Wednesday, June 29, 2016

some days are spaz days...

 today was one of those days with the puppies.  they were just high energy and seemed like nothing i was doing was working to wear their little puppy arses out.  silly puppies!!  they are happily in their crates for the night now.
 meant to get out and do individual walks tonight and reign them in...ended up chatting on the phone too long though
 this is us unloading and getting all the gear hauled to the cabin...a process that was repeated the next afternoon when we got word weather was going to get worse
 we ended up at reflections lake today...there were loads of folks out there which was even more challenging with two spaz puppies. overall people compliment me on how well behaved they are and doesn't always feel like that from my end, but i hope that is true.
 we used the kayaks to float gear over to cabin.
 yesterday we did a 4 mile walk out Powerline with friends.  i hardly touched their leashed the entire time.  it is always such a the same time.  nobody else was making those puppies heel so a slacker day for them.  haha.  maybe why i seemed to have to work harder today to get them back on track.  give those pups an inch...right!!
 i debated heading down to Homer for an overnighter.  it was predicted to rain down there and i just had stuff i should get done.  did get a few things done today so that is always good.  looks like there was actually some sunshine.  by the time i would have gotten myself together it would have been silly. i do head down there next week for my bear viewing trek .
 was feeling off about trek last night.  sometimes someone can make a few comments that make you feel frivolous or something. i  don't the end you realize that other people can't just do these things and for some folks that is annoying to them.  no need to rain on my parade...but some people can't help themselves i guess. there are positives and negatives to every life.  being single does have some positives for me.  i don't have to answer to others when it comes to spending my money really. i have my bills but i don't have kids or other of those sort of obligations.  on the down side, i don't have kids or a spouse to help me or to laugh with.  life is all about trade offs and compromises
 no matter what anyone tries to make you feel...their lives aren't perfect either.  some folks are just better at faking it than others i think. i'd even say the harder someone works to prove to others how perfect they and their lives are the more miserable their lives probably actually are.
 was thinking of heading out moose spotting again today.  last night i went up Campbell Airstrip Road. i thought it was a bust until i got back down to the bear hibernation tree.  right about there a big black bear has wandered out on to the road.  there was a lady in the pull out there near her car so i pulled over to let her know of this bear.
 she was a bit of a character i think. hippy like...which i think in my age those hippy sort maybe turned to grunge.  anyway.  she was out there holding a guitar and then she was saying how she'd thought she heard something and her cat was really freaking out.  about then a brown tabby cat booked across the road.
 she then said she was out there with her cat taking photos of the cat for said cats facebook page. she thought she heard something in the brush so she got out her guitar was her story.  music calms the savage beast i guess, right?
 we then heard the sounds of the bear back in the brush and at that she pulled out her phone and headed in after it...wasn't the way i would have opted...i was actually trying to let her know she could come in my car if she needed to.  she was too fast though.  thankfully, most bears would prefer to not expend energy on attacking humans.
 double sided tape has been placed on a few counters..we shall see if it helps with counter surfing puppies.  they are getting tall.  i was leaning on the deck rail next to a tall chair when Ivy just made a jump up into it.  wow
 had to buy new fitbit arm bands when i found Tusker had napped mine off the counter as the guts were getting charged.  thankfully, the guts were not in there.  he demolished it pretty fast.
 ivy loves to grab newspapers and run outside and shred them.  she also loves to take all of the food bowls outside one by one after each dog meal.
 they have still not been allowed access to the upstairs...way too much for me to monitor with two pups.  eventually, but not yet.  i'm not ready ...i suspect the cats aren't ready yet either.  Tusker did climb on the sofa as the cat was in my arms there and he was easily guided to the other end and ignored Pogi.  Pogi is smart enough to not make himself too excited.  Breezy hasn't figured that out yet.
 braved petsmart today with all three dogs.
 rumors the attacker in Orlando was actually having secret gay relations outside his very religious family.
 if that is true it may have been more self loathing/anger rather than terrorist related.  interesting.  we did see lots of waterfalls out there.

 managing 3 dogs out on the trails means that i am powerless against mosquitos....haha.

 a section of cross pass was closed for a bit due to a bear with a cached dead moose.  the chilkoot was closed on the Canadian side after a bear raided and was rewared a tent.  that one was killed.
 we got plenty of wildlife out there for the moment.
 tried to sneak in a few in black and white. always cool.

 i am fading fast  sleepy...need to try and rest while the puppies rest.
 apparently it's not just the wood frog that goes into some sort of state of deep hibernation.they are studying these species it sounds like to see if there is anything that will help with human heart issues.

 these are from out first day paddle out there.
 not a bad paddle.
 mom and baby squirrel.  always cool.

 i tried to nap while they napped and when i woke i noted that my coffee table had seemed to have moved quite some distance.  brats...
 but  they are so cute when they are relaxed
 little angels as they sleep for sure.
 this below was taken by another. it's from the Orlando Health thought it was pretty amazing shot.
 we can all get along.  survivors from the Boston Marathon came with their service dogs to the hospital there in houston
 to the park one day....they are sure cute about benches.....
 look at that cute face.  i finally put together the little kids bench.  the pups were pretty jazzed to test it out.
 i let them each have some time in the big swing. they seemed to enjoy it.
 another sweet picture i though.
 she does sleep

 i will have to get them a real puppy sized  another bench for the pups
 will hit bed before i fall asleep out here
thankful for:  A.  opportunities to get to take in the beauty that has been created  B.  warm beds, soft pillows. C.  more sunsets on round island

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