Thursday, June 16, 2016

prepping for the paddle

 happy to have this long stretch of work off.  work 3 off 2 work 3 off 2 work 3 off 2.  does make me tired and cranky at times.  on this day between shifts i walked the dogs up the street and then went into the fenced in tennis court area for play/training time.  i have found in the past that the hockey rinks in summer and fenced tennis courts can be great places to work on off leash training with the dogs.
 we've hit the dog park a few times and they are doing really well.  actually better than Blossom did the first times i took her if i remember.  she was just too excited.  i suspect it's because they have each other.  today there was a bit of drama.  a dog in the water seemed fine and then my guess is she probably just wasn't keen on the puppies.  that happens.
 she first loudly took Ivy down and then Tusker. i just didn't get him back to me quick enough.  no blood was shed, but that Tusker sounded like he was getting torn from nose to tail.  felt badly for the owner of the other dog as i think he did think his dog was killing Tusker.  in the end  Tusker was a bit nervous and quiet for a few minutes but then we acted chill and he seemed to put it behind him and begin to have fun again. puppies do have to learn to respect their elders.
 stopped by to pick up my friends kayak to borrow.  they are coming out super early the morning we leave where as i plan on taking off later tomorrow afternoon/evening.  got our hotel reservations cancelled and i'll just chill with the other two gals going and then everyone else comes.  one dropped out...:-(  surgery came up...bummer for him.
 work was all ICU this week.  i'm still coughing, which is really not unusual for me.  just an annoyance to me, but i can sound pretty awful and others will think i'm ill...just my bronchitis.  i did have to laugh because my two patients my second night were both hoping i'd return to care for them again the next night. i explained that i work float pool and can be moved as needs arise.
 when i entered my one patients room to start night 2 she said, "I was so happy to hear your cough and know you were back".  she was singing my praises...she turned the corner on her recovery and she felt like i was a big part of that.  i was don't need that mechanical lift to move, lets go, you got this...and she did just fine.
 another mass shooting over the weekend.. 49 lives lost, many more hospitalized.  you would think it would just be mourning and sadness in these early days, but of late the screaming begins earlier and earlier on both sides.  gun control....or not?
 i understand folks want and need to be armed and i have really no issues with that.  i think some oversight and required training are good ideas.  there are just so many accidental deaths.  i see it all the time.
 now assault rifles or whatever they are called...i just don't see that the average citizen needs one.  there should at minimum be some much stricter control of who gets them, how they are acquired...i don't know it just seems nuts every time this happens.
 got into a bit of a heated facebook post debate.  really tend to try and avoid them but sometimes the comments just really get me aggravated.  there are just these catch phrases that are annoying...guns don't kill people, people kill people.  it's just such a silly line that is way over used.  yes it's true, the gun is the implement used by the people.  cars don't kill people, accidents in cars do.  planes don't jump out and kill people but when they crash they do...
 anyway...some angry and hurt mud slung in both directions.  actually did something i really never do...unfriended someone. many negative posts where name calling is not unusual.  i just wanted to take away the temptation to check on the page and be exposed and aggravated by all the negative posts...and there are a lot of them.  you are free to post what you will on your page and yes, i can just not read them, but for the moment i am taking a break to assure i avoid it all. relationships are more important than the battles over what we all feel about this issue or that issue.  i know there could be damage beyond repair if i don't just put some distance between myself and these posts.  i'm sure there will be hurt feelings and anger at doing that but i was told i did not have to read the posts of this person several times and i am just assuring that i don't.
 look at this adorable fur family...back to happy puppies and beautiful Alaska life.
 can't believe we are almost to solstice.  boo!!  enjoying the long, long days of summer and will be sad to see us lose 5 minutes/day.
 i'm packing far too much stuff.  that is the usual and when you are having a tend to overpack because you feel you can a bit.  right now weather looks great the first day and then we may get some rain.  we shall see.  weather in AK is not always as predictable as the weather folks want you to believe.  it can change pretty fast.  really all i care about out paddling is wind.  don't want wind.
 enjoying this sunny day though.
 did some baking so i will have some baked goods to munch on out there.
 have a good jicama and i'm hoping i can find the time to put together some of Q's famous salsa!!
 pulled the recipe out.  thanks Q...wish you were joining us out there.
 these are the other day at the dog park  these pups love themselves some great danes!!
 we have run into the dane group a few times.  they seem to enjoy the pups as well.
 still not swimming but the pups do wade out a bit further each week it seems.  one of these times they will just follow Blossom in and find themselves swimming.
 gotta be careful at this lake due to mean beavers.  many dogs have been injured/attacked by them
 guess a child that was with his family on vacation in Orlando was by/in the water and got grabbed and killed by an alligator or crocodile.  those big guys would freak me out if i lived there...for sure couldn't let the dogs swim there. very sad and horrifying to think of that attack.  those poor parents...awful.
 Orlando really has had a terrible week.  i do love that there is always the helpers...always the good folks in these tragedies that shine through.
 much gratefulness to the Orlando Police Department for acting fast and hopefully sparing a few more lives.  this happened at a bar as it was ready to close.
 it's after two am...was going to try and write up dog instructions for my friend who is watching the pups. i'll have to do that tomorrow though.
 will be hard to be away from the furs for the weekend. it's the first time i will have left them since i got them added to the fur family. i'm sure all will be okay...i'll just miss them and worry about them.  such sweet pups.
 kind of happy that it didn't work out for Blossom to go some place else. may have added stress to the pups to have both she and i gone.
 these were today just before the incident.  poor pups...everyone seems to be having fun
 i think the dog on the left below is the one that took the pups down.
 amazing the baby ducks just cruise around with all the dogs out there without a care it seems
 snapped right before the take down with Ivy.
 after, when Tusker had moved on and begun to play again freely
 back to the bench of course.

 they love their benches.
 8 month old mastiff cute...i want one. he is pretty drooly though, haha.
 they had fun playing with the mastiff puppy.
 i missed the puppy stage with Rio Catalina so always fun to see a similar dog in that age group.
 nice stretch by Ivy..and below she gets teamed up on.
grateful for:  A. the opportunities i have to adventure out in Alaska...hoping we have a safe and fun trip.  B. cooling off and taking a mental break from the politics/facebook/media and all things electronic  C.  how cool my car looks with a kayak on it.  :-)

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