Wednesday, March 23, 2016

snow...there yesterday, gone today!!

 speedy and i made this big polka dot snowman on our Monday walk yesterday.  today it's just a puddle of food coloring.
 got Blossom to the pool finally.  she is so fluffy and soft tonight.
 her gut is also having issues again today a bit.  will have to see what the night brings.  so far she seems to feel okay and her appetite is good.  my sweet baboo..hate when she isn't 100% .  she will always be a puppy to me.
 she had fun at the pool and on our little walk.  here is the same snowman 24 hours later.
 so sad.  Blossom with her buddy in the pool.  so cool to have a dog pool.
 did my acls and then forgot to clock out!! OMG...i have been a complete nincompoop of late with all this krono's crap.  so annoyed at myself and the system.  i'm sure i'll have to fill out a you suck form soon.  then when i fill out these correction forms i seem to fill them out wrong.  signed up for the Kronos class tomorrow.  hopefully i can get my self up and moving in time.
 the rest are dropped dog pictures. the Iditarod is all over, awards given.  dogs on the way home.  saw a dog truck over by subway today as i was driving around.  i'm sure some dog pick up still going on.
 fun to go see these dropped dogs.  one time we were there Lance Mackey had just scratched so several of his dogs were there.
 the vets do their final checks of the dogs.
 combo of concern for my pup and laziness and i ended up skipping gym so a slacker week...must not let myself slack off after going so strong at the gym.  i try not to get too down on myself, it's easy to though.  i do feel best with my full work out going though.
 checked in on the Great Dane. guess Sasquatch has to be cleared medically before they look over the various applications they have for him.  so, no idea when that will be or if my application will be chosen.
 woke to an alert on my phone that there had been more bombings in Belgium this time.  my heart goes out to the people in Belgium  on this frightening day.  hopefully, we can all work together to take out this threat.  these people are truly awful people.  always makes you ask those there a God, how could that God allow these sorts of folks to gain power and cause such hell on earth.
 often, we want to embrace the hate we feel in others, want to blast the hell out of people like this...but that just puts you at their same level.  hate, ignorance, anger.  all bad emotions that we should all strive to avoid.  you do what you must as a people but you also have to try and find a balance between taking out the evil while saving the poor souls who are trapped in the middle.  some will be lost.  to think otherwise is not realistic.
 war is hell.  there are no easy answers.  lives will be lost.  the more you embrace war, the more bombs you drop, the more lives will be lost, theirs and ours.
 caught the middle of some show on the radio. they were talking about that 80's movie, "war games" and how at the time a discussion in the white house i think...could this happen?
 sadly, it doesn't seem that far fetched.  we react, we can also over react.
 haven't even watched much news about this latest event.  you almost become numb to it but you also know that those who are angry already will just become more irate and demanding of read history and it does repeat itself.
 so many people on this earth...too many to think they will all get along i guess.
 as i left a restaurant with friends today,  a young man needed help jumping his car.  i helped him.  he appeared to be an immigrant. we have quite the blended population here in Anchorage.  he was only in the place long enough to turn in an application for a job.
 for sure there are bad folks out there, evil, but there are also many good people out there as well.
 heard a bit of an interview with this guy who wrote a book.  much based on truth, but he'd chosen to write it in novel form.  allowed him to protect individuals and divulge facts that he knew but had no way to prove i guess.  he was talking about how he was born into a culture where playing the role of victim had just become part of their culture.  he wanted to break free of that, but stated that it was not as easy as he had hoped that only the very brave were able to totally break free of this victim mentality.
 he'd been born Shite in Iraq.  he was saying after the fall of Hussien, it was their chance to rise, but they couldn't because they couldn't or wouldn't rise above this culture of being the victim and then needing to get revenge i think was what he was saying.  nobody would work with the makes your head spin, the mess in the middle east and then how that mess transfers to other parts of the, Belgium.
 we like to do the us/them, but we are all connected on this earth.  now more than ever i'd guess.  how do we all rise above and find a way to make the world work without destroying the earth and killing off thousands of humans. i have not got the answers...nobody does.  many think they do, but since the beginning there have been wars and warring.  nobody has found the answers apparently.
 ego makes us believe we are right, that we know best, that we have God on our side.  i doubt God is so selective in which people he loves/hates/protects/defends....  there are far too many horrible examples of individuals whom were not protected despite being no doubt good and God fearing as they say.
 random, it's all so much more random.  i always get annoyed when people act like the sole survivor of some wreck or disaster was plucked out by if none of the other people deserved to be saved or protected.  it's random.
 you can pray, you can hope, you can have faith, but none of that means that if some evil force is upon will be protected.
 Does that make me angry with God? some times...more annoyed i guess.  disappointed, but i know we are left on this earth to learn and grow and try to work this all out with each other.  i still find myself hoping and praying that if things get really bad, God will show up and take out the evil force and bring some right back to the earth.  like some mighty superman.
 today, peace was shattered for many.  lives were lost, suffering inflicted.  how do we move forward, how do we react to these events...
 sadness, concern, fear, anger...all of these emotions pass through us as we read/hear the headlines.
 today, i feel most sad for these latest victims and their loved ones. the ones directly impacted by the events.  then next to those in the area who feel less safe moving forward.
 sunset at Lake Hood
 stopped by the bear tree.  she was out there again.  several bear papparazzi were out snapping photos of her as she lounged on the branches above.  at one point a girl pulled over in her car and yelled at everyone for being there and for "scaring" the bear.
 i've met a lot of bears in my day. none of them really seemed scared of us.  i suspect they are mostly pretty confident in their place on the food chain.  that mama bear could easily zip down that tree and give the photographers a charge anytime she desired.  she could have also chosen to den up in an alternate location where she would not have these spring visitors.
 she seems quite chill in her spot on top of the tree and she won't be stopped from leaving her den even if folks are standing about...the photographers would be rather quickly scurrying to their cars if/when that should happen.  the yelling person believing herself to be a bear protector is probably upsetting the bear the most with her yelling.  she eventually left in a huff, as nobody responded to her outburst
 that seems to be a reasonable way to deal with certain seemingly unreasonable people.  i find if you argue or engage it will just escalate
 friends joined for this second day of dropped dog pets and loves.
 such cute pups.
 selfie with a Mackey dog
 clear indicator.

 probably should start thinking of getting to bed.  the to do list is still present.  can't say as i have made as much of a dent in it as i had hoped.
 life gets in the way of my to do lists.  i do seem to get the most important stuff done in the end though.  the other stuff....i guess it wasn't as important as it had seemed when i first wrote it on the list.
 friends kids above and below.  :-)  they have done a great job raising wonderful humans.
 i think both girls enjoyed their dog time.
 hopefully, i do not have any more news alerts tonight like last night.  may whoever is responsible for todays attacks be made  accountable. uncivilized to say the least...going after innocent folks.
 these groups are not as powerful as we give them credit for sometimes, they just have found ways to inflict pain and damage with what little they have.

 will try to think good things so i will sleep well.  puppies and butterflies perhaps.
grateful for:  A.  friends, variety of fun folks that exist in my life. B.  to be accepted for who i am.  C.  for my imperfections.  flaws are a gift, they help us become better people.

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