Saturday, March 5, 2016

and then things change...

 woke up and it was snowing pretty good.  decided I wasn't going to make a run to Seward today and went back to sleep.  did eventually get out.  was going to make some polka dot snowmen, but the snow wasn't cooperating by the time I got around to it. so I did some snow graffiti instead.  :-)
 took a nice slide down Tudor Rd trying to get the car to stop for the red light ahead before ramming into many other cars.  thankfully, the car did finally cooperate.  never a good feeling.  sounds like there were around 50 car wrecks today out there including a 15 car pile up.  so it would appear that I made the right choice staying close to home...and driving super slow all day.
 figured I'd do a walk out at Campbell Airstrip.  silly me figured with this fresh snow I wouldn't need my cleats.  fool!!  the trail is total sheet of ice covered in enough snow to give you the false impression you are safe.  tried to go up this hill, fell, slid, futile attempts to right myself resulting in more sliding, finally was able to crawl over to a less icy location. got back down the hill and headed back to car. 
 as I was getting loaded up I saw a few folks I run into often on the trails.  people I have now known for years by dogs and maybe first name basis.  the one lady is I have no idea how old...she seemed a bit older when I first met her and it's probably been at least 10+ years. she is a damn good skier and could walk miles around me.  she was on skies today but was being assisted by another older guy...the owner of "issac".  G had fallen  hard.  whacked her head was nauseated. she had also taken a hit to her ribs and probably scapula area.  she needed help
 got her and her dogs safely loaded into her car.  attempted to get her to agree to let me take her to the ER or drive her home.  she is a very independent Alaskan.  she wasn't going to have any of it.  she apologized repeatedly to both myself and Issac's owner.  she didn't want to contact her son either.  she was still nauseated and I suspect her head could use a CT.  she did put my cell phone number into hers and I encouraged her to call me if she needed anything.  I know she doesn't live too far from me, it would be no problem. 
 I ran some errands but worried about G all day.  did some sleuthing on the internet when I got home.  I'd been to her house once several years ago so I knew the street name and her first name.  somehow I figured it all out and gave her a call to check in on her.  she is still sore but her head feels better.  what a relief.  her son has stopped by as well so he is aware and I'm sure will look after her. 
did get to chat with a few relatives, always fun.  got some errands ran.  missed out on the gym for today. I'm still on track for this week, just have to go to the gym tomorrow for a swim at least.  next week with all the driving to Fairbanks I will probably be short.  they do have a gym and pool with the Alaska Club in Fairbanks.  some just depends on how cold it is.  don't want to leave Blossom in a hotel room alone or in the car too long if it's super cold. 
off to bed.  want to get up early in the morning to get downtown for the Iditarod festivities.  grateful for:  A.  my trail friend being least for the moment.  people who stay active into their elder years are always my hero's and inspire me.  B.  the many super nice folks I have had the pleasure to meet on the trails over the many years.  C.  sensible people...seems a rarity these days.  hoping the sensible people show up to vote in this years Presidential election.

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