Monday, August 15, 2016

stepping back in time to Holgate...figure i'll try and mix old and new and get it out there.

 we had originally thought we'd stop for a bit but then the tide moves very rapidly here in Alaska and our long stop turned to a short stop as the tide rose much quicker than anticipated.
 i had lunched at the same spot many years before and played on the terminus ice of the glacier there. it is now back so far this was not an option and wouldn't have been an option even if we'd had a long lunch.
 i'm killing some time at the moment.  allowing Tusker some peace before he arrives home and must deal with Ivy Rose who i'm sure will be less than sympathetic to his fresh surgical wounds.  he was neutered today.  i'll have to get her all set up to go soon as well.
 did get them both weighed in.  so for pups of 5.5 months...nearly 6 months they are both now over 50 pounds.  Ivy at 54 pounds and Tusker at 53 pounds.  he is for sure taller than her though.  he's on a stretch i guess at the moment
 did a loop again today with a different friend out in North Bivouac.  yesterday i ended up doing a longer stretch.  both dogs of course.  we did run into one moose. Ivy and Tusker along with Leo must have gotten fairly close. i looked up to see the moose running across the trail and the pups running to me.  so it's good that they will not go on the chase.  Ivy did turn and begin to bark a bit after getting back safely to me....this tactic of running back to owner at the sight of something large is not always optimal when it comes to the bear population.  could be trouble one day.
 my friends dog is not altered and i'm thinking Ivy may be starting into a heal cycle??  he got a bit frisky with her and eventually my friend opted to take a side trail out rather than risk an unwanted pregnancy with my puppy.  makes me happy that Tusker is getting fixed today.
 the walrus cam is out for the season at least.  it must be a good sign that explore opted to leave the cliff cam up for now.  hopefully, this means they are planning to return and therefore, help fund staffing on Round Island.
 they were able to pan back and watch the rangers pack up, load the boat and head off to Togiak.  so sad...but fun to be able to see that i think, especially for the viewers.  they generally take the stairs out as well, so i'm not sure if that happened or not.  i'll have to look closer at the pictures.

 we had this cute marmot follow us along shore as we paddled by.  love any and all wildlife sightings.

 well, perhaps not the moose so near the puppies i guess.
 enjoying watching the olympics when i can.  been a slacker as far as the gym.  i shall re-commit after the olympics ends.
 Ivy is signed up for her class, i'll have to watch closely so i can get Tusker signed up as well...hit the pool and the classes this fall.  between the classes and the walks the pups get pretty tired out.
 after 36 hours straight of rain out there it was amazing how fast the water was flowing under the glacier and all the little waterfalls were full as well.  this slowed pretty fast.  drainage happens very efficiently out there it seems
 started a fungi group on facebook for those who were in class. i suppose it could be for anyone interested in fungi though.  just what i need another group to monitor. haha.
 our bags for WARIS came in.  i have already gotten a check and have that first bag ready to send off.  they are really nice bags.
 will hopefully get a bunch out to Speedy so she can do the shipping...always a great help.
 olympics have been a great distraction from the madness of politics.  nothing has changed.

 thought some of these black and whites turned out nice.  some may make this years calendar.

 did finish looking at the pictures from the mushrooms.  now i'll load up with fall will slow a bit after fall is passed and winter is working towards us. there seems to be a period where not much is happening.  of course there is the swans that will come back through along with other migrating birds..
 and the moose rut happens in the really it's rare that there is nothing to really photograph.  haha.

 we had that one last beautiful day out there at Holgate.
 the birds were surely enjoying it

 here we are pulling in for a break..
 more black and white

 my friend had clammered up this hill to the right when we were there over 13 years before.

 on this day there was a rather large chunk of ice which i thought might make for some fun photo ops

 not sure why i posed this many other options.  haha
 oh well.  i was busy watching kayaks as well.  can't take your eyes off them in rapid tides like this lest you find yourself on a remote beach without a boat.
 maybe a bit better pose.
 Libs did it better.
 they have their fun on the iceberg.

 so sad to see summer ending but do love fall.  it's amazing how fast it goes up here. i try to cram as much in as i can. i know i did less than usual due to puppy raising but still many fun trips and the usual great memories.

 i better get myself over to the vet clinic.  have been very happy with Cornerstone so far.  super nice...handled the cats illness and euthanasia kindly...the vet that assisted on that last day even sent a personally written note which was super nice.
 the vet called to let me know how things were going with Tusker and that he was ready to go into surgery and then a follow up call to let me know how all had gone.
 now...i just have to keep him quiet for 2 weeks..haha...the vet even laughed at the instructions they are told to give every pet owner...knowing keeping a puppy quiet for 2 weeks is nearly impossible.
thankful for:  A.  another summer of adventures  B. friends to laugh with C.  pets to snuggle with and hang entertaining

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