Monday, September 22, 2014

a little of this, a little of that....

 loved this picture from the second i took it...simple beauty is the best, don't you think?  i love that quote...practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.  there is beauty everywhere if you just take a moment to look around.
 this is the hike i didn't do above and below is the hike i did do. i stayed below in this area rich with rocks and lichen.  such a cool area.
 my girl looks great in lichen.
 feeling like running to the vein surgeon is not necessary today.  i woke up sometime between 6-7 am today with a sudden nausea and need to puke.  i suspect the reason i felt so tired and heavy yesterday was that my body had already begun a battle with a virus.  got my flu shot and despite what they say...i do seem to get sick every time i get the dang thing.  i think it does help prevent those most horrific cold bugs that i have gotten in the past and get less of now.
 i was laid up this morning though.  whenever i attempted to sit up the nausea and vomit just kicked back in.  i puked repeatedly off and on until after about 1pm.  i rested between for a short bit but then was back hugging the toilet or the bowl i brought to my room...the toilet was too far.
 bile and dry heaves...i hate puking!!  at one point i did see a smiley face in my bile as it swirled around the toilet...
 the poor dogs were quite confused.  after i thought i had puked it out i figured i'd better try and feed the pups and let them out.  the dog food smell just sent me right back to the bowl.  in between heaves i grabbed their bowls from the counter and set them down for the dogs.
 sucked because it was a pretty day and i really wanted to get out.
 around 2 i was nauseated and hungry...i slowly attempted a few sips of sprite and then a bit later some crackers. by 3 i mustered myself up to a cup of jello and even got out to the petsmart and grocery for some supplies.
 the puking had ended. felt somewhat queasy and tired all evening but thankfully i was able to chill and watch some of my new big bang shows.
 silt with ice right below the surface
 a few more from the glacier last week.
 Rio was happy to wade into the glacier run off.
 the silt was a bit thick, feared she'd get sucked in.
 this evening i rested and attempted to accomplish a few things between resting.  the sun was setting and it looked pretty. i attempted to get to the trailhead near my home that i tend to go to when i want to catch a sunset.  when i pulled into the parking lot a few moose were happily browsing away.  i couldn't disturb them so no sunset really.  i was too late anyway.
 love that plant life is already coming up through the muck...thank you birds, wind and small critters not doubt.
 i went up basher road to see if i could see any leftover sunset tonight and instead got sucked into more moose activity. first there was a big male right by the road.  he wasn't happy with me trying to pass him and i feared he may try to take out the car.  eventually he booked behind my car.  i looped up for the view and then on my way down i saw that the big bull was pursuing a female moose...Sex and the city for sure!! it's that time of year...the rut!! soon i saw her two young calves. she wanted nothing to do with this male but he wasn't backing off.  i watched for a bit then headed back down the hill to home.
 the bridge out of the glacier area..
 and from the glacier viewpoint.
 so not my best day.  did i say how much i hate puking?  i'm drinking some gatorade trying to re-hydrate.  hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  of course, it will also probably be raining.  oh well...that is how life goes.  when you are sick, you are sick.
 lay about tonight watching "the help" on tv.  always love that movie.  power to the people!!  always amazed how badly people will treat other people when they feel they have societies ok to be nasty.  thankfully, there are always the good guys, the brave and courageous sorts who are willing to do what is right no matter the risk.
 printing out a bunch of letters to get in the mail.  that was my WARIS task for last night and today.  now clean house, get some bumper stickers ready to mail off and climb back in bed.
 these are just more from local hikes.  always love the red carpet of the forest.
 splendid and royal
 this is in the bog i believe.
 these are the stickers!!  can't believe how small they look...that is 500 stickers!!
 off to the dog park.

 and more pretty.  each leave gets a chance to go out in a flame of brilliance all it's own.
 it's an awesome display

 stripes and spots.
 University Lake...
 of course, Blossom seems to be oblivious to the beauty...animals may laugh but do they experience awe?
 these are at Cheney Lake.  the light was amazing so i decided Blossom needed an extra walk that day.
 awesome sauce!!
 that is what i'm talking about...
 and check out the color on that water.  sparkling!
 my day was not filled with enlightenment or powerful messages, but i did get through it anyway.
 these pictures brightened up my day. enjoyed going through them as i hadn't yet checked them out on the computer.
 i feel quite blessed to live in such an amazingly beautiful place and to be able to get out and enjoy the sights and be able to share this beauty with all who want to see.
 these are still at Cheney Lake.
 Blossom enjoyed the slow walk around while i stopped and snapped pictures.  i think i just had the little camera with me this day.  didn't do too badly though.
 one need not have the most expensive camera equipment to capture beauty in is there for the taking.
 more leaves expressing themselves.

 talk about going out with a bang!!
 even the ferns find a way to express themselves.
thankful fors...A.  that the vomiting stopped and that GI bugs tend to be short lived B.  that even if i can't get out of bed, the beauty is right outside my windows to be enjoyed C.  that i can watch the moose action so near my home..

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