Sunday, October 4, 2015

crazy colors!!

 these colors just always seem so unreal in the fall.  still fall colors to be enjoyed out there.  They are getting harder and harder to find though
 today i eventually headed to powerline pass.  no luck on moose sightings.  only went so far, got in 4 miles wandering around a bit, but no moose. wind and rain,yes, moose no.
 i cruised by Potters later and there are some swans but they were further back.  then i drove up Campbell Airstrip Road...again no animal sightings. so a bit of a bust today, it happens.
 did get started chopping up that rather large branch that ended up down.  will need to get my power saw out for the last bit, but powersaws in the rain seemed like a bad idea.  raked in the rain, which is a bit silly as well, but you gotta give it a try.  trash day is coming soon.  wanted to get a bag of leaves out there.  most of the leaves i'll just toss in the back 40 and see what comes of it.  it's always amazing how winter takes care of the mulch back there.
 settled in at the computer and started loading zillions of photo's on to the shutterfly account.  it goes much easier than it did years ago and i think i'm over half done.
 always a fun stroll down memory lane.  a little reminder that even though in my head it seems like i did very little this summer and all year...well, actually i did quite a bit.
 life is such a competition and Alaska is not spared from this.  Facebook has made that competition worse.  it's so easy to go on social media sites and be made to feel so inferior.  everyone elses lives just seem so much fuller and better.
 always have to remind yourself that we all put the best forward and a day spend vegging in front of a tv or computer is not memorialized on facebook.  no selfies taken while doing the dishes or picking up dog crap in the yard.  we all do those mundane tasks though.  it takes up time, time that we are unable to spend adventuring.
 there is also many hours of work that never make the cut on social media...and sleep.  my sleep is under documented.  i seem to play catch up on my days off.
 my life is little lists...i have them all over the place.  tiny bits of paper that have some significance.  so much paper in life.  occasionally i do a paper purge. i am totally due for one.  i love my paper shredder.  i really need to empty out one of my file much stuff in there i never look at.  WARIS needs a drawer i think. that will help with some of the paper bits.
 i feel i need to sit down with my starting and building a non-profit books.  so much to learn.  i try to remind myself that i have done a can be hard to convince myself of some days.  there is so much more that should be done.  so much that could be done.  for sure there are people out there who have mad skills and could help Round Island way more than i am capable of, however, in all these years nobody has stepped forward.
 one of my brothers posted yet another link to an article that says global warming science is all a scam.  i live here...i see the warming.  i see the results.  i am for sure the black sheep of the family.  conversations are never relaxed with family...there is always a debate waiting to happen.  there is no simple conversation with several can all be twisted and turned and then you are there again.  in the debate.  you can't win the debate....they fly, circles, dizziness.
 my best defense is to just not take the bait...ever!!  some people are hell bent on being right and there is always going to be an article or something that will give them the fuel they so need.
 it would be great to have a normal relationship with family.  that whole Norman Rockwell picture.  it does seem that each family has it's own quirks though.  my family is big so the quirks are many.
 i have my quirks as well.  i'm advocating for walrus and Round Island...this puts me right in the middle of the whole global warming debate.  walrus are impacted by the warming.
 it really does highlight how far i am from the political beliefs of so many in my family.
 look at this mountains...isn't this color unreal!!
 crazy reflections!!
 love when i get lucky and hit the peak of the fall colors.
 Blossom and i did enjoy our walk today.
 i was apparently "the flash" today.  i like my mapmyfitness app but every so often it totally fails.  sometimes it just doesn't work at all, when i'm out of range
 other times, like today. it goes haywire.  as i was getting ready to start walking, tossing my pack on, getting Blossom leashed up.  suddenly my app said i had just walked 4 one minute!! pretty amazing...i mean i really should be in better shape if i can walk 4 miles in one minute!!
 oh well, got my 10,000 steps in anyway.  that app seemed to be working.

 made some potato salad tonight.  i know that is some wildly healthy dinner. i'm sure you are supposed to eat something with that.  i make it just like mom used to...except no celery. i  always just ate around the celery anyway.  no point putting it in just for me if i'm going to eat around it.  i'd rather just eat the celery on it's own.
 i have the picky eater gene,though i think i'm pretty good compared to a few others in the family.  did try a baked item at the work the other had deer meat in it i guess.  i couldn't tell there was any deer in it, but i am willing to try out new stuff.
 sorry, lots of reflections...everywhere i looked i was in awe!!
 i'm over half done with my loading of pictures.  there is a deal on calendars if i can get them ordered by wednesday.  i want that deal!! should also get the Christmas cards done too.  since i'm headed south it would be smart to pack lots of Christmas stuff and be done with it....much less to  mail this year which totally saves cash.
 my body is a bit beat from the extra yard work along  with the walk.  leaves are heavier wet.

 already starting to plan for next year.  a few friends want to go kayak...i need to get more paddles in next year.  i may see if i can rent Holgate Cabin and convince them to head that way. it's been a few years.  don't want to wait as will soon no longer be on the water...yep, no warming here!!
 Blossom, my travel companion. Rio was pretty ok with staying home today...not too keen on the rain and the wind would not have thrilled her either.
 every season here has it's own personality.  winter for sure has a personality. you just never know what it will do. all you can do is go with the flow of the season. the scenery is constantly changing as is the light.
 i love this constant change.  i love that i can hit the same trails over and over and each time little details will emerge and evolve.

 what will this winter bring?  i am hoping lots of snow...and lights.  we all love the lights.
 i am beat and it's almost 2 am...i really need to crash.
 tomorrow is another day.  the to do list is always with me...
thankful for:  A.  being able to relive the year through the pictures.  B.  being able to share this beauty with others through the blog and photos.  C.  paper and i can write all sorts of lists and silly notes.  it takes the madness in my head and gives it reason

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