Friday, March 25, 2016

what a difference a day makes...

 this week has been a bit of  a bust.  got a few things done on the to do list but much left to do.
 Blossom was sick so she kept me up at all hours of the night for outside runs..literally runs.  poor dog.  not sure if she will just be more sensitive to episodes of bloody diarrhea since she had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis or not, but i really hate when she is sick.  she was puking Wednesday and not eating.
 of course, i suspect my state must have come related to lack of sleep from her being ill.  yesterday i couldn't move.  i'd get up let her out, lay down, get up let her in, lay down.  felt like crap.  i called out.  sucks cause i think it was to be holiday pay. Good Friday.  after 9pm i finally decided i'd better just take her to the vets office for fluids.  didn't want her to get dehydrated. i no doubt should have gone earlier but i really just couldn't move...can't remember if i even showered yesterday.
 still a bit undecided about returning to my regular vet after what happened when the day came to put Rio to sleep.  the vet i like was at the Emergency Vets so i suspect i will probably end up splitting it up a bit. it wasn't my actual vets fault, but i was thinking i may just use them more for routine vaccines and take the animals to the ER vets office for sickness.
 this was the day of the big snow.
 waited a few hours at the vets office.  they only take walk in after a certain point and they handle it sort of oddly.  having worked in a super busy pet ER in my past, it was strange to watch how they handle stuff.  we'd take your pet back and have you wait up front while someone else got seen.  they leave you in the room until it's determined if dog is staying night or not.  if they aren't staying they leave you there until you are ready to go.  seems a waste of an exam room.
 i think Blossom was the only pet not actually triaged.  the one squirting blood out her butt...she was wagging but i think the same thing happened last time until she puked blood in their waiting go girl.
 some guy who had a cat that looked perfectly fine got pissed because the tech wanted to take the cat to the back to better assess it.  she wasn't very good with her explanation and the dude got pissed that he couldn't go back with the cat so he left in a huff.
 i tried to rest and read a bit of my Nat Geo  on the Ipad.  those gadgets sure make waiting much less painful.  i just wanted to curl up and sleep but those chairs aren't comfy at all.
 was reading about Ghandi, good article, of course, i found myself focused on the vow of celibacy he took.  that sounds so much less pathetic than just being a spinster that nobody loves.  haha.  i'm not pathetic...i'll just say.  "i've taken a vow of celibacy".  then i will sound honorable and important and nobel!! of course, i may want to review the rules involved in this vow of celibacy before i really commit !!  yes, this is how i entertained myself.
 felt better after i had Blossom taken care of.  i think i finally got some serious sleep last night.  came home fed her rice and burger, got her started on meds and felt comforted that she was loaded with SQ fluids. don't feel 100% but much better.
 i'll have to try and take another nap again before heading off to work.  have managed walks the last two days, not sure it was the best idea for either of us.  i'm not always good at taking a day off.
 snow is melting quickly and the temperatures are in the mid 40's.  super nice out.
 above is the picture you get when it is snowing and you can't keep the flakes off the lens.  haha.
 the rest of these are from the Fairbanks Ice festival.  these are from the 1 block entry.
 i'm always amazed at the detail they create in these.
 ICU just called to see if i would be calling out sick. not sure they are supposed to do that, but i assured her i had no plans on calling out again. may be a soda pop night to keep me awake.  hopefully, i don't return home to diarrhea in the house.
 just went to an hour long class Tuesday and ended up needing to do spring cleaning inside the car.  it was time.  got that accomplished i guess.  the joys of being a pet owner.
 maybe that was Wednesday...?  can't even keep days straight still.
 have always been interested in NASA and the space this was a super cool ice sculpture
 loved how you can see the details of his face in the mask.

 have packages ready to mail, just have to get to the post office.  need to send off the deposit for our Bear viewing trip, need to get our train tickets, arrange water taxi...
 did get my missed Krono's mess cleared up, scheduled for my review thing at work, got two classes done, put in for non-PTO days i guess i did get some stuff done this week...and the car is cleaned out (inside anyway).
 my body aches...maybe some ibuprofen would help with that.  will head for a nap here soon.
 Blossom is resting downstairs so i don't think she'll mind us taking a day off of walking today.
 cute river otters above and chess pieces below.
 should have gone back and taken night shots of these, but i can only look at these so many times.  hadn't noticed this back trail with the one block entries last year when i was there or the night before when i was there.  now i know.
 just realizing the ICU charge called me on the house supervisors number.  strange. they must have been planning my fate together.
 ibuprofen in...hopefully that helps a bit.
 no checks on bear these past few days.  suspect that bear will be heading out of her den and off to find food for herself and the cubs soon.  i won't be as excited to run into the 4 of them on the trail.
 lots of things get adjusted with the change in seasons.  i alter where i walk. i tend to try and find buddies for more of my walks. i change the lotion i wear in summer to the less fragrant forms.  i am already  carrying my bear spray and air horn.
 it's early...but it's break up.  soon spring and then summer.  those all go super fast.  always so busy and then it's back to fall and winter.  i think we are all just packing it up on this winter and hoping next winter is more of a usual snow filled winter.
 as they say, be careful what you ask for, we will probably get more snow than we know what to do with...people will complain.  haha.  can't please us humans
 as i walked i noted all the litter that had collected through the winter.  people suck in many ways.  they seem to so often do bad when they know they can get away with it.  slobs...jerks!!
 that is the part of break up that bites..all the litter that has collected through the winter months.
 the chains were super cool to me for some reason.
 medieval times horse and lion below that.
 WARIS news....none really at this time.  i'll have to find a deal and make more of those grocery bags.  those are pretty nice and would probably be a good fund raiser for next year.  must send off our tax card saying we didn't make more than such and such.  i'd rather find corporations and other non-profits to send funds directly to fund Round Island and keep us small and advocacy driven.  make enough money to keep us running.  if we give to Round Island it's not as simple as writing a check from what i understand.
 the state's budget is again crap so convincing politicians to bring funds back to Round Island is a tough sell.  will mostly have to keep on top of them to make sure they do continue to find funds.  hopefully, Explore falls in love with the walrus and promises to help out again.  i'll have to get a list of where they are getting funds from this year and send off notes to those places and also encourage others to repeat their donations to Round Island.
 this week is a bust exercise wise as well.  guilt sets in.  next week i shall make amends to myself and go at the work outs full bore again.
 detail on the paws.
 behind on the latest news.  it's depressing mostly. the Presidential race with no good outcome anywhere for anyone.  what a mess these next 4 years could be for our Nation.  we have survived some crap in the past, will just have to remain hopeful that we will survive the current mess coming down the road.  not sure the main parties will survive as they are for much longer.  way too much corruption and greed in those parties.
 they have mostly lost their vision and moral compass.  the rest of us suffer.
grateful for:  A.  this nation.  there are things that do make it great and that will survive the current issues B.  Blossom being on the mend.  when she's not well, i'm not well C.  sleep, our bodies know when we need it and when we haven't gotten enough of it.  yesterday, i shut down on many levels.  happy to be feeling better today.

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