Tuesday, May 20, 2014

all moose...mama and baby

 the babies are popping out all over Anchorage and everyone seems to be enjoying it.  the deliveries often happen in yards across the city.  a girl posted a video on facebook of a delivery behind her house.  it's like 6 min long, funny as she and her friend squeal with excitement off and on.  it was pretty cool.  these babies are all legs at birth and yet they are up on those legs within minutes, a bit wobbly at first but they get there pretty dang fast.
 i met up with my friend Kelly back in Kincaid park this afternoon.  we did a loop around Little Campbell Lake.  i took no pictures on the walk mostly  because we hadn't walked for quite awhile and we just talked and caught up for all of the walk.  besides, Kelly is a strong walker and i'm not as in shape as i was when i walked with her more often.  haha.
 after the walk i figured i'd drive by where i'd seen the new baby yesterday. moose often chill in around the same location for a few days/weeks after delivering.  she was still in about the same spot with her little one.  just the one and i'd guess this baby is probably just a few days old.
 ate with Bob, Tanya and Maddie tonight and they were delayed as a mama moose came into their yard with yet another little baby moose...so yes, they are dropping like...well like little baby moose!!
 these little babies are so adorable!!  legs, legs, legs...
 mama was keeping watch on me out there.  i kept back and stood in a stand of trees so i could try and escape should mama moose get miffed at my presence.  she actually was pretty chill with her little one, but she's no fool and anyone who came by required watching.
 spoke this morning to the fish and games  land and refuges coordinator.  super nice and i think excited that i am starting down this road to create a round island watch group.  he gave me some good assistance and will forward my information on to a few groups that exist for other spots.  hopefully i can get some idea of the technical bylaws and such that i should be able to use as guide for ours.
 so wrote more notes around and then met with bob and tanya so they could sign on as original board member sorts...so grown up of us.  anyway....the check is in the mail as they say.  step one, incorporate as a non-profit with the state of Alaska.  they may call or write and tell me i filled it out all wrong or i'll get a note saying we are official.
 it will no doubt be a bumpy ride as i learn as i go.  do they have a book creating a non-profit for idiots?  not sure, but i bet there are books out there on the subject.  hmm..may have to do a search of that for some reading material out in Ketchikan.
 need to start packing and planning. did call the person down in Ketchikan and she sent a basic list of what they will have as opposed to what we should have.  a lot on my plate right now especially compared to my usual list.
 my friend scott stopped by and we went over the list and just chatted. he was laughing as i was telling him about my tenant and the issues we have been having with my tenants hoarding tendencies.  my tenant is a squirrel in the shed.  as long as the shed doesn't go condo i've allowed him to remain.  his lease has a no sublet clause.
 purchased some paint to repaint the cupboards in the kitchen.  would prefer to just remodel, but that is a pricey game and so i shall wait on that. paint is cheap.  the washer and dryer are coming very early in the morning so i am hoping to get to bed before 2-3 am tonight.
 had fun watching these two for a bit today though.  never in so much of a hurry that i can't stop and photograph the moose. right?
 such a sweet little face.
 this week will fly by fast i know and there is always so much to do to get ready for a trip.  with all this added focus on the walrus group i haven't had time to stress too much.
 no rain yet.  this evening i looked out front and the streets were all wet, yet the back deck looked dry...then i realized it hadn't rained, some trucks must have come through doing street cleaning.
 actually started my day chatting with my old high school friend marcia.  always fun...it is amazing all these friends i've made over the years, even though we don't speak all the time, when we do we always seem to just pick up like no time has passed.
 also spoke to my sister for a bit today...man i was chatty today.  imagine all i could have gotten done if i hadn't chatted with everyone?  oh well, it was fun day socially!

 still have much lingering over me though and it's doubtful i'll get much done before i leave. washer and dryer are supposed to get her super early so maybe i can tackle some painting before i head out for a walk. don't i'll be in perfectionist mode with them. just a fresh coat to make them look less bad.
 she's so much shorter than her mom

 walks right under her without any problem.  she will no doubt grow very quickly.

 she looks especially tiny laying in the grass like she is above.
 she is still over there laying down on the right side.  her mom felt safe enough to walk this far off from her.
 she soon got up and followed her mom back over.
 i guess it was a productive day...hard to tell really.  a lot of the walrus stuff right now is correspondence.  he said that if/when this becomes an official group he will be able to get me all the names and addresses of people who have visited the island, which is public knowledge.  hit them up after we get the web site set up for donations.  of course we'll need a bank account and the web page for that to happen....baby steps.
 she got shy here.
 as scott says, i can't really do any harm or make things worse.  only attempt to make things better for round island. gather people together who like the islands, be a voice that is out there...
 our mission statement... "Walrus Advocates of Round Island Sanctuary" (waris) is  an organization dedicated to protecting and  preserving the wildlife, natural and cultural resources of Round Island.  we aim to become a voice to raise awareness, educate and also provide assistance to the sanctuary through maintenance and enhancement projects".  it's a start anyway.  can't say as i've ever had to write a mission statement.
 sorry to bore with all the WARIS talk, it's in my mind of late.  it was nice to talk with the fish and game guy and be made to feel like this was something that was wanted and needed at their end.

 it wouldn't be a bad thing to be associated with something such as this...hope i can do it justice and actually do what the mission statement says.
 my mouth is sore...hate canker sores and it's been awhile since my mouth was so miserable..i tend to get several of them at once.

well, i hope you aren't worn out from oohing and ahhing over this cute baby!!
thankful for.... 1.  this fun wildlife encounter 2.  positive feedback for this non-profit endeavor.  3.  opportunities, it's great to be in a life that allows us all options.  many other places on this earth are void of many options.  it's easy to forget and not appreciate the many options that freedom affords us.

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