Monday, June 6, 2016

lots of sleep today...

 that is what happens after working 3 nights.  thankfully, these pups are already proving themselves to be adaptive to life with a night nurse.  here is Ivy snuggling up to Blossom.  still hoping this happens with cats soon, but the cats are still just too interesting to the pups. as long as they make themselves interesting it is a bit of a battle.
 coughing like crazy...just that time in the bronchitis.  not my sounds awful and occassionally a cough spasm leads to puking.  as long as it doesn't work it's way into a pneumonia i'll be happy. hitting the inhalers.  did actually manage more sleep than i have in previous weeks between shifts with the pups.  they are more self entertaining and getting into less trouble.  i'm sure the nyquil helped as well.
 a favorite treat dispensing toy.  they usually get their last meal of day this way.  the treats fell out looking like the big dipper though i thought.
 below it's Tuskers time to snuggle with Blossom.
 snapped this while walking through hospital last night.  3 am...looking north.  when you look north you can see the never ending light and when you look south you can see the darkness.  always strange and interesting.
 this week...i was on call my first night and got called in right as i was settling in to try and sleep, it was 11:30 i lots of overtime to make up for the evening spent at home.  at first when i got called in they said i'd be sitting for someone on 3W.  when i got there i was sent to ICU to be the nurse.  the next night was spent in the ER.
 i stayed in Main all night. lots of steps...i was slated to be in the acute section from 00-07, but it was really busy and i opted out.  a few hours here and there, but when it's nuts like that i'd rather just let the regulars handle it. i'm not as familiar with their protocols.  i think they intubated 8 folks over the 12 hours.  whew!!
 some close ups shot on the web cam today by fellow watchers...just thought i'd share a few.  they are so cute!! well, to me they are beautiful.  :-)  covered with flies.  haha.

 the sunset i missed last night working.  thanks to all those on the cam for posting these great shots and for watching.  wonderful that so many others are discovering this magical place.
 this is Blossom's head.  love how dark her roots are.  poor girl looks to have another ear infection.  came on fast, she was just at vets and the ears both looked great.  it's always her right side and she absolutely hates getting her ears cleaned and meds put in.  poor girl.  seems like it came on overnight so this morning when i got home i did some ear cleaning.
 made it to puppy class today.  there was just Ivy and the wild lab in the class today...the retriever was outside and the owner was saying nobody was there and she left...i tried the door as i thought that seemed so odd, it was open and she was ready to start class.  Tusker got to join in for play time.  Ivy was doing great as usual.  she is a star pupil. i always plan on going for a walk right after but Ivy is always so sleepy after the class.  i was sleepy too so i was happy to come home and take a little nap.  my short nap turned out to be much longer than i planned.
 probably best to not hit the pool today with this cough.  give it another few.  my schedule will be pretty packed until after the Kayak trek.  will have to pack and get stuff ready for critters care while i'm away.  my first time leaving the babies...will be tough for me...always good i think though too.
 these are from a windy day at the local beach.
 pups always enjoy that
 last night i was in RCU.  not there very often but it was a decent night.  at least renal patients rarely need to get up in the middle of the night to pee so they tend to sleep well after you give them their 50 nightly medications..okay, it just feels like 50!!

 did manage some chores over the past few days as well.  always nice to get stuff accomplished

 despite the wind it was beautiful out there and the pups always love the dunes.

 they are huge...last set of vaccines this friday and another weigh in.  will probably try to wait until after summer for getting their surgeries done.
 ears and paws are still much more growing to go.
 Ivy pondering life...or scheming perhaps.
 not sure my cough medicine is helping much tonight. will probably add nyquil ...that should assure some good sleep.
 the wrestling is starting to extend out to more runs and wrestling.  Ivy grabs items and attempts to get them through the doggie door.  some times she is successful.  random checks of yard for objects that really are not puppy toys.
 tonight she was attempting to get a throw pillow through, her geometry skills are lacking.  she also often tries to get Blossoms food bowl through...nope.  will need to get them bigger food bowls in the next few months.  wish i could find chewable one like Blossoms.  dual purpose.
 kept meaning to make some calls and check in with family tonight, but sleep over took me and then i did some chores.
 want to get someone over to check and see which project i should focus on for the or master bedroom.  hmm.  the kitchen is more in need i'm thinking.  will have to see how possible the upstairs idea is and how costly each project could be.
 my little zero lot line has a pretty nice size yard.  most of these ZLL do not have much.  big enough for me on my own.  big enough for me with the pups.  i'm thinking if i had a larger house i would probably fill the need to fill it with more animals.
 my friends lab...hard to catch Leo still...
 it's the same with Ivy.

 do have tomorrow off, have an appointment early on but then perhaps i should make the drive out to hatchers pass...will check weather.  no point really if it just is going to pour on us.
 little worried about my bear viewing trip.  used to be more of a fancy glamping experience but i guess they have gone minimal...without going minimal on the pricing.  got some bad reviews.  we are going..the bears and scenery won't be bad even if the food is i guess. may just have to plan on packing a few snack items to get me through.
 my one friend always says that ultimately you remember the experience years from now...not the money you spent.  sometimes you just have to go for stuff.
 a few last pictures of some other puppies. golden retrievers. a friend had a puppy meet and greet gathering.  so cute.
 another friend posted on facebook her summit photo from Denali this past week i think.  they were on the mountain 24 days and had a successful climb!!  well done Natasha.  she moved from AK years ago but has been posting pics of her self and friends doing various climbs...figured it was just a matter of time before she came back up to summit Denali.
 gotta love the puppies.
 going to hit the sleepy sauce...nyquil. good night
thankful for:  A.  long long days of summer  B. solid when it pours and i'm in the house  c.  happiness that these dogs bring to my life

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