Wednesday, August 17, 2016

a few dogs from July...

 still had these to toss in and's been awhile since i've had a blog post that was all dogs...makes me see how very far behind i am.  yikes!
 Tusker decided that 12 hours of rest was enough for him post op.  trying to keep them from wrestling was a losing battle so i decided it was best to wear them out on the trail.  walking had to be better than wrestling.
 we did over 4 miles out Campbell Airstrip and they were still wanting to wrestle this evening.  i'm creating high energy, athletes!!
 chilling at home past few days in attempt to keep Tusker chill.  watched the olympics again.  i think i'm good.  the Americans lost their match tonight in beach volleyball.  they were bound to lose one.  the one trying to repeat her gold again hadn't lost any matches in the Olympics.  she seemed to handle it better than i expected.
 at some point the younger athletes will beat you...they don't have the injury history you get trying to stay at that level of fitness...eventually, you have to let it go and let the next generation have their turn at matter how good you were.  plus trying to live life and continue to train at the level required to be competitive just can get tedious i'd figure.
 still they may walk away with bronze with isn't so bad.  i'm always rolling my eyes as the media asks questions about how people will cope with the disappointment of not getting the gold and only getting silver or bronze...always amazes me.  just congratulate them on the success they did have...many others walk away with no medal and are still grateful to have had the opportunity.
 ultimately, it's not supposed to be about the medal counts though it often is...that is what is reported.  USA way ahead on the overall medal count.
 watched diving for a bit earlier. guessing the Chinese took gold on that one.  the poor Russian guy that won gold last time did a belly flop.  a few others did.  i had just been wondering if anyone totally missed their dives as it seemed impossible to not have one flop.
 pups sleeping downstairs from upstairs.  they are now sleeping in here, the office but are getting used to joining me at nights in the bedroom.
 should Ivy be crated....perhaps. she still seems to find things she is not supposed to chew up.  not so much in the overnights though.  more during the days.
 hit the post office today.  mailed off the first order for the bag.  shipping wasn't too bad since they are so light.  that is good for us.
 many of these are from the iphone.  love these faces.
 sat down with Blossom for a bit today.  grooming her and getting some snuggle time in..i think she was pretty happy for some me time. she is such a great dog.  i've been lucky and have had some absolutely wonderful pets.
 they do all seem to get along, which is great.  the puppies have been finding their voices and have barked a few times..the guard dog in them beginning to emerge.  i think they have been barking at shadows these past few days.  they will learn.  hopefully, from Blossom, who is a stellar guard dog

 Ivy is generally right at my side.
 these muddy shots are from a trek to the beach..not post op.  i've attempted to keep him clean after his surgery.

 they had a great day out there playing in the mud and then rolling in the sand.  so fun!

 i think Tusker got the most coated.  i think this was another day we headed right to monster dog wash after the walk.

 it was hot out there and there were a lot of wasps...ick.

 Blossom got into the mud/sand action as well.
 cooling off in the sand.  also they do love digging in it.
 who wouldn't love these faces.

 sweet picture of Blossom.
 fire near Anchorage...out now.  i'm headed to bed.  sleepy this week.  lack of activity does that to you.  i'm on staycation though until thursday.
thankful for:  A.  chillax days and a chillax life.  B.  3 lovely puppies in my life  C.  that Breezy has been spotted snuggling with Blossom. i know she's missed that.

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