Sunday, September 7, 2014

rainbows and moose...

 rainy morning, slept in.  still in Anchorage.  that is how it goes some days.  my day ended with this beautiful rainbow though so i'm not too disappointed.  will get more packed up tonight and ready to go so that i can hit the road a bit sooner and get further.  not sure where i'll end up still.  probably in a campground headed across Denali Highway.  best to face your fears sometimes.  the odds are slim that i will wake up a second year in a row with a grizzly bear at my window.  may not camp in the same campground though . ;-)
 eventually i got moving and also the sun came out.  turned out to be quite lovely.
 mailed a package for WARIS to HA of the Bristol Bay Native Association.  she'd said if i sent something about WARIS, she would present it at their walrus commission meeting. i sent a letter along with a handful of pamphlets and business cards.  we shall see.  since i was at the airport post office, i went moose spotting. always a fun thing to do. had good luck...saw these two and a mama and baby combo.
 enjoyed the views of the chucagh and the inlet from there as well.  plenty to be had.
 always enjoy watching those big jets take off.
 took Blossom and Rio and did the big loop that we do all winter for the Monday walk. no signs of bear activity.  we seemed to be going at a snails pace, thanks to Miss Rio, but there was no need to rush anyway.
 thinking i need to get this letter ready to mail off to Marine Biology program directors across the nation..see if we can drum up any interest in some sort of intern program.  if i do my part perhaps i can force DVL to come part way...since he did  say he was "working with a newly forming friends group".  want to use that comment to my advantage.
 this is the moose spotting road.
 did do some yoga last night.  my Rodney Yee dvd turns out to be over an hour long though so i didn't come near completing it.  i did better than i thought i would though i will admit to having some pretty appalling balance issues.  grace and balance were never my strengths.
 had a nice chat with my sister this evening.  we spoke of just living the way you feel and not worrying about the number of years on your ticker.
 also mentioned what i found to be an inspiring quote.  Steven Sotloff was recently executed by beheading by ISIS.  during his captivity he apparently was able to sneak out a few letters to his family.  in one he said, "Everyone has two lives, the second one begins when you realize you only have one".  i'm sure these letters will be held dear by his family.  so awful to think of someone you love being taken in such a cold and heartless way.
 more moose...they are just so dang cute!!
 can't recall how it came up but my sister mentioned that my older brother and i should be on a talk show together...we were soon laughing quite hard as this particular brother tends to do all the talking...being on a talk show with him...hahahaha.
 anyway, once i get that letter written i think we should have a little gathering/meeting to stuff envelopes and address them.  we can also do a bit of tie dye.  speedy got us shirts made so she thought we could jazz them up with a bit of tie dye!!  everything is better when it's fun i think!!
 so in a few weeks, we shall take on this task.  not sure what else we can do, but for the moment i feel like this is a solid lead.  it will at least save money...if we get any.  seems foolish to not utilize the sanctuary in some educational way.
 Mommy and cute.
 should send a note to this governor case they are placed in power...want them to know that this island and sanctuary are important..would they be supportive?
 long neck moose...doing a giraffe impersonation.
 on to Potters Marsh.  no swans seen.  it's that time of year though, good to check.
 nice light though and some beautiful reflections.
 Blue Whale numbers are looking good news
 in the bad news though a teacher in Kiana has been arrested on abuse charges.  i think his charges are from life in a previous state.  people often come to Alaska to escape...i think with the internet and all that escaping is less likely to be successful.  life follows you more these days than it ever did before.
 saw pics on facebook that show Denali Highway looks to be at peak of fall colours...makes it that much easier to try and head there.  should head up from this side.  load up on gas and then head across.  don't think there is any gas in paxson anymore.  may need to take some fuel with me this trip. will look at the old milepost and see if there are other options out there.
 loved this upside down shot.  not really upside down...just a cool reflection.
 i grabbed a subway sandwich and enjoyed it while enjoying the potter marsh views.
 some pretty leaves from my walk at U-Lake with Tanya.

 so pretty...
 Blossom had a lovely day of ball chasing and sniffing.   such a happy dog.  Rio was her usual good sport and kept plodding along after us.  no moose, no bears, not even any frogs seen.  could hear a wood pecker in the distance.  those things really bang on those trees.
 that has got to hurt.
 the fair should be almost over.  it's not a thing i do every year...too crowded.  too many other things to do.  do enjoy hearing about the winners of the big veggie contests. not sure what size the winning pumpkin was but the cabbage was 117.95 pounds!!  that is a lot of cabbage. often these veggies end up at the conservation center for the bears and other animals to munch on.
 funny, reading an old letter to the editor where a guy says that Walker-Mallott should join forces...they must have listened to him.  haha.
 last night was fresh sheet night.  i always love fresh sheets.  you can tell winter/fall is coming and the temperatures are dropping as i added a blanket to the bed.  in the summers the down comforter is plenty.  it's time to warm up.  need to begin that process of prepping for winter.
 everything seems to slow down in winter.  it's the season of solitude.  for a introvert it is a great time of year.
 didn't see any swans today but have seen the canadian geese beginning to gather a bit more.  won't be long until birds are headed back south.
 brilliant color on these leaves.  hope to see some pretty stuff out there tomorrow. hope the weather isn't too bad.  the pass is hopefully free of snow. if i can't make it through then i turn around and am home again late night i guess...

 so i got pretty lucky out there rain.  it was muddy in a few spots but not bad at all.
 these ones look like flowers.
 fall happens so fast....i try to look at all the different individual leaves.
 just me and my dogs and the camera's.  it's a happy place for me.
 nature has always been a meditative place for me.  how can this beauty not bring peace to your soul.  always amazed at how some live in these beautiful places and seem to never see the beauty around them.

 the grass got a bit thick and tall in a few spots...can you see the doodle in the grass?  she's in there.  wasn't too nervous about bears, though this would be a good place for a surprise.  i did try and make a bit of noise out there.
 Blossom is a bit easier to see here.  this is the trail...a pond always forms in this one area.
 a few more...the plane taking off against the backdrop of the Chugach Range.
 a few more of the double rainbow.
 i looked outside and saw the light and thought..."this seems like rainbow light" and there it was.
will attempt to get to bed at a reasonable hour.  also want to get Rio out for one last bathroom break.  don't want to delay my roadie tomorrow due to having to clean up more dog urine.  not a good way to start a day...better than staring down a grizz but still not good.
thankful for:  1. happenstance, life doesn't always follow a plan but if you follow life, happiness will follow. 2.  how nature changes and evolves for each season.  3.  a peaceful existence.  i am safe.  there may be a bear or two or mosquito irritation from time to time, but life in the US and in Alaska is quite peaceful...the drama we live with is generally only the drama we create.

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