Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hallo Bay Pics continue

 these are from our first day out there.  we settled into our tents then booked out to look for bears.
 the guy above got the bulk of our attention.
 always just so pretty to be out on a beach with such incredible scenery.
 finished 3 nights of work.  2 in the adult icu and then a last night in the peds icu. the bean machine is back in use there.  they again i guess were trying to have it be just me.  i really don't run the bean that much anymore so my trouble shooting skills and just set up skills are not where i'd want them to be. delay.  so i was the second in there with an icu nurse up to work the bean.  worked out fine.  we do have some back up that way.
 it will come up again the next two nights, i just have tonight off. my schedule is all messed up, summer plus i was out at Hallo Bay when we signed up. sounds like i can possible pre pick a set schedule so i have less of this madness.
 turns out i really do better with a more set schedule...i know we don't have them, but if i can at least try to make it more set that would be totally helpful for me.  i'd like to get some dog training classes in so i am thinking that i may try to do a wed-thurs-fri schedule for a bit.  then possible in spring i can switch to a 3 on 2 off 3 on  6 off schedule again...of course with the wed/thurs/fri one if i take those 3 days off i have like 12 days off, which is cool too.
 fur...i think probably wolf
 wolf tracks and then the smaller ones may be otter?  not sure.
 more wolf tracks
 there was a dead wolf carcass on the beach decaying slowly.  just took a picture of the extremely white teeth.  probably a young wolf that passed.
 then we started watching these shore birds.
 so much to see.
 then we found the babies...tiny puff ball adorable!
 anyway, i think i'll at least try this schedule for a bit.  guess i can change it up a bit if i need/want to. but the dog classes tend to be early in the week and it would be fun to really spend the fall/winter getting them trained up...and hopefully getting my exercise schedule back up and running.
 enjoying a bit of the olympics tonight...wanted to put it on at work last night but was trapped with Mulan over and over and over for 12 hours.  really!!  haha.
 mushroom course next week.  looks a bit like we may have some rain.  boo.  we shall see.
 summer is fast disappearing. i got a bit obsessed with these tiny cute baby must admit they are adorbs!!
 low tide wolf tracks...the stuff under the water in this area was like a carpet.  in places there were bubbles underneath.  looked cool
 this was the sister to the bear in the first photo and below.  she had a collar and had actually been darted that day for tissue samples, not a normal occurrence but she was waking up. actually walking a bit in a drugged stupor still.  happy to see she could swim/walk in the water fairly safely.  she headed off into the woods to sleep it off i think.

 her tracks were a bit wonky.
 Jerry, one of our guides.
 taking a break for snacks.
 got our walks in this week.  the puppies were making me a bit nuts awhile ago so that is why i just came up to office.  better to take a break than get frustrated.  when i'm tired i'm not the best trainer.  they were pretty good at the dog park. it at least let them get some play time and socialization time in.  will need to take them out in front of stores or something like i did with Blossom and improve their human greeting skills.  i'll do that one at a time so i can manage them better.  they still like to jump up at times....i blame that on the poodle part of them . Ivy is the main jumper though.  Blossom eventually grew out of it, but i'm not a fan of the jumping.
 mostly we did neighborhood walks between shifts.  it was rainy all week and looks like that may continue.  hoping for one semi sunny day so i can get the lawn mower out there. it grows so fast.
 pogi is scheduled for his ultrasound.  he has really gotten thin fast so i'm sure that won't be good news.  he's been a lovely cat and it's sad to think of him not being around soon.  orange polydactyl cats are my favorite!!  don't want him to suffer. i figure i'll just keep the cats separate from the pups until i know more or until he passes.
 we did have pretty flowers.
 i also scheduled Tusker for his neuter.  don't need any baby puppies being created while i'm at work.  my dog checker is off to college so last night was her last night with the pups. boo hoo.
 these are the young male.  a handsome bear i'd say.
 liked that several still had the think winter coat still falling off. looks cool
 he hung out there and gave us a nice show
 watching us watching him.
 a co-worker is headed out there next week i think.  it really was a great trek.  viewing any wildlife in it's natural setting is a great holiday in my mind.

 off for a drink in the creek

 thought these turned out pretty sweet.
 one of the male gymnasts from France i think just broke his leg tonight on the vault.  it was all hanging and twisted.  just makes you so sad for folks who work so hard to get here and then's over.  one of the Americans...who did amazing in the events leading up also had to drop out of his spot after  he had a major knee injury that required surgery.  heartbreaking i'm sure.
 Phelps is back to try for more gold.  quite the career!!  he does look just so happy....
 another female swimmer just took silver. she apparently plans to just do this one olympics.  people do change their minds some times.  training for the olympics just takes so much time and energy...i can see why you would just say that will be it. experience it and then move on in life to other things.  they can never take that away from you.  you are forever more an Olympian.  very cool
 a few of Jerry
 and a few more of our bear.  more to follow of behind on pictures.  still have a few more from Holgate and July and now it's August.  i actually still have a card with Iditarod pictures on it that i haven't finished looking at.
 Team USA must have just taken another gold..i'm hearing a medal ceremony with the National Anthem.
 a few of Ivy Rose that got tossed in with the bear shots.  she is sleeping now, as is Tusker.  they always have that wild time around 9-10.

 and then the angels sleep.  night.
thankful for:  A.  my mouth.  it does protect me some days.  B. for another year of walrus viewing and for protecting the sanctuary for another hope they return again next year..will keep you posted.  C.  off leash dog parks..where i can be a lazy owner to some degree and wear my pups out

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