Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rio Vs the Wheelchair

 decent weather so Rio opted to walk so off to the beach we went for a slow Rio walk.  on the return trip up the hill a woman pushing a wheelchair up the path passed us.  it was a non-mechanical wheelchair so Rio had a fighting chance of beating it up the hill.  we were passed twice but we also passed the folks with the wheelchair.
 was laughing with them about our little race...wheelchair vs old blind dog.  it was a close race, but Rio was eventually able to pull ahead in the race and reach the top of the hill first. it was a pretty close race though.  the uphills got to the wheelchair folks.  those things are tough to push uphill.
 Rio may be slow but she is steady.  uphill/downhill/straightaway her pace never changes.
 still on a up late cycle.  it's okay i guess.  i head back to work in a few days now.  what is the point.  i sleep well, though i wonder if these hot rushes are enough to make me toss and turn and not rest as easy as normal. i don't wake up...except that Blossom seems to like to wake me up in the wee hours.
 i have been busy getting photo's loaded into shutterfly so i could get the deals before those cut off.  was a busy beaver today and got the my calendar and my Christmas card made and ordered.  i know it's early October...but now it's done. ordered.
 now i need to concentrate on getting these WARIS calendars sold.  can we do it?  they are selling, it's just a matter of pushing myself to find my inner sales personality. not sure i have one.  convincing people to buy stuff is not always a skill of mine.  i was never a fan of pushy and that fake nice thing.  when i was dating more, if i found out a guy worked sales...i tended to walk the other way.  i should have been learning those skills i guess.
 Blossom is's after 2 am.  figured i'd go ahead and do a short blog entry.
 ate out with a friend this evening.  always nice.  Serrano's. they are a good Mexican joint up here.
 my massage is scheduled, the car is scheduled.  need to get the hair and the eye appointments scheduled.  i think the pets are due as well...overdue really.  i suspect my vet didn't push it since i spent quite a chunk of change at the vets with Rio this summer.  don't really believe the animals really need those vaccines every year.  my cats stay inside.
 was joking with one of the ER docs this week about cats.  he was saying he doesn't like reality he has no issue with cats as long as they are kept inside and not killing birds.  my cats stay in.  occasionally they do slip between my legs and chill on the back deck for a few minutes but they aren't killer cats and they don't go further than the back yard for those few minutes.
 if i see any stray cats in the yard i send Blossom out to chase them.  guess this doc catches strays with one of those traps.  that may be nicer than me sending the dog out.  i prefer if people keep control of their pets too.  my philosophy is generally that one should assume everyone hates your pets/kids and then try to be the good will ambassador that makes them question their dislike for said dogs/cats/kids...whatever.  keep control of your pets and kids i say.
 i don't want my cats eating birds either.  i do have a little outdoor run for the cats in the summers.  in the winters they are out of luck.  Breezy was thinking she wanted to escape to the outdoors. she changed her mind one night.  she had escaped and was not coming back inside.  i finally gave up and left her outside and went to bed.  well, the rain came and it was a solid rain.  she'd done some damage on the outside of the door before i woke up and she was drenched.  she's never repeated that.  she decided living inside was not so bad after all.
 i also don't want stray cats outside cause they can torture the indoor cats and cause them to start spraying.  my cats don't do this and i'd rather not have that nasty habit start up.
 these are some more scenes from some hikes and rambles in September.
 and a trek to the Wildlife conservation Center...always a favorite stop
 a few of those guys made it into the calendar.

 they had a few orphaned cute
 seems like they really aren't very interested in bottle feeding anymore . ready to be on their own.
 this little one still had it's spots.  so cute!!
 Rio was pretty tuckered out after her race with the wheelchair folks.  i snuggled up with her for a nap this evening.
 this wood bison lives by the wolf enclosure.  i think this wolf is young.  they put a regular dog in there to help with training.
 guess he needed a pack
 the regular canine seemed a lovely pup.
 a few cute puppies on the trail today.  i drove around a bit because, yet again, no moose spotted in Kincaid. did run across some near the Airport.  well, i am headed to bed.
grateful for:  brave souls who stand up and fight for those who can't or who are afraid to.  many do so at a cost...great cost, often the ultimate cost,  people who sign up for our military.  the pay is not always as it should be for what the job entails.  i'm grateful to them for their service and for also being brave.  it can't be easy out there.  and lastly....i'm grateful to those who serve in the police force and fire departments. these jobs are not always appreciated and respected as they should be. a few bad apples as they say can make it tough for those who do their jobs well.  the media can get ridiculous as well.  often more interested in getting the story first than getting it right.  that being said, we do need media, even though many are obnoxious and seem to be more pretty than smart...enough of that though.  night

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