Thursday, May 8, 2014

more Homer

 i'm just out of the tub and back to work tomorrow night so i thought i'd toss a few more in before i head to bed.  lots of moose sightings on the Kenai, love when the moose are down low getting a bite of grass to eat.
 productively unproductive day.  meaning i did get some stuff done, but the dishes are dirty and in the sink still and i could give a crap...oh well...
 Rio debated joining for a walk today i could tell, but in the end she stayed on the couch with her peanut butter.  Blossom and i headed to Kincaid for a loop around Little Campbell Lake.  we didn't rush at all and just took in all the greening of the leaves.
 there was a guy there with a backpack and a big bag.  he was supposedly collecting herbs and such for tea.  who knows...he could have a grow somewhere in the depths of the park for all i know.  he probably was just collecting stuff for tea though. i've seen people often do gathering in the local parks. not sure of the legality of it, but as long as they don't take too much i haven't ever given it much thought.
 well, i do think about brain goes until i drop off at night and then i sleep like a rock...
 was thinking about the gatherers in the parks.  most of the ones i see are first generations immigrants mostly of Asian decent, mostly older.  have to wonder if their gathering skills will be lost in one generations, two?
 otherwise, they had opened the gate leading to the little lake so a few folks were out there with poles and the truck that stocks the fish was there as well when i returned.
 i also got both of those quilts hand stitched for my i just have to tie them and ship them.  finished that while i watched American Idol...i just love the judges this year!!!!!
 now i have those two quilts to make with friends for our friend's kids, she just passed away and i wanted to make some kind of memory quilt for the kids.  i was having trouble getting the pictures from her memory page to cross over to my computer...done now.  now ill have to get a bit more material and plan a quilt gathering to remember Lesley and put the quilts together.

 just some "art" from the neighborhood around my inn.
 i drove out towards the old believers russian village and i would have gone to the end, but i was running low on gas.  one of these days i'll get to the end of the road out there, i'm sure i was close.
 old boats, old cars..always favorites.

 also spent a few minutes on the computer looking at other non-profit mission statements and will try and work out some mission statements for WARIS.  guess you need that when you apply to be a non profit.  a friend recently created a non profit in another state and for a different purpose, but she will no doubt be very helpful in guiding me in this process.
 i'll probably try and look for a few more organizations that are similar to ours and read their statements.
 funny, i had switched it over to black and white for the boats and forgot to take it out of manual.  oh well...always a good change
 they are amazingly good at hiding in the brush.
 kinda cool to get some close shots of this one.  she was in the ditch by the road.  didn't seem to impressed with me at all.

 closer and closer
 a few from the spit.
 the beach is much more sandy so the dogs really love this beach.  Blossom got a good romp in .  rio waded.
 to make a non-profit i must 1. incorporate as a non-profit in AK, 2. get an EIN ( employer id number) and 3.  get a 501c 3 for, wait, then the fun begins...
 work on these tasky things first and then start getting into the meat of the web site.  get a  bank account specifically for WARIS i's all quite a task and a commitment.  i've always been great at avoiding commitment so this is a tough one for me.
 i just have thought for years that Round Island needed a voice and hoped that someone else would step up and raise theirs...but alas i fear that isn't going to happen and destiny is selecting me.
 so strange...these hot flashes...i feel drenched in sweat yet my skin is perfectly dry.  just flushed.
 so i did do a few things but really my to do list seems to remain mostly undone and the house isn't clean and the yard work isn't done...
 a few more eagles on the spit...yes, there are a lot of eagles in Homer

 various nests

 and the church on the hill in Nikiski i think.

better crawl in bed with pad and paper and see what i can do with it...good night...

oh my thankful for's for the day.  1.  that someone attempted to teach me to sew...i'm no seamstress but it is nice to be able to make a few quilts for family and coats for the mastiff.  2.  that a place like round island exists and that i have an opportunity to have a positive impact on a place i love, even if i approach it kicking and screaming 3.  for this blog...i really do enjoy writing it and especially love when i find out people actually are reading it.  thanks to all for stopping by, enjoying pictures, reading...

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