Monday, June 8, 2015

a healing dog and the end of the Homer shots..

 now i must need to get out and take more fun pictures.  i'm sure you are bored with dog shots.  Rio shows off her newly re-painted e-collar.  she isn't needing to wear it though but we were ready and she looks so dang cute.  yes, i have no life...proven by my painting the e-collar.  but she looks so cute...i repeat!!
 she seems to have regained her appetite and today she insisted on joining us for a walk despite the rain.  would have thought that would have stopped her but nope...she was not going to be left behind.  so we did a 41 min mile with Rio.  on the plus side i have gotten my 10,000 steps for Sunday so the week is looking up already.
 breakfast in bed...her last breakfast in bed.  she is doing remarkably well.  she is one tough dog.  again thanks for all the support!! a few friends came by and chilled with the furs while i was at least for the first part of the shift.  i think i needed them there more than Rio did but i really appreciated that friends were here.  very stressful leaving her for so many hours. worked the ER so they kept me pretty busy.  helps to  not have time to ruminate.
 some walrus shots..i may have posted the above shot.  below is one sad looking walrus..i didn't take the one below but thought it looked pretty painful.  it can be a rough world out there
 tonight the purple and pink hues were pretty cool at sunset.
 a zillion flies.  i'd go nuts.  no way i'd be sleeping through all of those bugs on me.
 the rest are Homer.
 headed to Worzonoff tonight for the sunset.  was kind of feeling a bit of the cabin fever.  totally jealous of all the fun facebook photo's of people doing outside, summer things.  so i snuck out with Blossom and she got to chase her ball and run in the surf out there.
 not as good as Homer beaches but she still seemed to enjoy her 1:1 time...the return of the princess.
 this was a mama and two baby moose that i spotted as i drove the east end road.  they were a ways off so not the greatest pics but always fun to see the babies.
 it is late and i am tired.  woke early to put in my schedule then back to bed. hope i didn't dream putting in my schedule. in some ways the self scheduling is a bother.  9 am is a tough time after a night shift.  was thinking i'd stay awake but i was super tired. i woke up around  11 am i think and already some days were down to 2 needed only.
 the summer will be over before you know it.  crazy.  the flowers are blooming all over the place.  so pretty.
 everything just happens so fast and then it's done.
 did get some tasky stuff done today.  i'd laid blankets all over to protect the carpet and floors so i braved pulling those up and so lots of wash today
 just some general scenes from east end road.
 there are remnant quonset huts all over Alaska..leftover from military.
 liked this white horse out there.  while i did laundry and dishes and such i also watched Blindside..always enjoy that one.
 the spit...the prominent feature in Homer.
 more moose action.
 and some more boats from the spit and around Homer
 it's good to have Rio showing signs of improvement.  have rested better the past few days. debating getting her a late night snack.  may just see if she wants a bit of that yogurt.  not sure she loves it but it is probably good for her digestive tract.
 a few baldies on the beach. did hit the baldies this trek like i have other treks.
 they were all off minding their nests i guess.
 another fresh sheet night since i was in a wash those fresh sheets.  may read for a bit but i suspect i won't get too many pages in before i drop off.  no trouble sleeping for me.
 need to make a few phone calls and get that stuff out of the way.  always this long to do list.  not sure why i'm so good at delaying things, even things that i am excited about.  you would think i would be all over it.

 like the old speed boat looking one below.

 not sure how it is that old boats get left behind..they seem to collect in groups in places and never get moved.  when you buy a house and there is an old boat there, guess it just stays were it is.
 bunch of old floats.

 lupine...not as exciting in black and white.  oh well.
 the spit from the i'm leaving town side.
 stopped for this walk down to that ridgeline beach.  the fog was settling in as i arrived.  made for some cool scenery i thought though.
 fog can be pretty.
 Redoubt on the drive north.
 swans near Portage.
 one last old relic...a car this time.
thankful for: 1.  little escape with Blossom, we both needed it i think 2.  slowest walk, but that dog is a tough girl 3.  pretty sunsets

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