Thursday, May 14, 2009

chilkoot trail...random photo's...

have thought of my friend martha often this week. thought i would add more chilkoot pictures since i know this was something she loved dearly and had great pride about. me too. above is martha after we had all summited the trails highest point. elation....
below is the group at the summit marker...these pics are a bit backwards...sorry. anyway...martha, gail, sue, sandra and myself and some random dog. guess he was proud of his accomplishment as well. i'm so happy i didn't bring a dog though as the rocks would have been brutal on the paws.

above is one of my favorite pics. we've done the stairs and have reached a saddle before the summit. we just look so beat up at this point. martha brought up the rear so not in the saddle yet.
below is still on the stairs. it was so foggy that all below us was imperceptable. gail rests as another backpacker treks up from below.

this is the view on the trail..right before we hit the stairs. so it was rough going all day...lots of rocks to work over. we had to locate those little orange posts. that took some effort at time with all the fog. i believe martha is first hiker followed by sandra.
just thought the tree's looked cool in the fog.

bear in sheep camp. there were signs of bear along the trail, tracks, scat...this guy wandered through camp. didn't seem phased by all the people and activity in the camp. we were careful with our food and they had cache's for storage. this night i do recall remebering at 3 am that i had gorp in my pocket. a fact that kept me awake for much of the night worrying about what to do with it and if a bear would smell it and come after it. this is the camp before the long day of hiking to summit and happy camp beyond. not a good night to miss out on precious sleep. i've never found tents all that comfortable to sleep in and i fight with mummy bags as i like to be able to curl up when i sleep.

above is a group shot before we took off for the summit. back is sandra, martha, gail, me and sue is in front.
below is a little day hike from the first nights camp to remnants of the gold rush. we had this little hanging bridge to cross. there is another one that you have to cross with your pack. i'm not a fan of hanging bridges over water that move. i stayed back and took pictures then made sure i was the only one on the bridge when i crossed...didn't want any swinging. of course, part of this could be from my childhood with 5 brothers who loved to make things rock that weren't supposed to rock just to freak me out!! thanks...hehe

these are all backwards. this is the trail on day one...well part of it anyway. southeast alaska has lots of boardwalk trails like this. we started the trail in rainforest and ended the trail in desert sand. you see everything on this 33 mile trip.
below is the group shot at the trailhead. we had great weather to start the trip.

perhaps i'll post more tomorrow or the next day. i have lots of pictures from the trip. martha's memorial is not til next week...guess i will have my little memorial in photo's here.
i was up til almost 3 am last night painting in the bathroom. i really don't like painting ceilings and had to be very careful not to get the white paint on the new green tiles. it went well, i still need to add more of a second coat and paint the cabinets. i think i'll end up putting the pale apple green on the cabinets after i prime them. i need to get new toilet, new light fixture and some new towel holders and such. oh...and the floor.
i did wake a bit sore this morning, but took off to spencer loop with kelly. it's again a pretty day and kelly is a favorite hiking friend. the dogs romped and mud wrestled. blossom has some old, healing wounds on her belly, not sure where those came from. she seems fine. i wonder if she scraped her belly coming off the dock one of those jumps. hmm? my cat mufasa is looking pretty rough. not sure how many lives that cat has left. he's walking like his kidneys are giving out on him. still jumps up on the counter for his meals. he's always been a huggy cat. very sweet. off to watch a bit of "once" a favorite movie of mine. good night....

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