Tuesday, September 9, 2014

back from roadtrip, still got lots of pics to look at...

 so these will be catch ups.
 ended up leaving Sunday morning at a decent time.  decided to head up to Cantwell and do the Denali Highway starting from that end.  seems like i usually start at Paxson.
 so it did seem strange to be starting at this end.  it worked out great to start here and then camp out part way through. forgot how long it took to get to the Cantwell side entrance.  besides, the big mountain was out so i stopped a few times to gawk.
 loads of happy tourists. one happy local as well.  always nice to drive on a sunny day with the mountain out.  Blossom, Rio and I stopped at the South Viewpoint which has a short walk.  i try to stop frequently for the dogs. This morning Rio was pretty stiff after battling me for space through the night i think.
 overall i slept pretty decent for sleeping in a car with two dogs.  occasionally i woke up feeling a bit chilled and then a few other times i woke up because i felt too hot. i occasionally opened the sunroof for some fresh air, but shut it before i went to sleep.  was kinda hoping for some norther light action, but the clouds rolled in, and it was a full moon.
 the sunset was pretty from where i had the car parked.  i stopped before MacClaren.  in the morning i walked the road with the dog before heading on up to MacClaren Summit.  we then did a walk up there. Rio wasn't too keen on a long walk, bummer.  when we got back to the car i noticed all the trash the Hunters had all left behind.  doesn't give hunters a good name to leave all that garbage out there..whoever had been there left not just regular garbage but also there were chicken pieces laying around the trailhead parking area.  that is a nice thing to have at a trailhead...bet the bears love hunting season.
 did see some caribou...not just racks on the roofs of cars.  saw some live ones.  wished them well.
 these are from last weeks snowy trek to Denali National Park.
 my knee did much better post massage and i think the aleve helped too.  of course, i didn't help myself out too much this morning when i tripped and landed on my butt.  no harm and nobody out there to see what i did.
 not much actual WARIS stuff done these past few days, but i never seem to stop thinking.  it's time to start planning an event.  where to have it?  what date?  guess those are the first questions to ask.  also who will  be available to talk?  so that needs to be on this weeks agenda, plus i need to get that letter finished for marine bio program directors at various universities.  it's a shot.  also think we should shoot a letter or two off to this guy running for governor.  even though he's conservative he's hoping to get some liberal type folks to vote for him...he's going to need to bend a bit for that...bending on behalf of walrus could help.  can't hurt right?  did get that package mailed off so i haven't been totally useless.
 the rest are just from various hikes around town.
 bits of fall colors showing up more and more.
 so pretty.
 i got some lovely colors this weekend.  the colors are really out too between Glennallen and Sutton.
 i had some wiggle room in my trip schedule so i stopped by the Matanuska Glacier.  the last time i went there was on my way up from Ketchikan.  my friend Carla had come on that trip.  sept 11 happened on that trip.  we stopped at the glacier.  i think she was reading in our Milepost...that thing is pretty dang accurate.
 didn't want to leave the dogs behind in the car too long and didn't want to take them up on the ice so i didn't linger too long up there.  after i got back i grabbed the dogs and took this old road down to the front of the glacier..
 now i'm wondering if that was the old trail to where the glacier may have been several years back.  not sure how fast that one is receeding.  wonder how much land with the glacier those people own?  will it eventually receed back to far and they will be out of business?
 i'll probably turn in tonight and look at pictures more tomorrow.
 i am back to work tues-wed-thurs next two weeks.  i think i had altered this week in hopes of getting road lottery and then forgot to apply.  oh well. i did my own little road lottery.
 so many things i didn't get to again this summer...boo hoo.  hate to keep putting stuff off, there is just so much to do and see in this amazing state.
 can't see it all, but we all want to try anyway.
 Blossom took a swim today in glacier water...much cleaner.  well pretty silty and muddy i guess, but it's less stinky.
 Rio even took a wade out there today.
 lots of mushrooms biting it and melting back into the forest floor.  so sad...bye shrooms!!
 sorry, not much substance today.  driving is tiring.  i'm about ready to crash.
 loaded up on some water as i always seem to dehydrate myself out on these road trips.
 listened to a lot of music and sang my heart out.  thankfully, the dogs do not know if my singing is bad or good.

 started to rain as i got near Anchorage.  quick unload of car and then a few loads of laundry.  still working on that.  from the car right to the washer.
grateful fors....1..safe travels this trip.2. that i am able to get out there and enjoy the beauty of this state, i may not hit them all but the ones i do hit always impress 3. no flats no bears...always something to be grateful for.  good night.

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