Monday, May 4, 2009

the sweetness of showering at home....and other stuff.

i'm feeling green today....i loved taking my shower in my green shower today. what a great way to start the day. i was never a fan of the old pink and beige. i hope whoever buys my house one day likes green. hehe. there was a tiny area where i needed to re-caulk. it was great though. i went to bed, bath and beyond to get the shower stocked. such a strange store. i kinda get overwhelmed when i go there. just so much stuff packed in there. i also returned the rope tile and payed the piper. i'll hopefully find some cool finish rope when i do the floor to finish it all off with.

so done with phase 1 and on to the rest of the project. will be fun to watch the bathroom evolve.

above is the moose from yesterdays entry right before slipping into the water. such a beautiful morning. i paid for it a bit at 5am...i was so tired at work. i was on the peds floor with 3 kids and luckily i got an admit so that kept me busy for a minute or two. i was happy to be on peds and not in the back. i had been kept busy in the adult icu the night before.

in the afternoon saturday i decided to test out the university lake dog park. i like to go there on the weekends in between shifts. it's my favorite dog park around anchorage and i run into lots of people i have come to know and their dogs over the years. it's part of my exciting social life. blossom was thrilled to be able to go swimming. rio loves to wade so they were totally excited. i got the camera out and had fun out there. below is blossoms first dip in the water. you can still see some ice in the middle of the lake, but it's finally safe.

the weekends get nuts with dogs out at the lake. they all have so much fun. below is a random picture of rio at home. when she gets home from the walks i take off her collar and her skin hangs down. she has alot of neck. must feel like us females do when we take off our bra's. freedom...

i thought this was a funny picture of blossom...she is shaking off the water after her swim. her ears cracked me up. dogs, dogs, dogs. i just love em. we went to little campbell lake in kincaid park today. there tends to be less bear activity there and there are some nice hills to work my butt muscles. they really need a work out. since i slept much of the day i didn't make it to the gym. i know slacker...but kincaid can kick your butt a bit. no moose sightings on our walk, but there can be. today we did spy a porcupine. blossom noticed it, i was happy that she didn't make a run for it...she looked a bit baffled. lots of dogs up here get quilled.

spoke to my brother ross and his wife yesterday. i try and keep up with the family. it gets tougher as you all get older and have your own life and live far apart. still, childhood binds you together despite all that works to keep you apart. spoke to tom, another brother the other day as well. mom used to be the one who knew what we were all up to and would pass along the information. facebook does help. for those who are on it. it's been nice to keep some connection via facebook with my many neices and nephews.
the news is in the background. palin. she's turning away federal money. she is really working her "i want to be president" thing and it's very annoying. flooding is happening because of breakup and ice floes plugging rivers that are filled with snow melt. the whittier tunnel has been closed for a few weeks because of a big landslide that occured just outside of it. some lucky woman was driving and saw some big rocks come down, but didn't know how lucky she got til she got to whittier. temps have been very warm for anchorage this time of year. high risk of fires i guess. so flooding and fires...seems odd to me. i guess the volcano folks think mt redoubt is getting ready to blow again.
i think i will go pop in the net flix movie and crash for the night. i'm sure i've left you wanting more park stories. i spent sunday there too. the girls were beat.


  1. Love that picture of Rio... and the bra analogy. Hahaha! That droopy skin is so hilarious.

  2. reminds me i gotta take off her collar for the night...