Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miss Breezy Chatterbug enters "the Big Bang"

 these cracked me up. i really should watch Mondays show again because I missed lots laughing at this silly cat.  she was just sitting there. she's getting a bit wide i must say. i'm sure my vet will let me have it next check up.  only Rio is perfect...i think my vet loves Rio.
 woke to a strange and frustrating dream this morning.  when i recall dreams they are always freak shows.  this is my second keyboard/work related dream.
 somehow the keyboards at work had all  been turned into fungi gardens.  i seemed to be the only nurse having issues with it.  was having a hell of a time getting into the pyxis to get my patient his dopamine.  tried to call the charge nurse for help but the phone key pad was also all screwy. it was like a little game with all these little birds chirping and you had to hit on the right chirping birds to make it dial.
 so needless to say i awoke stressed out.  haha.
 in bed late as my friend, who had kindly let me know about the northern lights being out had locked herself out on her's 3 stories up so i'm happy she didn't attempt to climb out of that situations..i know, tough with crutches.  it was cold out...thankfully she had her big down coat quick trip over to rescue her...this photography bug of hers is dangerous to her health!!  she did get lovely northern lights pictures which i quite enjoyed on facebook tonight.
 she knew she was going to end up in the blog for that little slip up...! haha.  welcome to the blog.  :-)
 these are from the little camera on the way up to hidden lakes.  before the vomit.  today i took a late drive out to hatchers.  just walked a bit of gold mint with both dogs.  if rio goes i only go that far.  it's actually been awhile since i've gone further back...really pretty back there.
 legs noted to feel i'm back to the original thinking that my vein situation should be looked into.  of course, the paranoid nurse in me gives me cardiomyopathy or some other disease process.  i'm not a pessimist but i can be paranoid at times, when it comes to my own health.
 Blossom enjoyed our relaxing time up there with all the rocks and lichen.
 pleasant email exchange with a walrus biologist that K and K met out at the lecture.  a suggestion, a email with the boys at fish and game and another wall i will continue on my other paths
 my package was received by BBNA.  not much said...when she wrote me back she called us walrus advocates of qassasiq.(round island) i totally screwed up that spelling but the natives have their own word for round island and i'm thinking they would prefer our group represent that...may just have to send her a bumper sticker and suggest that next time i make them i make some with the native name for round island on it just for them.  i think we could do that...
 also sat down for a bit and started a rewrite of the commentary piece i'd like to write.  want it to be different than the ones previously written...
 asked this new contact for his thoughts on biologists and the studies that go on out there.
 so some work today.  not sure if i can get the discount at post office yet or not.  kinda want to check that out before i zip over there with 200 envelopes.
 the fireweed is at various levels of fall colors
 a view of Anchorage...apparently we will be the place to be with all the global warming in the least that was the latest report.
 a little sunset rainbow action from the house.
 love when the clouds get all lit up
 miss breezy with her pup...a much happier kitty
 headed to portage/girdwood
 drives around here are always pretty
 as if hiking with bears and moose in rut wasn't scary enough..haha.
 should at least get these bumper stickers mailed out tomorrow.  that should be easy enough, then i can ask about the other stuff.  depends on who you get and what mood they are in.
 heard a fired UPS guy shot two of his ex-coworkers and then himself.  always sad when people lose it and then feel the need to take others with them.
 another beheading by ISIS. a French tourist. he'd just arrived in the area and was taken quickly.  poor guy, did absolutely nothing to these people, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  was listening to part of a talk yesterday on NPR regarding the middle east...the gist i got was that there really isn't any solutions.  very sad for the next generations in the entire middle east.  the people in charge now are nuts.   female children will be in far worse shapes than their mothers were even a generation before.  strict restrictions, minimal to no education....
 on the plus side it sounds like some young Muslims in other nations are going to social media to pronounce that this isn't their religion.  their religion is being taken from them and corrupted.
 pretty day out there at the ski resort, today at hatchers there was nary a cloud.
 had been thinking of getting a new point and shoot.  my first digital had been one of those upgraded powershots and i'd been thinking of replacing it.  i'd given that one away this summer. the new ones are lighter and have more features.  it arrived today.  it was like christmas as they sent all sorts of goodies along with the camera.  sweet! i'd priced them at other places and had debated on the nikon similar..but i'm happy i stuck with canon as the rechargable battery is the same as my littler powershot elph's so that will be nice.  not only did it come with one battery, they sent a spare...
 they also sent a memory card, cleaner stuff, a little tripod...there was the box with all the usual stuff and then all these other treats...all for cheaper than the prices i'd found at the local stores....thank you amazon!
 elk with another rainbow
 it was like Miss Breezy was acting out the scenes...a little rocky horror copy cat.
 out at campbell airstrip.
 the Barrow community has taken their second bowhead whale of the season.  picture of the kids using the whale as a slide.  that meat gets passed around the community, i really don't think anything gets wasted.  was reading that the folks in the old folks home in the native villages are included as well.  they are happy to be able to eat the food they were raised on rather than the usual hospital fare.
 an old mobile home park was leveled years ago and still awaits transformation. it had approval by the city council to be turned back into a green space but our idiot mayor vetoed it.  the only green he wants is in his pockets and in the pockets of his friends. lots of stores in that area...a green space would be good to break it up.
 i'm sure when all the people move north from the lower 48 due to the issues of global warming all of our green spaces will  be chopped down.  i'm not certain the human population will make the changes needed to reverse the effects...will enjoy them while we can and fight for the land and the animals that inhabit the lands.
 was reading about parking year we should get a spot for WARIS and set it up. the idea is to take a parking spot and turn it into a green space.  the event is fun but it was also to point out the need and the benefits of park space and open spaces in cities.
 DVL was again getting blasted in another commentary in the paper this week. this time it was about predator control methods.  i'm not opposed to hunting as long as good ethics are involved and the meat is utilized.  the animals deserve a fair chance.  that is why they call it hunting and not just shooting.  he really seems to show up in the local papers a fair amount.  why would anyone want these jobs?  not sure what all this pressure will do in the end...
 hope my friend returns quickly and safely from her trip to Turkey.  i would think anyone who doesn't need to be in that entire area should just stay clear.  what a mess.
 these are in hatchers pass area.
 the colors looks so pretty with the river there.
 i think the dogs had a nice walk.  Rio is snoring away peacefully.
 Blossom got some tennis ball and swimming time in so she was happy. i'll have to do some checks on the lights situation outside.  not that you can expect any fabulous norther lights pics from me.  mostly i enjoy watching them.  occasionally i'll attempt a shot, but it's really not my talent...night photography...i do enjoy others pictures of them though.

 liked the 90 degree angle of this tree limb...wonder what makes a tree do that?

 and Rio after stopping for a drink.
well, i think i shall retire soon...thankful fors today... A.  that the dye seems to be leaving my hand faster rather than slower B.  for a new walrus contact...never a bad thing C.  that despite the hell that seems to be going on in many parts of the globe, i live in peace and get to enjoy walks in nature and the lights from the aurora instead of bombings.

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