Thursday, October 22, 2015

on call as of right long will it last?

 sometimes the phone rings soon after 7pm, when someone doesn't show up or shows up sick.  it's been awhile since i have gotten called in so the odds are against me staying home all night without a call.
 these are mostly Baxter Bog and University lake i think.  today i grabbed a friends dog and took the girls to Campbell Airstrip.  not a long walk. wanted to come home and nap.  still tired though.
 couldn't sleep last night from the coughing so i finally downed a bit of nyquil and knocked myself out.  it's not too bad overall though . hasn't really dropped into the lungs yet so perhaps i'll avoid the worst of it.  rest it good though.
 Rio is downstairs.  she's seemed a bit like she has some dementia at times of late.  she gets part way up the stairs and then seems baffled and starts to whine.  i have a little leash so i just go loop it around her neck and guide her upstairs.  then she settles in.
 crazy dream last night. when i do remember my dreams they are generally nuts.  details are fuzzy and i forget them pretty fast.  last night i was with people (none that i remember recognizing) we were cleaning out my parents house (strange again as my parents have both been gone for years).  at some point as i was looking in places a ran across a rattle snack.  getting help from the people there with me was not happening.  somehow i grabbed the snake by the mouth and held the mouth shut while i desperately tried to get someone to tie a knot right behind it's head.  finally got someone, then i'm trying to get the snake out of the house.  it got loose again and was under a blanket. i did take one of those hard pronged rakes and whacked at the thing until the prongs seeded into the thing.  woke as i was walking it out on the rake.  what does it mean...nothing probably.  just the craziness in my head getting loose from time to time.
 speaking of crazy.  i was listening to NPR the other day and apparently when you live in Norway you don't say something is "crazy" or "nuts" you instead say it's "texas".  thought that was funny.
 not that i'm a fan of Hilary Clinton but enough on Benghazi already.  heard her say that it was sad that these 4 lost lives are being used by the Republicans as political fall out rather than just respecting the loss.  at some point it does become "texas" to keep hounding on a thing in some attempt to smear someone and for political gain.  the more they hound the more they actual make themselves appear just vindictive and i said, i'm not even a fan of Hilary but i'm starting to feel badly for the Hilary character in all this.
 these beautiful fall colors have long since left.  today the ground did feel like it's freezing up.  when the ground freezes that means when the snow comes it will stick.
 another bit in the news was about releasing non-violent prisoners early . we have far too many people in prison and actually a good percentage of them now are our mentally impacted folks.  we've just never figured out what to do with this population since they opened all the doors to the psych units and let them out.  doesn't seem like there was  plan then as to how to best take care of this population and all these years later, the vast majority of them are in our prisons and on our streets.
 was thinking about at least a segment of the prison population.  why couldn't they be released as long as they show up to jobs and a part of their wages be garnished to pay for whatever cost to their victims, be it theft or damage...that sort of thing.  if they don't show up to work and aren't sick, they go back to prison.
 far too many members of this society aren't pulling their weight and i don't see that changing anytime soon.  i've long thought the violent members of the prison could be put in a special combat unit on the front lines, why are the good guys getting killed when these guys seem like they want to be in the middle of violent life style...we can make the happen for them.  try your gangster crap out in Syria or Iraq or something.  actually do society some good.  perhaps you will return better people and more able to assimilate into society...if you return at all.
 have helped Rio get upstairs again.  she may be settled for the night.  we shall see.
 Berkowitz, out Mayor, plans on making it more difficult to get "spice".  a good percentage of our EMS calls now are spice related.  it's currently not illegal, though it's deadly.  people go nuts on the stuff sometimes.  it's a synthetic marijuana.  you never really know what is in the mix and it can be deadly..the ingredients change and they are legal substances.  hope they are able to get a hold of this mess.  it's costing our state/city a great deal of cash.  drugs are so just watch these promising young lives lost to the world of drugs.  such a waste of the life we have.
 they had a blip on the nightly news about kids doing well using standing desks instead of sitting desks.  finally they are starting to get that kids learn better when activity isn't taken away. how can anyone focus just sitting all day.  bring more physical activities and alternate activities back to schools.  i'm all for just get them all in uniforms and let them understand that school is their job and that society expects them to succeed in their job.
 i know, i have very few opinions.
 sucking on those sees little suckers.  they seem to work just as good as the cough drops and taste a lot better.  we have a small Sees store inside of Bells Nursury/gift store.  i don't go often but i do enjoy myself a wee bit of see's chocolates from time to time.  my favorite is the milk chocolate patties.  nummy
 this is of our first Monday walk of the season with speedy and LS.  not my best selfie...oh well, we can't look good in every picture...
 termination dust noted on the way home from work one morning.  the snow has come and gone a bit since this was taken, eventually it should make its way down.  they are predicting a warm winter again, though i don't trust their prediction skills...they didn't predict last winter being warm and all through the winter they would predict snow storms that never happened or never amounted to much.  being a weather forecaster in Ketchikan was much's gonna's always going to rain!
