Sunday, May 18, 2014

name that bird?

 i'm guessing a northern harrier, which is a hawk..i'm not the best at bird identification.  cool looking bird and always a pleasure to see something different out there.  saw this guy while walking the beach off of Kincaid park.
 i was not the only person on the beach today, though looking at picture below it may look like it.  blossom and i walked quite a ways down the beach and most just stayed in the main area.
 actually it was a super low tide and nearly 80 degrees today so most people seemed to head right out on to the mud flats.  we are always advised not to do that and i am wary of going out there myself. the problem is that the tides are huge and fast so if you don't time it right you could be swept away pretty easily.
 some do crossings over to fire island, i think it's about 2 miles.  the risk is that when you attempt that crossing and someone gets injured or has a medical emergency there is no place for them to wait for rescue. you have to either keep moving or be carried.  that is the danger.  i realize the odds are small of someone doing the crossing and then having a heart attack or stroke out there at that very time....but you have to keep emergencies in mind no matter where you are, especially in Alaska.  help is not always on the way.
 this looks like a rock but look again. it's a fish.  i remember looking it up once but i have long since forgotten the name of the fish.  bottom dweller from the looks of it.  dead i'm guessing.  i think the name starts with an s.
 kept Rio at home today, which i'm happy i did.  just too hot out there for her.  actually too hot for me.  i was planning on hitting gym but felt like crap, dehydrated, headache coming on.  i took a nap instead and then chilled out on the deck reading.  a bit of sun effects...used to get that as a kid sometimes when we'd be outside at the beach all day
 both cats were looking outside as i was sitting in the chair...later i curled up with Rio on the couch for a  short nap...
 a few from a bog walk the other day...these little guys were cruising on top of the water. always fascinating.  like their reflection on the pond.

 lots of magpies out there, but i find they tend to take off every time i try to get a picture of them...this guy was chilling though, love the blue when the sun hits them.
 they get a lot of guff, but they are pretty cool birds.
 stuff growing, everything happens so fast up here.  it has to as growing season is so short.

 a few moose spotted by the trail on the way down to the beach today...not unusual in Kincaid park.  loads of folks out there enjoying the day.
 no clouds out there when last i checked but there are reports of it raining tomorrow. everyone is hoping it does it seems.  we need it badly and those with allergies are really hoping it rains, the dust and pollen are killing them.
 i'm still trying to catch up on my water intake.
 really need to summerize my day pack better.  thankfully i had loaded a water bottle for blossom so we shared that...not like comes with a "bowl" attached for the dogs so i would just unscrew the thing and take a sip.
 it wasn't enough though.  there was a light breeze on the way back to the main trails off the beach, but not much.  it can get super windy at the beach here, but not today.
 sleeping lady or mount susitna in the background.
 blossom was pretty excited to get some beach time, though i think she was bummed that the water was nowhere was out!!  totally out today.
 she found whatever puddle she could to cool off in.

 this is a sandy, rocky beach but at the line of tide it switches over to mud.  blossom is in the mud.  all the kids out there were covered with mud.  folks  out there in bikini's with mud decorations painted will not be able to avoid getting the mud on you so you may as well enjoy it.
 lots of families out there.  some guy actually had built a small fire on the beach...people often do, but with it being so hot out there that seemed a miserable idea.  a few dragged down full on coolers packed with lunches. it's a bit of a hike down to the beach.
 i spent a good part of my evening printing pictures out on the fabric for those quilts we are going to put together.  plan is for tomorrow night to get together and start working on those.  printed quite a few and we can figure out tomorrow night how to add those in and divide them between the two girls quilts.
 wonder if the mud has properties that are good for your skin...?
 flowers blooming early.
 another shot of the hawk overhead.
 a few butterflies.
 beautiful scenery.  i walked out to this grassy area.  i think if i hadn't been hot and hungry and thirsty i would have ventured even further to turn around when i did.  the people had thinned out and i didn't want to run into a bear out there.  animals often use the beaches and coastal area's to avoid the more populated area's of Anchorage.
 did see that dead fish and a dead porcupine as well.  who knows what else would be out there that a bear might find edible.  i'm sure i put in a good 5-6 miles today though.
 the hill coming back up to the park seemed especially steep today due to the heat.
 a few black and whites.

 you can see how many people were super far out there playing in the water.

 this large area before the beach is usually a big pond, i've never seen it this low of water before.
 lupine as i drove into the park...was really surprised to see it so early.
 these next group are from the other day with the wide angle out at campbell airstrip.
 i was having a wide angle day. i get in moods and play with this lens or that lens. keeps it interesting.
 i only have 3 more shifts before we head to Ketchikan. i will need to pack a bit and get ready. aack!  trips always come up so fast.  i really should make a to do list.  was hoping to get a new washer and dryer before i left but i'll just have to give Val directions for my nearly caput machines.
 hoping all goes well with the critters while i'm out of town.  i'm always anxious to leave them behind. i'm pretty attached to these guys.
 took a stroll by the creeks edge.
 all these amazing and huge trees over on that end. soon it will be way to overgrown to attempt to walk in these parts.
 photography is so great here as you can go to the same places over and over and always see something different and new.

 look at these massive trees.
 here it is two am again and i'm still up.  got some stuff done though despite my nap.  i'm sure that is why i'm so perky still at 2 am though. hungry too...may have to eat a few lorna doones before i crash for the night.

 a few last ones with the wide angle lens out in Kincaid. this tree below is my favorite Kincaid park tree. it's just so dang pretty.  i have taken so many photo's of it over the years and in different seasons.
 beach shots.

well, that is enough pictures for the day i'd guess.  no idea where i'll walk tomorrow, it will really depend on weather.  grateful for...1.  amazing trees like the one above.  they always make me smile 2.  cool breezes on a hot day 3.  the decent health i've been blessed with. i have some aches and pains as i get older, but it's so wonderful to be able to get out and walk every day.

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  1. Oh Blossom. I am happy Emmitt isn't quite the mud dog she is. As for the hawk, I think you have it with the Harrier or possibly a Swainson's but hawks are hard to identify. So much variation in a single species in colorations.