Tuesday, June 7, 2016

rainy day blues...

 eventually i gave up waiting for it to let up and we went for a walk.  i decided to try the coupler.  not that i'm going to use it all the time, but it will be easier for pet sitters to use this summer so a test out was needed.  they did great on it.  they look cute too!
 still working on the inter-species relationships.
 both pups have discovered my recliner...silly pups.  i think Tusker uses the chair and couch to get a break from Ivy really.
 as you can see she sometimes has issues understanding personal space when it comes to her friends.
 she's just a pup with a lot of personality.
 i am still coughing and really just wanted to sleep a lot today anyway. the pups seemed good with that..and Blossom is always good with that.  can't believe she is 10 years old...just doesn't seem that long ago that she was a puppy!!
 we've had so many adventures together!!  above is pups on couch post walk.  Ivy climbed onto Tusker for her nap...see personal space issues.  haha.
 this is Tusker sadly looking outside and not wanting to get wet.  they did have fun on the walk...got to field and let them off leash for some run time.  nobody else out there walking...just us.  so no distractions i guess. the rain also kept the mosquito's down.  win-win for me.
 these two are clearly on a brighter day...but the baby geese are out and about.  so cute.

 puppies running in the rain.  Blossom happily fetching while puppies just run happily along.

 didn't see any moose today.  there is fresh snow on the mountains though.  impressive.  it can snow here any  time and does.  i've seen it snow in July...on the mountains anyway.
 such cuties.
 with all the rain, there was no crew working on the street so i let the puppies investigate the big machines.
 should have put them in the scoop for a photo op...oh well.
 i think they were done with the rain at that point and just wanted to go home and get dry.
 my sweet little fur family!!
grateful for:  A.  rain, we complain but the earth needs it and i love the sound of the raindrops  B.  lazy, sleep filled days to heal  C.  taco's...always tasty!!

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