 these trees look really pretty in the fall.  i had to stop by one in the neighborhood and snap a few photo's
 a driver in St Paul was injured when his truck hit a fur seal on the road.  the fur seal had to be put to sleep.  it's not often that marine mammals are the cause of car accidents....
 silly news in reaction to the suicide at the AFN in my opinion...the incident apparently has caused people to really want to push for solutions to the issue of suicide in Alaska...really, like the hundreds of other suicides haven't made them want to seek out solutions?  when you keep saying the same thing over and over, nothing gets accomplished and the suicide numbers will just keep growing.  it's not enough to want to push for must take action to see change.  you must look at the situations in these villages and honestly assess what needs to change and then make it happen.  sometimes that means taking a hard look at things that we all want to pretend don't exist.  there is a great deal of alcoholism and sexual abuse that happens in these villages.
 someone posted a Halloween post on facebook. i'm sure they meant no ill will but sometimes i wonder what people think when they post stuff.  i doubt them mean to offend but i think it's easy for some people to forget that everyone they are "friends" with doesn't think exactly the way they do.  probably easy for people who spend the vast percentage of their days with people who do think exactly how they think to forget.  it was a cartoon with a headstone and on the headstone it said something about " here lies an atheist..." buried and no place to go.  can't recall exactly.
 reminder...just because you go to church each week and try to follow the preachings you are taught does not ensure your place in heaven.  again, my opinion, but there are some really kind and generous people out there who may not believe in your God.  that does not mean that if there is a God they will be sent straight to hell.  i believe if there is a judgement you will be judged on how you lived, how freely you gave, how infrequently you judged others.  kindness and generosity are not only merits of those who attend church meetings...every person is capable of living a life that would please God, if that God exists.  i'm more on the agnostic side of life.  i would love for there to be some answers to the madness that is life sometimes.
 i'm dismayed though when i see great injustices and it pains me that a God doesn't come in on occasion and right the wrong.  how could a loving God sit back and allow all those Jews to be killed or the Rwandans to be slaughtered....i could go on and on.  i just don't believe we need to have all the answers to lifes questions to try and be good people.  maybe it's better to live a life that is good when you aren't living it afraid of judgement day...when you are just doing good deeds because it's the right thing to do?
 i don't believe i'm lazy by not feeling i must have all the answers, i often feel it's arrogant to believe you can know the answers.  i believe that many follow closely to organized religions because they have a need to be right, to feel superior to the others on the earth.  i have the truth and the others don't...aren't i special?  i believe they all have some truth and they all miss the big picture...i believe that too many of the larger organized religions have become corporations first and spiritual fillers of the soul last.
 i know those thoughts don't sit well with others and i may end up totally wrong for not choosing a team. if a religion brings you peace and happiness and meets your needs while not making you belittle others and judge their way of thinking then i applaud it and you.  there are many benefits to being in a spiritual community for many..i've seen the benefits.  some people really need and want that community...i do not object to those who want to have those benefits.  just keep it real and know that there are many other spiritual communities out there that are meeting the needs of other people, yours isn't better or worse's just another way to go.
 remember too that there are some that don't fit in well with the bulk of these religious communities and that they find their own way to spirituality.  some don't believe in a God per se but may have another belief system that works for them.
 all that from a silly cartoon on facebook that was meant as a just got me thinking though.  i will say that the post only had one like and that besides my comment there was just one more comment that wasn't really i think the lack of humor was universal.
 well, i suppose i have expressed enough of my opinions for one piece.  perhaps it's because i feel lightheaded from all the coughing. i never do mean to offend people.  religion and politics are always tough subjects. my religion tends to be the one i find outdoors.  where scenes such as the ones in these pictures are..for me, there too is God.
if a God created this earth it was a place that great love and attention to details was put in to creating.  why all seasons, why so many types of butterflies or flowers...i'm grateful every day for the beauty that is out there on our earth...for the great creatures that fill it and i feel a responsibility to help keep the environment and the creatures safe. it's not easy as it seems humans are intent on destroying all that was created for us.  it always seems odd to me. if you believe in God, how can you sit back and allow the destruction of all that God created.  seems like all who are religeous should also be environmentally driven.
 these are in the bog by my house...a moose decided to share the trail with us that day.
grateful for:  A.  the great and vast beauty of this earth and for the creator who made it so awesome and so unique  B.  differing opinions.  if i hadn't been exposed to so many different opinions i may never have evolved how i thought.  C.  the fair can often learn from these as long as nastiness doesn't come into play.

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