Wednesday, June 3, 2015

i should be sleeping...

 the blog always clears my head and then i sleep better so here i go, right.  as you can see this is Rio recovering from surgery.  i had worried that she was getting a gastric torsion or bloat yesterday.  always think the worst and hope for the best.  it was though, looks like it wasn't complete or it had partially rotated back or she passed enough gas and stool to prevent the worst of the complications that can happen.  not sure...
 it's been a long day though.  first and third were right after surgery as she was waking up and before she was extubated.  the middle one was after my crew and i had delivered Rio to the Emergency Animal Hospital for overnight observation in their ICU.  tomorrow i'll need to transport her back to my regular vet for observation and then home.  hopefully home fairly early.
 she woke me at 3:30 in the morning with some foul diarrhea.  i got her outside but then i found her stumbling about and then she fell down...she was cold and the wee hours..thankfully this time of year "night" is a term used loosely.  it wasn't all that dark. i could see the piles of diarrhea and avoid them
 i was able to get her up again and back on the deck on a dog bed.  i heated blankets in the dryer and got her settled while i woke up enough to figure out what i needed to do and do a little clean up.  she was snoring and peaceful when i returned so i lay down on the couch where i could watch her.  i woke to the sound of rain...yikes!!  so i got her inside and settled again.  she drank some water without issues but was just so tired.
 these are from Homer...a nice and obliging sand hill crane...thought it had cute legs.
 called and made a vet appointment for later really still thinking torsion was not as likely as her usual colitis crap.  xray though showed a bit of a torsion.  lots of calls/texts later.  thankfully i have a few vet friends down south.  great to be able to get some other opinions fast.  she is nearly 11 years old and for her size..that is pretty old.  do you put the dog through this or not?
 basically, nobody would think worse of me which ever way i chose to go.  in the end after some painful and tearful moments i decided to let them do the surgery.  understanding that if things looked bad in there they would close her up and i'd just say goodbye.
 she made it through surgery, her labs looked great, her organs looked great.  so far so good.  she was cold but they are warming her up at the vets.  hopefully she has a good night. i'll call before i turn in and make sure things are going okay.
 figured if i lost her she would have had this great weekend in Homer to go out on.
 these dang dogs really do hold your heart.  i went to see her before her surgery and as soon as she heard my voice she lifted her head and tried to get to me.  even sedated.  she did the same when she was laying on the xray table earlier.  she's been a bit of a nut case of a dog...but i'm obviously a bit of a nut case of a human too so we get along well and i think understand each other.
 i took a drive out the east end road on Saturday.  have wanted to drive it a bit further than i had  saw a mama moose and two babies.
 there were signs for a trail so we took a bit of a stroll.  it was pretty hot out so didn't go far or fast.
 loading the dogs up with water after their walk.
 my big love bug.
 looking pretty good here.
 hopefully,she has some more happy days ahead of her.
 just some views from the drive.
 the end of Kachemek Bay.
 some signs of fire damage.  we did get quite a bit of rain here today.  tried to walk Blossom between vet calls but we didn't get near our 10,000 steps today.  of course, i did not have my phone on me between 3:30 and who knows when so lots of lost steps.
 just some sites along the drive.  we are all always fascinated by octegon houses i think.
 cool looking mail box holder.
 when i got Rio dog insurance it was mostly in case she got the bloat or a hopefully i will see some return after all i pay for this.
 these were from the pizza place, Finns as i waited for my pie.
 that evening the dogs were pretty beat but we managed to get down to the beach that evening and sit.  we sat for quite a bit and then the dogs had enough energy for a slow walk on the beach.  both dogs were pretty wiped that night.
 so peaceful.
 a good wind was blowing so lots of families and kite flying.
 and dogs of course.
 grateful for all the support today.  it was really nice to know so many were willing to help out with my pup in need.  great friends came through for me and many more were willing to help if need is much appreciated.
 Blossom seems a bit concerned. sniffed Rio several times today.  not sure what to think.  she would be really lonely without her big sister i think.
 breezy snuggled up with Rio today earlier as she lay here.
 quite the party at bishops beach...but you look the other way...not much going on at all.

 there is my girl enjoying the sea.
 i am starting to relax so i know i'll be able to get a little sleep tonight.
 a few fun shots from the walrus web cam on Round Island...thanks again to  today they had a live chat with the rangers.
 turns out Diane was out there to spell one of the regulars, Ryan .  always learning new stuff about walrus. lots of great questions out there.
 the feed comes and goes due to the remoteness but it was fun to be hearing from them out there.  probably kind of fun for them too.  Diane seemed to be enjoying it.  modern life..there is some of it that kinda bites but then there is other stuff like these cameras that really rock.
 these guys are just entertaining as hell.
 covered with flies at times  and below...well this guy is in a pretty tenuous position.  i would not put my head there.  haha.
thankful for:  1. that Rio made it through the surgery and that all looks good for her right now 2.  for my friends who came through for me today...!!  you guys are amazing! 3. that Rio is doing well, snoring on pain meds and warmed up nicely.  i just called.  :-) good night.

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