide what works for me.
 this guy lives at the conservation center.  as you can see below he's got an issue with the one eye...also he's missing a wing.  you don't really notice it at first.
 the moose were in the barn and you could pet them, they were sniffing the people.  there were actually quite a few folks out there today.
 while i was there only the one bear came out to eat the easter eggs and whatever else they had today. they do that, feed them stuff for certain holidays.  pumpkin the fall, guess they love that. they also get all the jumbo sized veggies from the state fair when it's over.
 the one bear was fun to watch though...they always are. they have the largest bear enclosure in the United States, 18 acres at least so you may not always see the bears...they do know when feeding time is, they aren't fools.  there were a few baldies who came around as well.  not as exciting as last time i came...i think the rain put them all in a less active mood.
 she was hanging by their little log cabin.

 overall a lazy day for me i guess.  got some laundry done, cleaned out the fireplace...end of season stuff begins.
 the wood bison are not very exciting but they are cool looking.  several were running when the food came around...everyone loves feeding time.

 these trees are budding out all over...not much else yet though.

 the elk were nearby as well so i went over to them.
 love the velvet on pretty.
 this guy just looked nervous...poor guy

 and how cute is this face...
 these guys were all bunched together...elk travel in packs.
 does facebook make people feel badly about themselves?  i guess it can be a place where folks only post the positive/exciting stuff.  on a grander scale than the old annual Christmas letters.
 i suspect that happy people stay happy and unhappy people are maybe made more unhappy. it doesn't do you much good to spend too much time comparing your life to others.  too often the lives people present isn't the life they live.  i discovered that years before facebook came out.
 can't believe how many families/couples/individuals that i thought had it all perfect turned out to be totally f'd up if you know what i mean.
 my life isn't perfect, my house needs some major remodeling, there are always a few more bills to pay and there are always days when i wished there was someone else here with me, sharing this experience of life, laughing, just someone to hang with and tell me it's gonna be okay....
 but every day you decide to be happy with the life you have and every night you go to bed grateful for the fact that you have way more gifts than things you lack.
 it's only complicated if you make it so.  i try to take a lesson from the animals out there. as long as your basic needs are met you can goof off!!
 if someone ticks you off confront them or walk away.
 a few swans on the drive out to the conservation center.
 and a juvenile eagle sitting in the mud of turnigan.
 stopped to watch the kite boarders.  i think that is what they are called.  lots of wind out there today for that.
 hot flash..

 not sure i got great shots, but it was fun to watch them.  there were also some rock climbers out there...just a lot of folks out enjoying the day.
 catching air
 and churning up the mud
 beautiful as i returned back to Anchorage.
 a few from the walk in Girdwood.
 happy i didn't attempt the long drive to Denali today.  nice to get home at a reasonable hour.
 the sunset looked nice and i almost got back out to get some pictures of it...but laziness had taken over me.
grateful for....1.  raindrops instead of snow, i'm ready for spring 2.  my simple life, that i can pick up and go and waste time just looking and being in nature 3.  leftover homemade turkey gravy!!  so tasty...thanks for teaching me to make it mom!!   good night

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