Saturday, June 6, 2015

we are both starting to feel better...

 hoping some rest will do us both good tonight.  Rio is deciding where to settle for a bit right now.  just checked on her and she has arrived upstairs...and so has Blossom
 these are just some shots from the web cam today.  like to share the Round Island haps when i can.
 the sunset looked really pretty.  guess the waves were a bit much this morning so the visitors were left for another day..looks like it turned sunny and beautiful so a great day to stay extra.  i would have preferred to stay over another night rather than be on the high seas that we had returning.  it's always a risk out there.
 just like the bumps on the that more people are falling in love with Walrus through the web camera's..the more the merrier.  the more who will be willing to fight to save this place and protect it.
 the camera and the sound are just amazing.
 i hadn't realized how very tired i have become this week until i got out of the house to go get some fluids for Rio.  figured i better have them just in case she needs some sq fluids.  then i got gas and hit the grocers for more beef for Rio.
 my first venture out of the house was to walk Blossom.  we just went up the street and back.  i left Rio with a bone filled with peanut butter.  it was the first time she acted excited about eating.
 i was able to get some beef down her or beef/salmon combo at 4 am last night.  at that point i opted to leave her on the couch where we'd both been snuggled up but i know only one of us was really sleeping...i headed up to bed and set the alarm for 3 hours later to check on her and offer her more food.
 when i woke up she had made her way up the stairs.  she's been eating better and better every 4 hours and seems interested in drinking water....hopefully i won't have to give her any sub q fluids now.
 there has been continued worry that she will have ventricular rhythms...i've auscultated her but it seems pretty regular so far.  she just seems to do best here at home.  so much less stressful for her so i'm hoping she just continues to improve.  activity does wear her out and she sleeps a lot...but this is Rio, she's always loved her sleep time anyway.
 walking is improved. still weak but every day a bit better.  fingers crossed.
 here she is enjoying her peanut butter.
 sandhill crane from Homer.  the rest are really birds..crane, a cute song bird and an eagle on the spit battling a raven (or is it a crow) for the remains of a gull.  pretty funny to watch.
 read some, repainted the old dog cone for when i go to work and leave her.  she hasn't shown any interest in her incision...feel like i may want to put it one when i work??  we shall see.  if anyone is interested in staying here with her or checking in on her, let me know.
 part of the day was raining.  thankfully, every time i headed outside with Rio it was not raining.
 this little bird was just so dang cute...singing away.
 i do enjoy birds and flowers...not always the best at identifying either though.
 can't believe solstice is fast approaching.
 Blossom is needy right now.  tough for her to not get as much attention.
 you get what you can find to eat often in the big wild world.  survival of the fittest.  the gull wasn't the fittest on this day...
 the baldie had to keep taking it's prize away lest it be stolen from him.
 often amazed at how often the smaller birds are feisty with the big birds and actually win.
 the crow didn't get this prize in the end, this day, but other days.  you never know
 guess it's always worth the try.
 i won't bore you with too many words as i'm just so dang sleepy.  Rio does seem to feel better so that is a relief.  hope she gets her strength back along with her appetite.  i just fed her some more meat before encouraging her to join us upstairs.  she should be snoring soon.

 you can see the raven battling it out with this much larger bird.
 everyone has been very supportive and it does help. we do need each other. i am one to try and not need anyone...but it's good to let people help you sometimes and not try to do everything alone.  it's a hard lesson in life sometimes...letting people helping you.  especially when you are independent and stubborn.  it's good to let people in though.  they are pretty cool when you do.
 but don't let the raven steal you food...cause they will!!
grateful for 1: Rio seeming to get her appetite back 2: being able to sleep in my own bed tonight 3: leaving the house

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