Tuesday, May 12, 2009

pictures of local hikes with the dogs...

so i'll take a break from painting and write the blog. i'm painting white first. it may be more than i can handle in one night, we'll see. my fingers are cramping up. it's been a busy day..well, not busy for a normal person, but for me. i walked about 6 miles with the dogs. worked at the tilling of the lawn for a quite a bit and went to the gym for laps in the pool and weight lifting...now painting. i'm no perfectionist so we'll see how this goes. i'm just hoping the cats won't get in there and smear white paint everywhere.

my therapy in life is walking. the weather has been very cooperative in this always sweet to walk in nice weather. we've done the kincaid trails a few times and went out to potter marsh and walked that trail. the weekend was spent at the local dog park, university lake. i know many people out there. amazing how many nice people you meet out walking.

above is a picture from kincaid today. we went to the lake first, little campbell lake...though i just found out today the old alaskan name for it is "beer can lake"...!! guess it used to be a party spot. i like that better than little campbell...more personality, very alaskan. the leaves are popping out all over town. i love how fresh and green they all are. the sun is out late. it's 11pm and it's dusk out there. stuff grows at an amazing rate. you literally can watch the grass grow.

below picture is from the potter to mchugh trail...looking out at "sleeping lady" mountain.

i love to have blossom leap off of docks. she is quite happy to do it. i've always wanted one of those dogs that went flying into the water and now i have one. it's fun. hard to get pictures..but i got her in the air here. this is at "beer can lake". see i'll just start using it...see what happens. they renamed "rovers run trail" to "melons way" or some silly thing. they still refer to it on the news as rovers run. denali is still denali despite some ohio dude that got it named after him (mckinley) . it's great to start and end the walk here as blossom gets a bit toasting in the 70 degree scortching hot weather of alaska.
below is a picture of rio taking it easy at the dog park. i tend to stop and toss the toys for blossom and rio can chill for a bit.

back to the trail today in kincaid where we scared up a few ptarmagin. i thought this came out nicely. haven't seen an owl there lately, but they are there. i think owls are cool.
watched "the pursuit of happiness" last night. i thought it was uninspiring and flat. too bad as it was a good story, but it just didn't come across well to me. not sure why. bad script, mediocre acting. not sure. for all the fluff it got in hollywood...eh..is my opinion.
made it back home after the gym in time to watch american idol. it's down to 3 guys. i'm for chris allen i think that is his name. i think he's most likely to make an album i'd buy. adam has done nothing wrong...just too much screaming rock for my taste. he'll win no doubt though and deserve it really. they had alot of great talent this year.
guess i should get back to painting...


  1. Actually it was Mellen's Way before it was Rover's Run - the Rover's Run thing always confused me :)


  2. hmm...i always liked that it was called rovers run..i mean who could stop me from walking my dog on a trail named after a dog,right?