Tuesday, March 15, 2016

super fast blog before work

 the first 10 teams are in Nome.  Dallas followed by Dad Mitch Seavey and then Aily for first 3.  King made it into the top 10 list thankfully.
 Brent Sass had been in the front but his team opted out.  the dogs always are in control ultimately...if they don't want to run, they won't.  he tried to convince them to run coming out of White Mountain and they were a no go!!
 been enjoying the Bears up in the cottonwood tree on Campbell Airstrip.  there is a mama and 2 cubs.
 pictures to follow.  tonight i am back to work for 3.  somehow i need to squeeze in the ACLS stuff...my to do list is at that need to be done list stage.  also need to plan my bear trip for this summer.
 cute deaf great dane puppy looking for home. i put in an application but it's in the hands of fate and ultimately Blossom.  won't take in the dog if it's too stressful for the princess of the house.
 nose is full of snot...is there a bug brewing?  we shall see.  time.
 these are some fun shots with Jeff King.  they had a little dog that they hooked up to the lead dog position for pics and giggles.
 often i find i just have to speak up.  people who i don't think will be negative and hateful in these times sometimes turn.  i tend to speak my mind...i'm sure it gets me in trouble, but some have to speak up...there seems to be little civility and respect these days.
 cute pup...not sure he wants to be lead dog!!
 Jeff's dogs, in these shots i can't really tell if any of these are the dogs that were injured or the one that was killed, but they are at the front of the lead line so it could very well be.  still annoyed at this act of stupidity.  drinking and driving cars or snowmachines is a bad idea.  people do get hurt and so do dogs.
 the dogs are healing and i'm sure in time the teams will heal.

 the race isn't over til the last team comes home..and on my blog, the dogs will be seen for weeks to come no doubt.  i'll mix it with other stuff in hopes that you don't tire of dogs...who could tire of dogs though.
grateful for:  A.  nature and the joy of spotting wild animals so close to home B.  sleep, always enjoy that!  C.  friends who are rational

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