Thursday, August 25, 2016

I phone pictures

 today i took the pups on another walk in Kincaid.  we had to turn back when we ran into a moose.  trying to pass with pups who are not completely trained to ignore moose is not something i wanted to try at that close of range today. so we turned around and took the same trek back.  got my steps in so no harm.
 on the way back, Ivy was terribly focused on something in the woods. i suspect it was a porcupine.  took some doing to get her off that track. just put her on a leash and  moved on.
 after the walk i had a few errands.  one of the errands had me close to Cabella's.  i didn't need anything but figured it was a good opportunity to take the dogs in for some meet and greet practice.
 Ivy was actually much better behaved than Tusker though he did quite well too.
 brought to mind all those kids you hear are terrors for their parents at home but angels at school.  haha.  they have their moments but really they are quite good overall. was thinking this morning how they were just chilling waiting todays walk.  hyper dogs would be running around making me crazy.
 they do tend to have a few chase and play sessions.  they have both discovered their barks and are naturally learning to be more gaurd dogs...
 Poor Tusker kept barking at the reflection of the tv on the back window.  nothing i could do to convince him it wasn't about to attack us...just turn it off.  pretty cute though.
 did get the lawn mowed and then the rain started up again.
 oh, i was laughing because Ivy did so grand in the store...while i was in with Tusker she shredded the new vacuum machine box.  thankfully, i wasn't gone long enough for her to eat the new doubt that would have happened.
 that vacuum lasted longer than most.  today as i vacuumed i could smell the little engine burning up.  they can only handle so much and then they poop out.  they just don't make them like they used to
 they don't make anything like they used to. everything is made to be used short term and tossed.  the next newer model will be a vast improvement. such a sad thing though, so wasteful.
 the kids play with the puppies and bubbles.
 bore tide moving through.
 these dang cute
 haven't been to the dog park for a bit.  wanted him to heal and now i figure i won't return until after Ivy has and heals from her spay surgery.  need to schedule that
 waiting for some friends from Ketchikan.  their flight is late.  they are just crashing here. i head back to work tomorrow.  bummed i won't have much time with them .

 thunderbird falls.
 Blossom is the sweetest pup!!  i keep telling her she must live forever.

 i think i've put this one in before but it just shows the joy that is Blossom.

 my friends are on the way from the airport so i shall have to cut this short.
 we ended our walk today on the dunes.  the dogs always love zipping around there and digging in the sand.  i debated the beach, but this was a find day of walking.

 all buddies now.  the cat is for sure making headway in becoming buddies with the pups as well.  during the day i gate off my room and the bathroom so the cat can have peace.  the pups will hang on one side of the fence and the cat on the other. she is often seen doing love rubs against the gate by the pups.

 found these silly and tiny dinosaurs in the sand...just had to use them in a photo op.

 guess i better get moving.  the pups will go nuts having friends over for sure.
thankful for:  A.  sugar and bad but so good.  B.  breezy fall days.  C.  regular hiking feet are way happier today.

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  1. Catching up on my blog reading. The pups are soooo cute.