Tuesday, May 5, 2009


what an awesome week i'm having. first those moose and now bears. of course, seeing bears at a trailhead is not always a great experience. i took the dogs to campbell airstrip road trail. we took a walk in and then heard that there was very fresh scat and signs of recent bear activity. a sign posted at the connection of rovers back into the trail warned of a female black bear with cubs that wasn't afraid to approach humans. i decided maybe i'd head back and take another route our from the bridge. i was met at the bridge by a woman with a toddler in a stroller and two dogs. she was preggers as well and asked if i had any bear spray. there was a bear by the cars. i had spray so we decided between us and 4 dogs we could encourage the bear to change directions. as we got closer i saw the cubs. they did back off, but i was able to get a few pictures of them from the road as i went to leave. very cool!!!
from there i took the dogs to the dog park. not that one never sees bears there, i have, but it's a little less frequent. there have also already been beaver attacks on dogs at the dog park this year...so you do have to watch out for them. i haven't heard of any dog deaths, just dogs needing to be stitched up after the beaver went after them. blossom swam and nothing bad happened.
did see lots of grebes in the water and this woodpecker. i am reminded daily why i love living in alaska. it is such an amazing place and to have such encounters with wildlife...i live for that!!

below is signs of beaver activity at university lake. as long as they gnaw on the trees and not my puppy i'm cool with it.

watched "the counterfieters" last night. it was reccommended by my friend kelly. it was pretty good. i think i just need a break from holocaust movies. so depressing. well, i'm almost done with dinner....they have these great individual packs of frozen veggies...quite tasty. peas tonight. off to watch american idol and then hit the gym for a bit. gotta get off the winter weight from the past 2 winters.

the picture below is of the moose from the other day. this was before the moose went in. i love that series. photography is so fun!!


  1. sorry...blonde moment...i already put this moose picture in monday. i'd had another picked out..oh well. not sure how to remove it now...

  2. That bear really has been causing issues! I was out biking when the first encounter happened with her. I left at about 12pm and when I was headed back at 3, the signs were up all over the place.


  3. she is pretty though. as long as they aren't trying to eat you they aren't so bad. hehe. 4 dogs, 2 people and a stroller...she moved away without much hesitation, but there was some. not sure i want to run into her alone.

  4. That really is such an amazing place! I mean, not that I want to be running into bears on a regular basis, but I get excited about 'wildlife' when I run into a nearly domesticated peacock!