Monday, May 19, 2014

no rain...more blue skies...

 and a wee little baby to finish off my night.  not great shots as i just had my little point and shoot and it was dusk.  i'd left Gails house after quilt night.  i cruised to Kincaid park to watch the sunset, but saw this pair first.  the baby is pretty tiny so no doubt born within a day or two.  so cute!!!!!
 my day started out driving to arctic valley and a plume of smoke soon found the source as this truck.  thankfully, it happened right by the auto repair towing fees.
 it was a lovely cruise up the valley.
 Blossom stopped at all the snowy bits.  some of us never get tired of snow.
 at the top there were quite a few tiny blooms noted.  i got out the macro.  a few not too bad.

 actually, those were with the point and shoot as well.
 thought out selfie turned out pretty sweet.
 slight windy at the top there.  more places i could have hiked but i had things on my to do list to get done.
 hit sears as they were having a sale on washers and dryers and my new ones will be delivered on tuesday.  they don't match, but a dryer is a dryer and i opted to put my money into the washer.  i tacky, but to save $300-$400 bucks is worth tackiness.  so on sale plus an extra 5% off if i used my sears card. i like to use it every so often just to keep it active.  i remember as a young adult learning that a sears card was tougher to get so good to have on your financial record. no idea if that is still true, but i hang on to it and use if on occasion for a bigger item like this.
 Blossom had so much fun up there in the snow!!  got the tennis ball out and let her romp across the soft stuff.
 ran into a friend at the top that i hadn't seen for some time..super nice!!  they hiked on and i got down and looked at flowers, next time i looked up they were near the top of the ridgeline
 this used to be a ski place strictly for the military and i believe it's still military land, but some other people run the ski part.  of course, there is a fee to use it that is not included in your state park fee.  there weren't any envelopes available but the car next to me and i  found old bits of paper and created envelopes of sorts and paid. i'm sure most people just took it as a free day!
 it is funny to pass these signs and i have seen troops doing their things on the road.  today it was the gold nugget crowd.  this is a mini triathalon.  it's pretty popular and attracts women of all shapes and sizes.  i always laugh though as some of the participants are generally out of shape and when they do this nugget race they seem to take completion to mean that they are magically in shape and triathaletes.  this race doesn't make one ready to compete in the iron man.  honestly, the sad thing is that pretty much anyone between 12-50 should be able to do shouldn't be some huge accomplishment.
 for many it's a training run or a fun run or just some inspiration to work towards so that is cool.  i just get annoyed by the people who act like they have just completed an iron man...
 nice sunset out there tonight.
 the arctic valley road must be a turnaround point and they had one lane closed off. unfortunately the race official people were clueless how to manage the one lane and the traffic that was trying to travel in both direcitons. it was chaos.  i'm surprised nobody got hit or in a car crash.  there should have been people stationed at each end of the one land section directing traffic...there was nobody that seemed assigned either time i passed.
 Anchorage from the road up to arctic valley.
 quite a few folks up there hiking. it was warm but there was a cool breeze, which felt great.
 not nearly as dehydrated as i was yesterday.
 guess i shouldn't really bag the golden nugget run/bike/swim too much.  it does get people exercising and all that.
 i always enjoy all the ski lifts for photo's
 way back down this valley is eagle lake and symphony lakes.  i've done this hike below many times before as well.  it's a pretty hike.  that one is out of Eagle river.
 a closer look at the lake back there at the end of the valley.
 cool blooms
 my puppy...Rio stayed home again.  last year was the summer of Rio, she wouldn't let me leave without her. she may do that again when i return from Ketchikan.
 her tail seems to be improving.  she is quite adverse to me messing with it.
 our quilt project is began.  couldn't get as far as we'd hoped cause some dumb ass printed half the pictures last night on the paper side of the fabric instead of on the fabric side.  so i have attempted again to fix the issue.  stupid me!!  i know stupid is a new swear word, never to be uttered again...but i'm referring to myself as stupid so get over it.  i used the word stupid in a general reference, not at anyone in specific, one day at the gym...some lady looked at me with disgust in her eyes and said, "i don't think we need to use that kind of language" like i'd dropped an F bomb, i think it would have been more acceptable had i just dropped an Fbomb.
 i think we had fun just hanging and well, gail did the bulk of the work.  sandra was entertainment and i tried to help with design.  hope the kids like them when we get them done.  i really don't know what else to do....
 little marmot dude or ground squirrel, i always forget which is which on these guys. they are always out and about on this walk.  thankfully, Blossom never saw them, just heard them.
 the boundary of the ski area.
 beautiful day.
 i've been up late each evening.  did chill in the am and read the paper.  much of it in my basket chair so i did get my time in there.
 much more to get done before i leave for Ketchikan.  summers here move fast..i'll turn around and it will be fall already.  i still haven't even changed over my tires. i have studless blizzacks so i'm not breaking the law, just adding wear and tear to my winter tires.
 amazing how fast stuff grows and changes.  i can return to the same place in a week and it will have changed dramatically

 pretty pink flowers
 Tanya is usually my flower identifyer. i'm terrible at it.

 every night i do crash, i'm out within minutes.
 excited to get a new washer and dryer.  i just feel like my dryer is a fire hazard at this point and my washer, well i've had to beat it every load to get it to go into the rinse mode for over a year.

i may scan a few more photo's and see what i have before i crash.  i think i've gotten most  of the photos re printed on the correct fabric side.
thankful for... 1.  other people who have many more gifts and talents than i  and are willing to share them.
2.  subway...without them i'm sure i'd miss more meals.    3.'s always healing.  good night!!

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